1. Stimulateur clitoridien rechargeable W500, Womanizer

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      1. Stimulateur clitoridien rechargeable W500, Womanizer

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    1. Description du produit

      Le succès phénoménal du Womanizer W100 a certainement placé la barre haut pour son successeur, mais par Vénus et par Éros, le Womanizer est parvenu a relevé le défi ! Fier d'un registre plus étendu de niveaux d'intensité et de qualités ergonomiques optimisées, le W500 s'inspire du travail d'exception de son prédécesseur pour vous procurer un plaisir encore plus intense.

      Plus encore que ses fonctions de vibromasseur, c'est la douce sensation de succion qui amplifie le plaisir que procure ce Womanizer en exacerbant inlassablement les points sensibles et en intensifiant le ressenti grâce à ces 8 vitesses de vibration. Recouvrez votre clitoris de l'embout en silicone creux et découvrez les délices de cette aspiration divine totalement incroyable sous l'emprise de ce sex toy externe.

      Les améliorations apportées à ce jouet incluent un effet d'intensité plus tempéré ainsi qu'une vitesse supérieure plus puissante, une tête de rechange, un meilleur emplacement pour le bouton d'utilisation et une forme adaptée à la paume de votre main. Le bouton on/off en cristal de chez Swarovski, très distinctif, embellit plus encore cet objet de plaisir, de même que la vibrance très a-propos de son style.

      Passez un peu de lubrifiant à base d'eau sur le pourtour de l'embout en silicone avant utilisation pour contribuer à ce délicieux effet de succion.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Stimulateur clitoridien avec vibromasseur et effet de succion léger pour satisfaire les terminaisons nerveuses sollicitées
      • Version améliorée du vibromasseur Womanizer W100 qui a défrayé la chronique en tant que best seller
      • 8 vitesses d'intensité offrent un registre de sensations plus ample
      • 120 mn de recharge procurent 240 mn de jeu
      • Livré avec chargeur USB, adaptateur EU, sac de rangement et tête de rechange

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    1. Womanizer W500 USB Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator

      A review-raving runaway success, the Womanizer W100 has left its successor with rather large shoes to fill, but by gum it's done it. Boasting a far wider spectrum of speeds and improved ergonomics, the W500 is poised to build on its predecessor's fine work.

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      Stimulateur clitoridien rechargeable W500, Womanizer 58 4,5 sur 5 4,5 à court de 5

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      1. Stimulateur clitoridien rechargeable W500, Womanizer
      2. Stimulateur clitoridien rechargeable W500, Womanizer

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    1. My desensitised clit felt like a virgin again

      Avis : 11 décembre 2018 par Self-Scoodlipooping Sally, un Bisexual Single Female

      I was very hesitant to get this since the bad reviews were so bad, and I can understand why. Put it on any part of your non sexual skin and it feels pathetic.

      First off, I'm someone who needs a crazy amount of stimulation to orgasm. I gave up on sex because even after skilled partners, I never came, and I never really enjoyed it much. Also for me, masturbation is like a chore where the orgasm is the only good part... at least so I thought. My clit is so desensitised from masturbation addition since catching my first porn on late night Mexican TV very young, and I have a huge hood, so it is very difficult to find sexual pleasure. However, past the 5th power setting, this thing did it for me. It gave me orgasms as powerful as when I masturbated with my old clit vibrator+DP dildo combo, without the hassle!

      This is a very different sort of vibrator, and if you do a powerful enough setting, it feels like you're constantly at that a mild version of that tickly edge right before you come for a while. I've never had to lower the setting mid-masturbation with a toy before, but I finally had to since my clit was starting to get that "it's too much!" tension, the kind that makes your legs clench around it! Miracle!

      I feel like holding it sucker faced up gives the strongest feels, but holding it sucker faced down is good if you don't want the "tickles" too strong. So long as you keep it pressed down hard enough, you can do some mild swirls or side to side movements, and they add a tiny bit of pizzazz, but not as much pizzazz as they would for a traditional vibrator. However, this is so good it doesn't need much extra pizzazz, and it's so great to not have the most epic burn in my arm after every masturbation session anymore!

      Some other notes:

      It is absolutely beautiful, and it looks like my essential oil diffuser, so I can just leave it around sucker up since no one would suspect otherwise!

      It doesn't have that buzz of a traditional vibrator, but the rumbly chukachuka of a car engine. It's so QUIET!

      It comes with two detachable cup thingies, which is wonderful, especially if you want to share it! It's the easiest to clean since you just remove the little cup thing, wash out, and bam, pop it back on. I'm always so paranoid of getting my toys near water, even if they're waterproof, so this is just a pleasure to clean.

      My take on the name: big whoop, it feels so good that if this thing had legs and some witty charm, it'd live up to it's name and leave all the human womanisers eating dirt.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Quiet, powerful orgasms, good for laziness, easy cleaning, non-conspicuous classy look.
      I confuse it with my essential oil diffuser.
      Entrée de gamme
      Just discovered the most powerful orgasms without penetration.
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    1. I can now enjoy anal sex with my husband

      Avis : 27 novembre 2018 par Mrsclc, un Straight Married Female

      I use the stimulator on my clit while my husband is giving me anal. We both end with amazing orgasms.

      We do it several times in a row. We use anal lube. I've never had such a strong orgasm in my entire life.

      Best toy ever owned and I recommend it to all.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      The tip vibrates perfectly to make instant squirting.
      It has to be hand held.
      Entrée de gamme
      If your husband wants anal and you want to enjoy it, get this!
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    1. Out of this world

      Avis : 25 novembre 2018 par Acer5p, un Straight Single Female

      I have never written a review before, but this is the most amazing object I have ever owned. Endless pleasure.

      I have only ever used it on the lower levels, yet the orgasms are still really powerful. I wish it had been invented years ago.

      Never fails to bring me to orgasm. Absolutely fantastic. Love it!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      I love everything about it. The only electronic device I couldn't live without!
      There are no down sides. Worth every penny.
      Entrée de gamme
      Amazing. Brilliant. Pure pleasure. Makes me smile.
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