1. Ensemble soutien-gorge dentelle motif léopard, Baci Lingerie

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      Fascinez l'élu de votre corps grâce au magnétisme implacable de cet ensemble string, jarretelles et soutien-gorge très décolleté de la marque Baci.

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      1. Ensemble soutien-gorge dentelle motif léopard, Baci Lingerie

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    1. Description du produit

      Fascinez l'élu de votre corps grâce au magnétisme implacable de cet ensemble string, jarretelles et soutien-gorge très décolleté de la marque Baci. Dévoilez son superbe motif léopard, sa dentelle transparente sexy et ses bonnets triangles coquins à la tombée du soir pour entendre les ronronnements avides de votre partenaire sous le charme.

      Grâce aux bretelles élastiques, les deux bonnets triangulaires souples bordés de dentelle noire du soutien-gorge se nouent au niveau de la nuque pour une taille sur mesure et un dos nu sauvagement sensuel. Quant au décolleté plongeant et à son petit nœud bien placé, ils attirent irrémédiablement l'attention sur la naissance des seins pour un impact irrésistible.

      Le porte-jarretelles s'ajuste au moyen d'agrafes placées au bas du dos. De style taille basse, il est équipé de quatre jarretelles amovibles pour vous permettre d'ajouter (et d'enlever) votre paire de bas préférée à loisir. Sur le devant, une dentelle frangée terminée par une petite ganse en son centre ajoute une touche hautement élégante à l'ensemble.

      Le string ficelle assorti en maille noire, de taille parcimonieuse, privilégie un look incontestablement sexy. Les fermetures à glissière dorées sur ses côtés offrent la possibilité d'ajuster la taille pour un look sur mesure. Il ne vous reste plus qu'à ajouter une paire de bas à vos atours, ainsi qu'une longue crinière de fauve, et vous voilà prête à bondir sur votre proie !

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Ensemble motif léopard 3 pièces string, soutien-gorge et porte-jarretelles pour un look séducteur coordonné
      • Soutien-gorge souple avec bonnets triangles et dos nu avec agrafes au dos
      • Porte-jarretelles avec agrafes au bas du dos et jarretelles amovibles pour un look varié
      • String ficelle en maille transparente ajustable sur les côtés pour une taille sur mesure
      • Nœuds en satin noir pour une touche féminine élégante

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    1. Infos essentielles

      • Fermeture: Armure
    2. Sensation

      • Type de tissu: Dentelle

    Baci Lingerie Guide des tailles

    1. Bust - measure the fullest part of the bust from the armpit.
      Waist - measure the around the narrowest part of the waist.
      Hips - measure the fullest part of the hips - around 8 inches below the waistline.

      Baci Lingerie Size UK Dress size Bust Waist Hips
      Small 6 - 8 32" - 34" 24" - 26" 34" - 36"
      Medium 10 - 12 34" - 36" 26" - 28" 36" - 38"
      Large 14 - 16 36" - 38" 28" - 32" 38" - 40"
      1X/2X 18 - 20 35" - 43" 32" - 40" 42" - 48"
      3X/4X 22 - 24 43" - 48" 40" - 44" 50" - 56"
      One Size 6 - 16 28" - 32" 24" - 32" 34" - 38"
      One Size Queen 18 - 24 35" - 32" 38" - 44" 42" - 48"
      Baci Lingerie Size US Dress size Bust Waist Hips
      Small 2 - 6 32" - 34" 24" - 26" 34" - 36"
      Medium 6 - 10 34" - 36"  26" - 28" 36" - 38"
      Large 10 - 14 36" - 38" 28" - 32" 38" - 40"
      1X/2X 16 - 18 40" - 48" 36" - 40" 42" - 48"
      3X/4X 18 - 20 48" - 54" 40" - 44" 50" - 56"
      One Size 2 - 14 32" - 38" 24" - 32" 34" - 40"
      One Size Queen 16 - 20 40" - 54" 36" - 44" 42" - 56"


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      Ensemble soutien-gorge dentelle motif léopard, Baci Lingerie 6 3 sur 5 3 sur 5 étoiles

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      1. Ensemble soutien-gorge dentelle motif léopard, Baci Lingerie
      2. Ensemble soutien-gorge dentelle motif léopard, Baci Lingerie

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        22,95 €
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    1. Such a flattering set

      Avis : 28 juillet 2020 par B&S♡, un Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I was never really a fan of wearing any type of prints, but I knew my OH had a liking for it, so when I seen this I was intrigued to try it.

      Firstly, the fact that it is one size and is adjustable of every piece of the set was brilliant! I'm very conscious about my body, so it was a great plus for me.

      I was worried about the top in the set as I don't have the largest boobs, so I was worried it would make me look like I had nothing there, but it was the opposite. With the fabric being silky it just found a way to hug my shape and made my boobs look great, so I was pleasantly surprised!

      As for the other parts to the set they were easily adjusted and fit perfectly.

      This is a great buy and a product I would recommend.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      It's very flattering.
      En bref
      One of the best purchases I've made.
    3. Est-ce que cet avis vous a été utile ? Yes
    1. Fun, comfy, sexy

      Avis : 8 janvier 2016 par thelesbianprincess, un Gay Going Steady Female

      This was the first ever product Lovehoney sent me as part of their sex toy testers feature.

      I was very excited to receive the item within two days of the team emailing me, running upstairs to open the package and take a look at the product the minute it came through the door.

      The lingerie set was well packaged, neatly folded into little air tight pouches and discreetly delivered as always. I tried it on immediately and was surprised by how easy it was to adjust, living up to its "one size fits all" claim.

