1. Combinaison sexy doublée et zippée en latex

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      Si vous êtes fan de vêtements en latex mais redoutez de vous retrouver scotchée en les enfilant, cette combinaison moulante va vite vous réconcilier avec cette matière ô combien sexy.

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      1. Combinaison sexy doublée et zippée en latex

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    1. Description du produit

      Si vous êtes fan de vêtements en latex mais redoutez de vous retrouver scotchée en les enfilant, cette combinaison moulante va vite vous réconcilier avec cette matière ô combien sexy. Doublée d'un tissu doux qui facilite son enfilage et son retrait, ce tout-en-un chaud bouillant est également équipé de zips au niveau des seins pour que vous puissiez autoriser votre partenaire à jeter un petit coup d'oeil sous contrôle à vos tétons d'amour.

      Cette combinaison en latex qui brille de tous ses feux continue de faire son effet à l'intérieur grâce à sa doublure ultra douce qui la rend bien plus facile à enfiler et très agréable à porter.

      Glissez-vous dans cette combinaison en latex comme vous le feriez pour un vêtement en PVC et portez-la dans le confort absolu, libre de toute sueur incommodante, collante et suffocante ! Contrairement à une tenue en PVC, cette combinaison en latex suit de très près les courbes de votre silhouette pour un effet moulant sans la moindre faille. Faites briller votre latex avec un lubrifiant à base de silicone ou tout autre produit recommandé pour cet usage.

      Quelle que soit la raison pour laquelle vous souhaitez porter cette combinaison (mode, fétichisme, fun), elle ne manquera pas de mettre tous vos atouts en valeur ni d'attirer l'attention de votre proie.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Combinaison en latex doublée pour un port agréable et un look fétichiste confortable
      • Fermetures Éclair au niveau des seins pour un accès aisé à vos tétons et des jeux érotiques libres de toute entrave
      • Col montant, manches courtes et se terminant au niveau des chevilles, cette combinaison révélatrice garde pourtant une part de mystère
      • Doublée d'un tissu doux pour un port agréable et un maximum de confort sans l'addition de talc
      • Pour une finition brillante, polir avec un produit à latex ou un lubrifiant à base de silicone

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    1. Infos essentielles

      • Fermeture: Zip
      • Avertissement allergène: Contient du latex
    2. Sensation

      • Type de tissu: Latex

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      1. Combinaison sexy doublée et zippée en latex
      2. Combinaison sexy doublée et zippée en latex

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        89,95 €
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    1. Kink Kitty

      Avis : 16 juillet 2017 par mOevot

      Goodness m, this is my first latex catsuit I have purchased and what a pleasurable delight to behold.

      I must admit I have been looking at this for quite some time and was concerned how it would look on me and fit my voluptuous curves but took the chance and never looked back. It fits me like a glove and I enjoy how it feels on my skin.

      Overall, an exceptional item for those who partake in fetishism and self-restraint.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Exudes sensual allurement.
      En bref
      Beautiful enticement.
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    1. Lined latex catsuit

      Avis : 8 août 2018 par Mrsfeendish, un Bisexual Married Female

      My girl bought me this as a gift. I have several latex catsuits already but this one differs being lined on the inside!

      It's also cheaper than the average catsuit.

      The benefit of the lining is that it makes it super fast to put on in the heat of a kinky moment it can be pulled on in a matter of seconds. The strategically placed zips also add excitement.

      What others have said about the fit is true I find the top half fine but the legs are a little baggy on me too. Also for big chested girls, the breast cups will not sit right. I'm a 38D and almost overfilled it. They need a size variation for bigger girls and girls with big assets but smaller waists as they're not catered for it.

      It's really easy to keep clean and I put it through the washing machine inside out no issue. Something I wouldn't dare do with ordinary latex! On the whole, it's a sexy outfit and can be accessorised various ways to create either a submissive or dominatrix look choice is yours.

    2. Note globale :
      9 sur 10
      Easy to get on and shiny. Ideal for someone new to latex.
      The legs are baggy.
      En bref
      Cheaper than an average latex catsuit and much quicker to get on.
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    1. Much easier than latex

      Avis : 10 octobre 2016 par Scaramouche85

      I love the look of latex, but it is difficult to put on and can be sweaty to wear.

      This soft lined latex (datex/insistline) is fabulous.

      Very easy to put on and take off, comfortable and also quite cosy, when shined up it looks really quite something!

      I own a lot of latex clothing and I must admit I would now only buy the lined stuff, it has been something of a revelation!

      It looked especially good with an underbust corset/waspie tight laced around the waist!

