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    1. Pinces unipolaires ElectraClamps par ElectraStim

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      Invitez des plaisirs électrisants dans vos jeux sensoriels avec ElectraClamp. Offrez à vos points les plus sensibles de délicieuses sensations électriques grâce à un éventail de stimulations pouvant aller de picotements intenses à de profondes pulsations.

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      1. Pinces unipolaires ElectraClamps par ElectraStim

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    1. Description du produit

      Invitez des plaisirs électrisants dans vos jeux sensoriels avec ElectraClamp. Offrez à vos points les plus sensibles de délicieuses sensations électriques grâce à un éventail de stimulations pouvant aller de picotements intenses à de profondes pulsations.

      Les pinces s'écartent de 7 mm à 20 mm grâce à un système à vis réglable pour contrôler l'intensité du pincement. Une fois en place, vous pourrez régler sa puissance, pour passer de vifs picotements à de sourdes pulsations. Utilisez le gel conducteur fourni pour augmenter la conductivité et les sensations pendant vos jeux.

      Très différentes des jouets traditionnels, ces pinces ElectraStim procurent des frissons à couper le souffle lorsque vous les utilisez sur les zones sensibles situées en dessous de la ceinture telles que le scrotum, le frein, le périnée, les lèvres ou encore le clitoris.

      Remarque : Ces pinces fonctionnent avec une unité d'alimentation ElectraStim qui n'est pas fournie avec les ElectraClamps.

      Attention ! Utilisation déconseillée sur les tétons.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • ElectraClamps pour vos jeux sensoriels d'électrosexe
      • Pinces réglables en métal pour ajuster l'intensité
      • Sensations de vifs picotements ou pulsations profondes selon le niveau de puissance
      • Ses sorties unipolaires peuvent se connecter aux fiches banane de 2 mm et 4 mm
      • Gel conducteur compris
      • Adapté à une utilisation sous la ceinture
    1. Dimensions

      • Longueur: 3 pouces
    2. Sensation

      • Contient du latex: No
      • Matière: Métal
    3. Infos essentielles

      • Fermeture: Clip

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      Introduce the thrill of electricity to your clamping play with the ElectraClamps. Surround your sensitive spots with electric pulsations, starting with intense prickling and advancing to deep throbbing to experience the full spectrum of stimulation.

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      1. Pinces unipolaires ElectraClamps par ElectraStim
      2. Pinces unipolaires ElectraClamps par ElectraStim

        Notre prix
        59,95 €

    1. Amazing

      Avis : 5 mai 2017 par JonesyLee, un Straight Going Steady Male

      I bought these for myself as I am very into nipple play and I was keen to see how it would feel for something else to be teasing my nipples, other than bog standard clamps. Yes, I am being rebellious in using them above my waist (although I don't have any heart conditions).

      When they arrived I was surprised by the weight, they are heavy but they are not too heavy.

      There are two sockets at the base of the clamps for use with different e-stim machines. And they have screws to adjust how tight the clamps would, well, erm... clamp.

      I immediately wanted to try these our so applied a small amount of conductive gel to my nipples, however, even on their tightest setting they continued to fall off, I think mainly down to the weight.

      I wiped off all the conductive gel and used them dry, although it stings a little bit using them dry, I found the pleasure and amazing sensations that came from them to overpower the sting and this resulted in an amazing orgasm.

      On another occasion I used them below the waist but again using conductive gel just made them slip off, so using them dry I found that there was a very thin line between pleasure and pain, however, I enjoy crossing into both.

      I would sincerely recommend these to anyone who enjoys e-stim. Even if you cannot use them on your nipples they are definitely something to have!

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Wonderful sensations.
      I think the nodules on the clamps could be a little bigger to prevent slipping.
      En bref
      Amazing. Brilliant. Wonderful.
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    1. Breathtaking

      Avis : 15 avril 2015 par Wildcherry

      ElectraStim is my guilty pleasure... If you haven’t already experienced an electro stimulation toy, then why the heck not?! If you already have and you are a bit of an addict like me then you can kind of guess why I was so damn excited to get my hands on these.


      ElectraStim packaging is pretty impressive. Although it should be for the price, but sometimes I guess I do expect that little bit extra. The box itself is a smooth black and white and pictured with an image of the ElectraClamps to the front. To top this, it is then embossed with it more than smart logo in sleek black and silver. Finally, it finishes off with a little product info on the reverse.

      Opening up, you find both clamps shining beautifully in the snug Styrofoam pillow. This is also shrink wrapped with a tube of conductive gel and an additional information booklet.

      First Impressions:

      Once opened you can’t miss these temptingly good beauties. But do not be mistaken, because as beautiful as they look they are also quite intimidating (and this is coming from a clamp lover like myself).

      Made from a die-cast Zinc, they certainly are quite weighty little things, and when attached I could definitely feel the weight of them. From the bottom are the two squeezable arms (with points for either a 2mm or 4mm pin to the base), and from there on up, the two clamp arms with slightly studded clamps.

      Finally to finish, an adjustable screw that gives the clamp a maximum closed opening a fairly forgiving 7mm (that is if you are feeling merciful).

      Use of the ElectraStim Uni-Polar Clamp Kit:

      As always, you do not use this toy above the waist or if you suffer with a heart condition, have a pacemaker, have epilepsy, are pregnant or are intending to use on broken/unhealthy skin.

      Sadly, I am a little gutted I couldn’t try these on my nipples, but equally just as much fun using these down below and on my partner. So first off, it is highly recommended that you use the conductive gel that is supplied, and lots of it doesn’t really do you any harm either, and attaching them to the desired part before switching on.

      The beauty of these are that these clamps in particular are uni-polar, which means that you must either connect both of the clips, or a clip and another E-Stim accessory (such as the E-Stim cock rings), to complete the circuit. I opted for just the clips and switched on.

      The experience with E-Stim toys is always like no other, it is indescribable. It can be deep and immensely satisfying, but the clamps bring a new element to play and a whole new experience. So I bounced from the deeply arousing travelling tingling feeling to an intense pain, but a good pleasurable pain that brought orgasms very fast and quickly.

      This also turned out to be an amazing piece of kit to use as a form of punishment or torture play, as tying someone down, connecting both clips and toying with the level of your E-Stim and the tightness of the clips on your most sensitive areas - this can be let’s say... more than satisfying for the person on the other end of the remote.

      Alternatively, this is a man’s dream as (if I am correct in thinking so) paired with an ElectraStim metal cock ring. You could essentially have a hands-free orgasm (we’ve yet to try this, but are keen to see how amazing that would be for him).


      The ElectraStim Uni-Polar Clamps are the perfect addition to the Electra-Stim fetish accessories. As with all the E-Stim accessories, they are just so exquisite, but above all designed to deliver deeply erotic sensations, whether this is in the form of foreplay, solo or a little tease and torture play.

      This is an experience that is just so miles apart from using ordinary clamps, and despite their intimidating looks, if you’re craving the intensity with an added extra, this is one experience you won’t want to miss.

      I really cannot fault them at all. From their versatility of use with each sex on intimate areas to their being uni-polar and usable with other uni-polar accessories, there is so much you can get up to with these little gems in the bedroom. If I was so be absolutely picky, a storage bag would be lovely, but it’s something I can live without.

      As a final comment, I have to say that I do not think these are for the faint of heart. They are almost definitely for someone who has had a lot of experience with clamp play. They do take your breath away when first used, but if used in the right way can product the most breathtaking results.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Easy to use and so versatile.
      En bref
      Perfect addition for the fetish collector or the more advanced clamp user.
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