      You adjust the bra in the same way as a bikini top and the bottoms are easy to work out also, I slipped on my favourite stockings (Leg Avenue French Maid Lace Top Fishnet) and looked in the mirror.

      The soft lace and the leopard design allows this product to make you look incredibly sexy. I felt confident wearing my new spots and rushed to show my partner the finished look. Like me, she found the set wonderfully revealing (the thong and suspender belt combination is a very nice touch), and commented that it looked comfy and well fitted also.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Comfy, easy to adjust and very sexy.
      Nothing at all.
      En bref
      Saucy lingerie set that will suit all body types and get an A+ from partners.
    3. Est-ce que cet avis vous a été utile ? Yes
    1. Oooh

      Avis : 27 février 2016 par Batgirl loves fun, un Straight Going Steady Female

      I got this because I wanted something that easy to change into at work for when I get home to surprise my partner, and I have to say the look on his facell was priceless, I teased him all day with snippets of what I have in store for him, and he couldn't wait to explore the set.

      It's classy and sexy all in one, I'm not one for leopard print but this isn't a 'in 'your face' print like most leopard print underwear. which look nasty and tacky.

      I love how this set fits on my body and it shows just enough skin to make it look teasing. The only problem I have is with the thong. The material made me a bit red in places where it rubbed, even though I had loosened it all the way.

      I couldn't be more happier with this set. Lovehoney has definitely changed my opinion on leopard print underwear, and now even my partner is looking at sexy underwear for me to tease him with while I'm at work, so, great job.

    2. Note globale :
      9 sur 10
      I love how it looks and feels.
      The thong could be a better material.
      En bref
      Great set once again.
    3. Est-ce que cet avis vous a été utile ? Yes
    1. Awkward sizing

      Avis : 30 mai 2016 par Lovehoney - Bot

      When this appeared on site, I was instantly drawn to it. Usually, I’m not a fan of animal print items, but it’s quite minimal within this set and I thought it actually looked rather nice. So when my other half asked me which lingerie I wanted for my birthday, this was at the top of the list. Luckily for me, it was one of the items he liked most too.

      It arrives in a simple cardboard box, featuring a glossy picture of a model on the front and back showing off the set. The pictures are tasteful, so didn’t put me off what was inside the box. Inside, a plastic packet held the set along with a sheet of card to help the items maintain shape. I think this is nice enough to give as a gift without any further packaging.

      The entire set appears to be well made, there were no obvious flaws like loose material, unkempt stitching or design imperfections. I don’t like that Baci use huge white tags on their lingerie, so all of these had to be removed straight away. Everything else was great and of nice quality. It doesn’t feel cheap or itchy and has stayed in perfect condition even after a few washes with baby shampoo and warm water.

      This set states that it will fit sizes 6-14, which I’m always unsure of from the outset. I usually find these one-sized items fit one end of the spectrum better than the other and that seems to be the case with this set. I’m a size four to six, so this set was a bit of a risk anyway, but I was disappointed with the fit, especially as another bra set I have from the same range fits so well.

      I’ll start with the pieces of the set that fit fine, which are the bra and thong. The thong is fully adjustable by sliders on the sides, so can be adjusted to fit anyone in the given size range. I think this would be quite tight on someone at the top end of the size range and the sliders would possibly dig in, but on me, it fit perfectly.

      The bra top was well-fitting too, it accommodated my lack of chest nicely and I felt somewhat supported in it. I’m a 30A and my back size felt accommodated for as I could tie it up as tight as I needed. This was quite difficult to do alone, so I had to enlist my partner to help. This isn’t a set I could put on if I wanted to surprise him for example, I’d need some help getting into it first. The neck is also adjustable, but again I needed help with it and found that when it was tightened to as much as I’d need it, it would pull the cups up a bit, which would make the top less flattering.

      The suspender belt is where this set is let down, I put it on after the rest of the set was in place perfectly, expecting it to complete the look, but it literally just fell straight down. Even when it was adjusted to the tightest setting, it would not stay up. I think the smallest adjuster on this belt would suit someone who’s a size 10, but anyone under that will be struggling to keep this on like I did. I think it would fit up to a size 14 comfortably, though.

      Overall, it’s a really lovely set and I wanted to love it, especially as it was a gift, but the suspender belt was badly fitting and definitely not one size fits most. It’s quite a fiddly, time-consuming set to get into and it’s honestly just easier to wear something else. I have kept the set as the bra and thong are nice and fit okay, but it’s not something I’m going to be wearing a lot unfortunately. I greatly prefer the peek-a-boo set from this range which was a lot more suitable size-wise.

    2. Note globale :
      6 sur 10
      Bra and thong were adjustable, fitting averagely.
      Suspender belt was far too big.
      En bref
      Would only recommend to those who are a size 10 and up!
    3. Est-ce que cet avis vous a été utile ? Yes
    1. Dont waste your money

      Avis : 22 juin 2020 par Jak08, un Bisexual Going Steady Male

      As the title says don't waste your money, better to buy something else. The sizing is awful. It's tiny. My girlfriend said the top was a waste It is stretchy, which is good, but it's still incredibly small, which is a shame as it could be a really good product.

      If the sizing was better and and actually had a size rather than one size fits all and clearly it doesn't, because if your size 16 or size 12 or have big boobs or small, how it's going to fit is beyond me.

      All in all save your money really terrible for a Lovehoney product when most of there stuff is usually so good, which is a shame. Maybe lovehoney make the sizes like Small, Medium, Large or 8-10, 12-14 - 16-18 would definitely be a better product then. Don't buy it!

    2. Note globale :
      1 sur 10
      The print is nice, that's about it.
      The sizing.
      En bref
      A terrible product.
    3. Est-ce que cet avis vous a été utile ? Yes