      My only gripe with this suit was that it could have been tighter on the lower legs and sleeves. Even in the photo of the model you can see there is some bagginess below the knee. I like my latex skin tight, and don't consider myself to have abnormally skinny legs, and it fitted perfectly everywhere but these areas, so a smaller size would be no good.

      Still though, very nice, and very good price.

      Especially friendly to latex virgins!

    2. Note globale :
      9 sur 10
      Easy to put on.
      Baggy around the lower legs and sleeves.
      En bref
      Very nice item, and a bargain!
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    1. Kittie has Claws

      Avis : 18 avril 2016 par Thumper the Rabbit

      As usual, Lovehoney's discreet and inconspicuous packaging allowed for this piece of alluring attire to arrive without our postman having the slightest inkling of what kind of kinksters he was delivering to.

      I got this primarily because my GF's birthday was coming up and I wanted a special something for her to wear, and feel sexy doing so. She had been talking about a catsuit for quite a while so as it turned out this was the purrrrfect gift!

      On the morning of her birthday, the package arrived so I had to quell my giddiness until I had an opportunity to give it to her later that night. When the time finally came, after I had given her the more displayable gifts I had bought, I presented the piece of clothing to her. Her eyes opened wide with delight and with incredible enthusiasm she went to change into it right away.

      She emerged from the bedroom with a flirtatious feline demure. Stepping one foot in front of the other as if on a catwalk I could see the sexual energy in her was high and building even more so. She looked amazing! Every inch of the suit displayed a natural asset attractively and beautifully. There was an elegance that made me take notice and, with a second look, a mischievous aura that begged me to play with her.

      The lines of the article of clothing accentuate the body in such a way that the eye is drawn to areas that promote attraction. The bust looks great and with the zips and cut of the attire, they are given a fantastic cleavage even in the smaller-chested lass. The suit continues its trail of candy for the eye with the waist, which is minimised in appearance, but comfortable when being worn. This waist, in turn, gives the impression of the bust being larger and more prominent.

      As one works down further on this erotic cornucopia, the buttocks are given lift and life, to the point where it is nearly impossible to resist touching them. A high level of restraint and discipline is required of your partner when modelling this suit!

      Finally, the legs. Thanks to the grip that the latex provides, every contour of the leg is defined and enhanced. If one were to imagine their finest leg day and multiply it several fold then you can get an idea of how great a pair of pins looks in this suit.

      A major problem people have with latex is that it is difficult to put on, and often more of a challenge to remove. With the inner lining that this catsuit boasts, taking off and putting on this suit could not be easier. It does have the nice hugging feeling that pure latex has, but without the irritating cling that can often pinch or annoy you. Basically, it gives all of the advantages of latex, the sensuous feel, the shiny sexy look, the visual definition of the body, with none of the drawbacks.

      The feeling you get wearing this suit is one of sexual prowess, as if you are less of a sex kitten and more of a playful panther, stalking your prey, ready to pounce and pound at any moment. Every touch is extra sensuous, you feel like the latex has bound you in a second skin which has enhanced your sense of touch, building desire in both you and your partner. You stand there with everything on display but protected by your shiny armour, confident in yourself and empowered by your own sexuality.

      One final thing to note is that, unlike a lot of other lingerie or fetish attire, this piece of clothing is not only comfortable and sexy, it is also warm. Often a nice lacy number, or something sexy that comprises a series of belts, lacks the basic functionality of clothing which is the ability to keep you warm. In this, you can walk around in a fetish club, a private party, or just around the house, without the need to jump under the covers, turn up the heat, or don a dressing gown swiped from a hotel getaway. This means that you are more comfortable, confident, and sexy on the inside, and that really shows on the outside.

      All in all, this is a great product with all of the right features, I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to spice up their wardrobe and feel sexy.

    2. Note globale :
      9 sur 10
      The look, the feel, the ease of use, everything!
      No bad points to report.
      En bref
      One of the best pieces in my wardrobe, sexy, comfortable, and sensuous.
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    1. A good latex catsuit on a budget

      Avis : 3 octobre 2018 par latexevs

      I bought this for my girlfriend as an alternative for a more expensive latex catsuit she had. We're both into latex and we both have a number of catsuits already, so we're well experienced in the subject.

      The suit itself is of good quality for the price, less than half that of many latex suits we've purchased over the years.

      The fit of the suit is also accurate and everything clung to my partners body as it should. We were both pleased with the product and would by another as an alternative to our usual latex suits. It gets quite warm whilst being worn during sex but that is expected with latex.

    2. Note globale :
      7 sur 10
      Decent quality, low price, easy to put on.
      Not as good quality as more expensive suits.
      En bref
      Good for those not wanting to splash out on more expensive catsuits.
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