1. Oeuf ondulé TENGA Cool Edition

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      1. Oeuf ondulé TENGA Cool Edition

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    1. Description du produit

      Comment optimiser votre plaisir charnel avec un masturbateur TENGA ? C'est bien simple, avec l'œuf TENGA Cool Edition au lubrifiant mentholé ! Atteignez le plaisir suprême en solo avec ce masturbateur extensible qui vous enveloppera d'un plaisir profondément orgasmique.

      L'un des sex toys les plus discrets du marché, ce masturbateur de la taille d'un œuf est le cadeau idéal pour lui faire profondément plaisir à l'occasion de cette Saint-Valentin, ou quelle que soit l'occasion. Ses petites proportions en font un joujou facile à transporter pour vous permettre de jouer à domicile ou en déplacement.

      Pour jouer avec votre œuf TENGA, retirez son emballage, recouvrez-le du lubrifiant inclus, puis plongez sans plus tarder dans sa texture ondulée afin d'atteindre le paradis bleu de l'orgasme TENGA Special Edition !

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Masturbateur texturé pour homme de la marque TENGA avec échantillon de lubrifiant mentholé inclus
      • Intérieur de l'œuf recouvert de vagues tactiles pour un plaisir optimisé
      • Livré avec une dosette de lubrifiant au menthol pour vous offrir une stimulation délicieusement rafraîchissante
      • Fabriqué en matière TPE souple et stretch pour des sensations réalistes
      • Très compact, discret et facile à transporter
      • Un entretien soigneux de votre sex toy peut contribuer à sa longévité

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    1. TENGA Egg Cool Edition Wavy

      Stimulating ripples take on a new magnitude of pleasure when cooled with a dash of menthol-infused lubricant, & that is exactly what TENGA's Cool Edition egg gives. Skyrocket solo stimulation as the egg's TPE sleeve stretches to swallow your whole shaft.

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      1. Oeuf ondulé TENGA Cool Edition
      2. Oeuf ondulé TENGA Cool Edition

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    1. Fantastic

      Avis : 18 avril 2018 par Rossco87, un Straight Married Male

      I've used a few different types of TENGA eggs, but this one is definitely my favourite.

      Whether using solo or with a partner, they offer a fantastic amount of pleasure and I've never had a disappointing experience with any TENGA egg.

      The single use nature of the product means it's completely mess-free and easy to dispose of.

      As always, my order came in discreet and plain packaging and arrived quickly.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Offers an insane amount of pleasure.
      Entrée de gamme
      Perfect male masturbation product
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    1. Absolutely the best stroker (Wave Pattern TENHA Egg) I have tried

      Avis : 18 novembre 2017 par TJUnknown, un Bisexual Going Steady Male

      We initially bought a set of two TENGA eggs (the Cool Wave one and the Heart one) because we were buying a lot of items for my partner and she felt like I should have something as I currently have no other toys.

      I was initially sceptical, but on opening the TENGA eggs I found the toy (very soft and felt great) along with a plastic insert containing some ice/menthol sachets of lube.

      I had already bought a bottle of Lovehoney water-based lube so with the Wavy egg I tried out both the provided lube and standard lube because I do usually like the LH branded lube best for masturbation.

      The egg is made from a super soft and flexible material that has a lot of stretch to it and feels great in the hand. It does stretch a lot, but does not deform after use so should fit the majority of guys and girth. It does a good job of returning to its original shape and size, which I was initially worried about as I hadn't used many men's stoker's in the past (these being my first non Fleshlight-type ones) and I wasn't sure what to expect from such a small supposedly one use toy (can be used multiple times if you are careful with cleaning et cetera).

      I'm impressed that TENGA have included everything a guy needs to get started and use the toy a few times before having to purchase extras. Although they do kinda push you towards thinking this is a single-use toy, if you clean it properly, though, with a good anti bacterial soap or toy cleaner I'm sure it will last for a while as I've had a fair amount of use out of mine. Your mileage may vary as I've seen some people only get five uses out of it whereas I've been able to get more than that so far without deterioration at all.

      At the price of £9.99 per egg (currently without any offer), it won't break the bank and if you can get it on a deal like I did. The eggs were 2 for 1 and sometimes go 2 for £15, which makes them a very tempting offer/toy for adding goods to your orders or buying on their own.

      My experience with this particular pattern of TENGA egg was absolutely amazing, which I was surprised at because the heart pattern was so disappointing. I was about to return both and write off the TENGA Egg line as a product not for me because of how the first Heart egg performed, but my partner said to try the Wavy egg and see what the difference in pattern was like compared to the other because if all else fails I could at least provide a detailed review of both for my fellow customers so they could choose the best toys.

      As I felt the heart pattern was lacking, I proceeded tentatively, but once I had the Wavy TENGA Egg around my shaft and head my body was flooded with sensations that were intense and amazing. I lubed myself and the egg up with both the included menthol lube and the LH lube I have and spent quite a bit testing out the egg. I was blown away by how good this pattern felt and using the menthol lube gave that extra dimension of sensation as it added a tingly cool feeling to it.

      Overall I absolutely love the Cool Wavy TENGA Egg and would definitely buy two more when I need to. My advice to anyone trying these eggs is, if you don't like one go ahead and try a different pattern and like me you might find it like night and day in how good they are.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Pattern. Menthol lube. Flexibility. Softness. No strong smell.
      The finite amount of uses per toy.
      Entrée de gamme
      Absolutely spectacular but find the pattern that suits you.
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    1. For him

      Avis : 10 avril 2017 par NaughtyAmy

      This was just bought to bulk up an order we'd placed. But oh my word. The man was putty in my hands! Great for spicing up a hand job. My partner loved it!

      It's easy to use and is made of good quality material. My partner loved the texture along with the cool lube. It felt great playing with him using this. I really enjoyed giving him so much pleasure. Easy to clean up.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      The pleasure factor.
      Entrée de gamme
      A great little enhancer for pleasing the Mr!
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