1. Crème fisting Triple Duty TitanMen 236 ml, Doc Johnson

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      1. Crème fisting Triple Duty TitanMen 236 ml, Doc Johnson

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    1. Description du produit

      Faites-vous profondément plaisir avec la crème intime onctueuse et durable Triple Duty de la marque Doc Johnson ! Délicieusement veloutée, cette crème multi-usage est idéale pour vos séances de masturbation, vos rapports de pénétration et vos activités de fist-fucking.

      À base d'eau et se présentant sous forme de flacon à pompe très pratique, cette crème merveilleusement fluide, facile à appliquer et durable glisse tout naturellement sur la peau. Sa formule crémeuse devient très vite soyeuse pour vous permettre de lubrifier vos activités de fisting à loisir et de bout en bout.

      Ingrédients : Eau (Aqua), Huile de noix de coco (Coco nucifera), Dimethicone, Extrait de beurre de karité (Butyrospermum parkii), Lécithine, Polyacrylate de sodium, Urée, Sucralose, Acétate de tocophérol, Argent colloïdal

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Lubrifiant intime durable pour séances de masturbation, fisting, rapports vaginaux et anaux
      • Crémeuse au départ puis super soyeuse pour vous permettre de jouer longtemps
      • Flacon pompe très pratique facile à utiliser même avec des mains couvertes de lubrifiant
      • Absence de conservateurs synthétiques, de parfums et de colorants
      • Crème respectueuse des régimes vegans

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      1. Crème fisting Triple Duty TitanMen 236 ml, Doc Johnson
      2. Crème fisting Triple Duty TitanMen 236 ml, Doc Johnson

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    1. Brilliant for pegging

      Avis : 17 mars 2018 par Simon719423, un Bisexual Single Male

      Me and my girlfriend use this when she pegs me!

      It’s brilliant easy to clear up and just a five-star product.

      Comes in a good size bottle, so lasts a while!

      Doesn’t have a strong smell and isn’t at all greasy!

      I’d definitely recommend this to anyone for any kinda fun.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Nothing, it’s brilliant.
      En bref
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    1. White and creamy

      Avis : 16 juillet 2015 par Morthius, un Straight Married Male

      I like to try different kind of lubes since they all seem to be a bit different when it comes to various forms of play. I wanted to try the Doc Johnson TitanMen Triple Duty Fisting Cream because it contained coconut oil and thus was not purely water-based. My aim was to find a lube that would remain slippery for a longer time but still doesn’t be silicone based.

      The packaging isn't much but for a lube it does not have to be. The actual product is of the white creamy type and not the transparent one and there is no noticeably nasty smell. What I like about the bottle is that it has a pump, makes it easier to get the lube fast in the heat of the moment. However, since it's a large bottle I cannot say of the pump will work all the way to a empty bottle.

      When I first tried it for solo play (male) I got quite disappointed, it seemed to dry even faster than pure water based lube. However, I took some more and then it seemed to last forever or as long as it needed. It felt very smooth and nice and I would any day recommend using it for solo play instead of pure water-based lube. So after a bumpy start it got very good.

      I wanted to try it with the wife as well. We used it with some glass anal probes and it did its job perfectly. Was much better than water-based lube, and when used with the glass toys there was no problem with it drying too fast. However, keep in mind that it is not condom-safe, so use with caution if this is a problem.

      All in all, I am fairly certain that with glass and metal plugs this lube will do wonders even for prolonged usage. I would recommend this as a good alternative for water-based lubes when you want it to last a bit longer and get a smoother experience but don't like silicone-based lubes. But keep in mind that it cannot be used with all toys.

    2. Note globale :
      9 sur 10
      That it lasted for such a lengthy time.
      When too small amount was used it dried too fast for male solo play.
      En bref
      A long-lasting lube that gives a smooth feeling.
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    1. Lighter than expected

      Avis : 27 septembre 2017 par ManGlandAddict, un Straight Married Male

      I used this product for masturbation and prostate massage with a toy.

      Due to the viscosity it is better suited for skin on skin contact.

      It did not adhere to silicone toys as much as one would like or want.

      As a jerk off lube, it's quite nice, if not a bit drippy once it warms up.

    2. Note globale :
      7 sur 10
      Creamy to apply, then thins out when it gets warm.
      You need to use more than you think. Doesn't work well with silicone toys.
      En bref
      Good for skin on skin. Not so good anally with silicone toys.
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    1. Hmmmm

      Avis : 27 février 2019 par MarginWalker, un Gay Single Male

      After reading other reviews I decided to give this a go. I'm not particularly impressed.

      Whether our weather in QLD had some effect, I don't know, but I found this lube dried out very quickly, and while it wasn't tacky, it certainly wasn't to the standard I expected. I'll be sticking with my hybrids in future.

    2. Note globale :
      4 sur 10
      No stickiness.
      Dried up quickly on skin. Nowhere near slippery enough.
      En bref
      Go with a water-based/silicone hybrid.
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    1. Nope. Just nope

      Avis : 27 septembre 2019 par NikkiEnby

      I was sorely disappointed in this product, it was without a doubt one of the worst lubes I've ever used.

      Using a normal amount, it dries up very quickly, so you absolutely have to slather it on. As a lubricant, it does okay, aside from what I've already said, but because you have to use so much it goes too quickly and the pump bottle is not effective in using the whole amount of the product. I had to remove the cap and shake it sauce-bottle style to get the last of it out which clings to the bottle walls.

      This clingy feature does make it easy to apply, making it one of the things I liked about it - it didn't run straight off like some products do. I also liked that there was no real odour and cleaning up is easy as it doesn't get sticky.

      All in all, it does the job in the end however it's not something I'd buy again. Lose the pump bottle, this product would be better suited to a jar that you can scoop out of seeing as you need to use so much.

    2. Note globale :
      2 sur 10
      Easy to apply, doesn't run or drip as soon as you use it.
      Pump bottle can't use whole product, had to remove cap and shake out.
      En bref
      Did the job, but not economically. Wouldn't buy twice.
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