1. Manchon de masturbation vibrant texturé Optimale, Doc Johnson

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      1. Manchon de masturbation vibrant texturé Optimale, Doc Johnson

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    1. Description du produit

      Pour des sensations inouïes en un seul geste, faites place au manchon de masturbation en ULTRASKYN Optimale ! Boostez l'intensité de vos jeux en solo grâce ses excitants nodules et ses douces nervures, puis augmentez encore votre plaisir d'un cran avec son vibromasseur équipé de 10 fonctions.

      Il tient dans la main pour un contrôle total. Choisissez l'angle et la pression de chaque caresse ou glissez le mini vibromasseur dans le haut du manchon et laissez-le faire tout le travail, en naviguant simplement à travers les modes et vitesses de votre choix.

      Utilisez votre jouet étanche quand bon vous chante, de l'heure du bain à l'heure du coucher au lieu de compter les moutons. Son boîtier de rangement discret et sans annotations vous permet de l'emporter partout avec vous et de le garder à l'abri de la poussière entre les utilisations.

      Enduisez généreusement l'intérieur du manchon avec un lubrifiant à base d'eau et caressez-vous dans un abandon le plus total.

      Remarque : Le capuchon possède un mécanisme de monture baïonnette et peut être difficile à retirer. Soyez patients !

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Masturbateur pour homme avec manchon texturé et mini vibromasseur
      • Le vibromasseur possède 3 vitesses et 7 modes de vibration
      • Fermé au bout pour de délicieuses sensations de succion
      • Étanche pour une utilisation où vous le souhaitez
      • Fourni avec un boîtier de rangement rigide et discret

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      Manchon de masturbation vibrant texturé Optimale, Doc Johnson 9 4 sur 5 4 à court de 5

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      1. Manchon de masturbation vibrant texturé Optimale, Doc Johnson
      2. Manchon de masturbation vibrant texturé Optimale, Doc Johnson

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    1. A totally different experience

      Avis : 24 juillet 2018 par TheDoc, un Straight Single Male

      As usual with all Lovehoney orders, it arrived next day discreetly packaged with no issues (I wish other companies could do the same, but I digress).

      This was my first forage into "powered" sex toys, and I honestly did not know what to expect when I opened it up and got ready for my first spin. It feels nice in the hand, with a good bit of weight in it due to the material, and the vibrating bullet is easy to access during use.

      A wee drop of TENGA Real lotion applied and off I went. Inside, the "massage beads" give a nice feeling on the shaft and head, with the toy itself being nice and tight. I have to say, when used as a standard non-vibrating sex toy this thing is rather good and is up there with the best strokers I have used, with good suction and fantastic pressure on the glans giving a nice, intense feeling.

      However, it was time to fire up the bullet and see what happens. A single press on the button turns it on, and each subsequent press rotates through its various speed and pattern settings. A longer press turns it off. I have to say I wasn't disappointed when I fired it up and gave it a quick cycle through.

      The vibrations are not too intense, certainly not enough to bring you to orgasm on their own, but combined with the fact that it is a damn fine stroker in its own right really makes the sparks fly - the combination of the internal channel and the vibrations really work, and once you get close to the edge it quickly ramps up to an incredible orgasm, one different to any other toy I have used.

      Post-orgasm, the vibrations really kick in, and (for me at least) extend the feeling a good bit, and if pressure is applied to the bullet and you get the positioning just "right" it feels out of this world.

      One of the easiest toys to clean. Quick run under water, wee spray of Lovehoney Toy Cleaning spray and leave to dry - a doddle.

      Overall a fantastic toy to use for my first journey into "powered" toys. I've already gone through a few sets of batteries and have upgraded the bullet to a stronger Tracey Cox one (you don't need to but I saw it on special and thought why not) and goes straight onto my favourite list.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Excellent stroker without the vibrations. Vibrations enhance the orgasm. Easy to clean.
      Eats batteries if used on longer sessions.
      Entrée de gamme
      A great toy and a must-have for your collection.
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    1. Buy it

      Avis : 4 mai 2017 par ggdub, un Straight Married Male

      I ordered this with a couple of bits for my wife without her knowing. She got her thing (again), I thought why should I miss out.

      Looked on the website was attracted by what the reviews said. I waited for the postman with anticipation. The usual discreet packaging from LH was delivered.

      We both tried our new toys at the same time. After a while, all I can say is awesome bit of kit. She came with hers and I certainly came with mine!

      Far exceeds any strokers I've used before. Recommended big time.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Quality product, discreet storage box and it far exceeded my expectations.
      Batteries were a bit fiddly to get in.
      Entrée de gamme
      Awesome, one of the best strokers ever!
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    1. This is a quality product

      Avis : 22 août 2016 par Smegmatron

      As always the packaging was very discreet and well sealed. I opened the outer packaging and found the box this item was in. When I opened the cardboard outer box it contained a hard plastic case that everything can be stored in. Once I had pulled the lid off I noticed that the toy had a really nice scent to it. The sleeve part was bagged separately to the mini vibrator part, batteries were included.

      There were plenty of instructions but to be honest it's very simple to work out. Twist off the button end of the mini vibe, put batteries in positive (+) facing down into the device, line up the marked casing then close and twist it back to lock it shut. The vibe has 10 different settings, not just weak / mild / heavy vibrations like most toys have, it also does pulses and build ups of strength and many other settings that will create new sensations.

      The vibe is very quiet, the only noise was the air releasing from the sleeve after deep entry and the noise you will make when this product makes you blow your beans.

      I have used many male masturbators prior to this, but none of them vibrated so I thought this might be worth a try... I'm glad I picked this.

      Place the vibe into the space on the head of the toy, use some water-based lube and you are good to go. The sleeve itself is very good quality and feels as good (or better) than any of the masturbator sleeves I've used prior to this. Sliding in and out feels great but then I decided to turn on the vibe. "Oh, this feels new" I was thinking, I then entered to the tip of the toy as far as possible and the vibrations felt amazing! I didn't need to slide in and out of the toy anymore, the vibrations I was feeling against the head of my womb ferret started stirring my special sauce.

      Instead of sliding in and out, just grip the head of the toy to apply vibe pressure to the tip of your meat sceptre and you will be leaking clunge gunge in record time.

      Exceptional product! I highly recommend trying this. I enjoyed this so much that I bothered to write a review about it, that's how good it is!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Quality of product is excellent. It has batteries. Also includes cleaning powder
      Can't think of any negatives.
      Entrée de gamme
      High grade product for an extremely reasonable price. I'm very happy with this.
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