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    1. Body sexy en latex avec bonnets ouverts et doublure douce

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      Donnez à Pamela Anderson un peu de Mal(ibu) avec ce body de latex sensationnel à la coupe très échancrée.

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      1. Body sexy en latex avec bonnets ouverts et doublure douce

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    1. Description du produit

      Donnez à Pamela Anderson un peu de Mal(ibu) avec ce body de latex sensationnel à la coupe très échancrée. Tandis que la coupe échancrée affine les jambes et vous dote de courbes à tomber, les bonnets ouverts et le gousset fendu offrent un accès facile pour plus d'excitation très aisément. Pas mal, ça, hein, Pamela ?

      C'est une des seules tendances des années 80 qui n'auraient jamais dû disparaître de l'univers de la mode. Profitez de l'effet indéniablement flatteur de la coupe haute sur les jambes pour affiner vos jolies gambettes, accentuer vos hanches et dévoiler un petit aperçu de votre derrière.

      Les ouvertures au niveau de la poitrine donnent à cet accessoire un côté très coquin, et le gousset totalement exposé ne laisse pas planer le moindre doute sur vos intentions et donne à votre partenaire un accès total à vos zones intimes.

      À la différence de la plupart des articles de latex qui peuvent être difficiles à enfiler et à retirer, ce body de datex s'enfile et se retire aisément grâce à sa doublure douce. Vous n'aurez plus besoin de préparer le talc, le lubrifiant et de passer 30 minutes à vous tortiller pour enfiler cette tenue. Glissez votre corps sexy dans cet article une pièce comme vous enfileriez tout accessoire près du corps pour un look fétiche zéro défaut en un instant.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Body fendu sans bonnets en latex avec doublure douce pour un look fétichiste facile à porter
      • Les bonnets ouverts et la fente à l'entrejambe offrent un accès facile à vos zones intimes
      • Doublure douce pour un enfilage facile et un confort optimal même sans talc
      • Conception très extensible et près du corps pour flatter et accentuer votre poitrine
      • À polir pour une finition très brillante, à l'aide d'un produit à latex ou d'un lubrifiant à base de silicone
    1. Sensation

      • Contient du latex: Yes
      • Matière: Latex
    2. Infos essentielles

      • Type de lavage: Laver à la main

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      Body sexy en latex avec bonnets ouverts et doublure douce 4 4 sur 5 4 à court de 5

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      1. Body sexy en latex avec bonnets ouverts et doublure douce
      2. Body sexy en latex avec bonnets ouverts et doublure douce

        29,95 €

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    1. Sexy Latex Body with Open Cups and Soft Lining

      Avis : 24 novembre 2016 par Emmyb, un Straight Single Female

      I was a little bit worried about putting this on as I have quite big boobs and I thought they may just 'flop out' but they didn't! It made them look amazing in fact! The whole thing made my body look great, which made me feel very confident leading to amazing sex.

      I love that it's very high legged, which when paired with a pair of heels, made my legs look really long, which is another pulse in my eyes.I will definitely be wearing this on a regular basis!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      The way it made me look and feel so confident and sexy.
      There wasn't really anything to dislike.
      Entrée de gamme
      A fab product that I would definitely recommend.
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    1. Feelin' Sexy

      Avis : 14 février 2017 par FilthySlut, un Bisexual Engaged Female

      The outfit came neatly folded in a black square packet which if you're anything like me you will be pleased: can be nicely tucked away in a drawer and there isn't a model wearing it

      I thought it wouldn't fit, but it stretched nicely over my body. The inside feels soft and comfortable. I'm not going to beat about the bush, it is like a wedgie but I'm surprised at actually how comfortable it is! This also means that at the front it's quite tight, so standing up my lips are on show, but I don't think that will be an issue either!

      It came with a free sample of Insistline to give it a wet look and this works really nicely. I thought I felt hot when I put it on, but with this little extra, I really felt sexy!

      It makes me feel good: long legs, curvy and because it's tight and stretched to fit it makes my tummy look flat.

