1. Mini vibromasseur silencieux rechargeable silicone Luxe

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      1. Mini vibromasseur silencieux rechargeable silicone Luxe

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    1. Description du produit

      Attention, ça va secouer ! Ce mini vibromasseur de Luxe au diamètre satisfaisant est à la fois ultra-discret et super efficace grâce à sa forme qui vous stimule en profondeur. Ses 2 vitesses et 3 modes vous emmènent jusqu'au 7ème ciel en un clin d'œil.

      Le silicone lisse et soyeux qui le compose tout entier offre la sensation d'une seconde peau, que sa pointe caresse votre clitoris ou que sa base repose sur vos lèvres.

      Améliorez votre bain du dimanche en barbotant avec lui ou offrez-vous un coup de fouet en l'invitant dans votre douche.

      Profitez de sensations imbattables en enduisant votre vibromasseur d'un lubrifiant à base d'eau.

      Remarque : Ce vibromasseur USB de Luxe possède 5 modes et non pas 7 comme indiqué sur l'emballage.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Mini vibromasseur étanche en silicone rechargeable USB
      • 2 vitesses et 3 modes de vibrations pour un éventail de sensations
      • Les vibrations silencieuses comme un murmure resteront inaudibles à vos voisins de chambre
      • Vibrations sourdes pour une stimulation qui n'engourdit pas
      • 90 minutes de charge vous offrent jusqu'à 120 minutes de jeu
      • Livré avec un sac de rangement en satin

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      Mini vibromasseur silencieux rechargeable silicone Luxe 7 4,5 sur 5 4,5 à court de 5

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      1. Mini vibromasseur silencieux rechargeable silicone Luxe
      2. Mini vibromasseur silencieux rechargeable silicone Luxe

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    1. Small but perfectly formed

      Avis : 26 août 2016 par NaughtyNerd, un Straight Going Steady Female

      I was looking for a new vibe that didn't wake the neighbourhood whilst giving me the buzz I was looking for.

      The bright pink vibe arrived quickly in a lovely looking little box with a USB charger cable and a little storage pouch. Immediately after receiving it I got it straight on charge. The cable has a couple of tiny pins that attaches to the end of the vibe with a strong magnet. Once charging the bottom of the vibe flashes. Once charged it stays fully lit up, simple!

      Pressing and holding the button on the bottom of the vibe switches it on and you can move through the settings by pressing the same button. Ranging from a subtle buzz, steady pulsing to a deep rumble. On every setting it stays super quiet.

      This vibe may be compact but boy is it powerful. Some of the settings are quiet intense on your clit so start steady. Less than 10 minutes and I was a goner!

      If you are wanting a vibe that is more compact, can go with you anywhere but still does the business then this is for you.

      Cannot wait to try it out with my boyfriend!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Colour, feel and pure power.
      Good be even better slightly larger.
      Entrée de gamme
      Compact, sex and powerful.
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    1. Wow, oh wow, oh wow

      Avis : 7 juin 2016 par Deekayjay, un Straight Married Female

      I was sent this to review a few months ago, which I did even though I was not well. Now I am feeling better I have had the chance to really put it through its paces.

      I am so thrilled with this that I decided to write an up to date review.

      Let's start with the basics... Now, I'm not a fan of pink, but this little vibe looks so beautiful it can be forgiven. It is soft and smooth and the swirly grooves make it look and feel really classy. It feels good and substantial in your hand and wonderfully luxurious.

      When you turn it on you know you have something to look forward to. Ooooh, the rumbles! This is powerful! Now, I like power, constant, rumbly power. This starts with a push of the button on the end, straight into a constant growl, another push, a deeper growl and that is enough for me! My hubby calls it the 10 second wonder, because after a warm up with my Motorhead bullet and mini wand 10 seconds is about all it takes!

      This fantastic vibe does the job and makes my clit absolutely sing...

      It is fully waterproof and I have used it in the bath - only for 10 seconds though! It was wonderful and I highly recommend it. It definitely makes bathtime more fun. It is also so quiet that no one will know what you are up to!

      It is easy to recharge. Just connect the magnetic cable. The end flashes to tell you it's charging, so if you haven't got it in the right position you will know. I always check when I've charged it - you can tell the difference in power when it is fully charged.

      I am over the moon with this fantastic little toy. It was great to take on holiday with us as it doesn't take up as much room as my Lovehoney wand - lol! I would highly recommend this if you love rumbly vibes - go and buy one - now! It is my go to toy for solo play, and hubby now loves to introduce it when we are playing together. I love this vibe!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Deep, growly, rumbly power.
      It's pink.
      Entrée de gamme
      Smooth, soft power.
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    1. Rumbling little wonder

      Avis : 5 mars 2016 par missyO, un Straight Single Female

      As soon as I saw this bullet vibe on Lovehoney's new toy page, I decided I had to have it. It went straight on my wishlist, and when payday came round it was the first item to go into my shopping basket. As always delivery from Lovehoney was on the day stated when I placed the order and in the usual discreet, plain brown box.

      The vibe itself is packaged in a pretty box with a picture of the bullet on the front and a few details on the back. Upon opening the box the bullet is sat in a little tray, with another tiny little box containing the storage pouch. The charging cable is packaged in a small plastic bag. The only thing missing from the packaging is an instruction booklet, so it is very useful that Lovehoney have provided a demo.

      I found charging the item a little tricky, as it is the first magnetic charger I have used. I plugged the USB end of the cable into my dedicated USB charger (simple enough) and then lined up the charging pins with the points on the base of the bullet. I felt I needed to support the underside of the cable to ensure the pins maintained contact with the charging points. It is fairly easy to charge from this point onwards, the base flashes as charging takes place and a solid light circle appears once charging is complete. Initial charge took approximately two hours. I have used this a few times and not yet had to recharge it. While not silent, this bullet is relatively quiet, and when under the duvet would be difficult to hear through a closed door.

      I was excited to use this little wonder, and it lived up to my expectations. To switch it on, push and hold the button on the base. The same action is used to switch it off. While Lovehoney state that there are five functions instead of seven, I ran through the functions a few times and found that there are seven. Three speeds of vibration and then four patterns. These are selected by pushing the button on the base of the vibe. The first two vibration speeds, while not massively powerful, are certainly rumbly and give deeper sensations than a more buzzy vibe. The third vibration speed is fairly powerful, but quite buzzy with it. Unusually for me I enjoyed using the patterns on this, all of which have a rumbly quality. I still felt a little numb after using this, although it is nowhere near as numbing as some other vibes I have used. Orgasm is pretty much guaranteed, on one occasion it happened within a couple of minutes!

      This bullet was worth waiting for and I'm so glad I bought it. May not be enough for true power queens, but will certainly provide everyone with some kind of pleasure!

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 sur 10
      Rumbly vibrations, enjoyed the patterns.
      Charging is quite tricky, no instructions in the box.
      Entrée de gamme
      My go-to toy for guaranteed pleasure!
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