      The only downside for me is that as women most of us have uneven sized boobs and I found that the outfit accentuated this. I know my partner won't be bothered, but I know it'll be on my mind. Something to consider if you are also insecure about this!

      Pairing this with heels and the 'Bondage boutique beaded nipple teaser and clit clamp' which goes very well over the top!

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 sur 10
      Makes me feel sexy, comfortable, and soft.
      Accentuates uneven boob size (for me).
      Entrée de gamme
      Impressed and surprised at how comfortable, would recommend, especially for a confidence boost!
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    1. Peek-A-Boob

      Avis : 26 décembre 2015 par KitsiKiki

      "This is definitely coming out again," he said, having already asserted his pleasure several times. He later amended this to: "That's it now - you have to wear this all the time!"

      Suffice to say, this little number did the job. It set out to do: backwards, in heels, finished early, then put in overtime.

      When I opened up the package (which was just a clear plastic bag) I was a little skeptical. This was my first foray into the world of latex/datex, so I really have no prior experience to compare it to. I wasn't sure if this was what decent datex lingerie should look like. The edges are very raw, if that makes sense. And straight out of the package, the material is very lacklustre. Thankfully, it came with a little tube of shiner - that was all it took to bring this baby to life!

      The shiner 'gel' was really more of a liquid. The tube doesn't have a pump or nozzle or any other glorp-preventing technology; it's just a straight-up twist cap bottle. So glorp it did. Not expecting a runny grease from something labelled 'gel', I ended up with an overflowing palmful. At least now I know to tip the bottle slower next time. But messiness aside, the shiner was easy enough to apply, odourless, and effective.

      Once polished, it was time to step (read:struggle) into it.

      Okay, so that's hyperbole - it wasn't that bad. The whole point of datex is that it's easier to put on/take off than normal latex, without the need for dressing powder. It was still a little tricky, so I can only imagine what other non-lined latex/rubber/pvc/leather gear must be like to get into! The particular style of this piece also dictated which end I had to start with.

      All in all, it was kind of like trying to pull/unroll a one-piece bathing suit onto yourself that you haven't worn for a couple of summers (you know what I'm talking about, ladies). And I don't think I've worn a one-piece since I was about twelve-years-old. The datex does try to roll up when you're putting it on, or stick to itself a bit, so it does take some effort to get it in place.

      Nevertheless, I believe I got in on in less time than it has taken me to do all the hooks up on a basque before. Once it was on, it was just a matter of adjusting the crotch flaps and popping my puppies through the open cups. I pulled on some black thigh-highs and hid the body under a satin robe, then went downstairs to tempt the SO. It didn't take him long to uncover my surprise.

      As mentioned above, it was met with enthusiastic approval. I ended up remaining in it for an extended amount of time (some foreplay and touching/admiring from the SO, and two sessions with an intermission). It was surprisingly less sweaty than I had anticipated (though still sweaty). The crotch straps are well-placed and easily pushed out of the way when needed.

      One thing to note: after playing around in it for awhile, the edges began to roll/fold up and the material began to stick to itself and bunch up in places. After removing it, I had to pick at it for several minutes to get it back into some semblance of shape. But again, I don't know if this is par for the course with this type of clothing.

      I really love the high-leg cut. It sat pretty much perfectly on my figure and made my curves go ka-pow! And the open-cups? A goddess-send for busty ladies like myself. Finding bodies, basques, etcetera in larger cup sizes can be a frustrating and all too often fruitless endeavor. Nixing the cups altogether is not only hot, but handy too!

      Coming from a couple of rank amateurs in the latex department, I'd say this is a pretty good product. The quality appears sturdy, there's only mild difficulty getting it on, it looks lovely all shined up, the cut is to die for, and it got the SO hot and bothered in a nanosecond. I would recommend it to other beginners.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 sur 10
      The cut! So flattering!
      The edges roll up and stick after a while.
      Entrée de gamme
      Very sexy little number. Good for latex beginners.
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