1. Gel stimulant pour tétons Titillator 30 ml, System JO

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      Amplifiez la sensibilité de vos tétons et explorez leur potentiel orgasmique avec le gel stimulant de System JO. Aromatisé à la menthe fraîche, une application suffit à chatouiller les tétons et les laissera bien durs et sensibles à chacune des caresses.

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      1. Gel stimulant pour tétons Titillator 30 ml, System JO

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    1. Description du produit

      Amplifiez la sensibilité de vos tétons et explorez leur potentiel orgasmique avec le gel stimulant de System JO. Aromatisé à la menthe fraîche, une application suffit à chatouiller les tétons et les laissera bien durs et sensibles à chacune des caresses.

      Avez-vous déjà essayé les jeux avec les tétons dans le passé ? Mais vous vous demandez encore pourquoi tant de bruit ? Ou peut-être adorez-vous déjà ces jeux mais vous souhaitez aller plus loin dans votre plaisir. Quoiqu'il en soit, ce gel épais et aromatisé améliorera vos jeux.

      Une seule application de ce gel à tétons à action rapide suffira sur vos tétons pour goûter à des chatouilles et une excitation sensationnelle instantanées. La saveur fraîche mentholée assurera de maintenir les lèvres de votre partenaire collées à vos tétons, alors profitez-en et demandez-lui de sucer, de lécher et de mordiller vos tétons pour voir ce qui vous ravit le plus.

      Les résultats sont susceptibles de varier d'un individu à l'autre.

      Ingrédients : eau (aqua), glycérine, octényle succinate d'amidon sodique, arôme, gomme xanthane, sucralose, propanediol, éthylhexylglycérine, cire d'abeille, beurre d'extrait de butyrospermum parkii (beurre de karité), silice hydratée, extrait de menthe poivrée (peppermint), menthol, carraghénane, sorbate de potassium, gomme de cyamopsis tetragonoloba (guar), éther vanillylbutylique, PEG-40 huile de ricin hydrogénée, PPG-26-Buteth-26, Blue 1 (CI 42090)

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Gel stimulant pour les tétons pour plus de stimulation
      • Apporte une sensation de chatouille rafraîchissante
      • Aromatisée à la menthe fraîche pour encourager les coups de langue et les morsures délicieuses
      • Flacon pompe pratique simple d'utilisation pour une application facile
      • Agit rapidement et longtemps pour la meilleure expérience érotique
      • Résultats susceptibles de varier d'un individu à l'autre

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    1. Infos essentielles

      • Forme: Gel
      • Caractéristiques pharmaceutiques: Convient aux végétariens
      • Effets pharmaceutiques: Booster de libido

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      1. Gel stimulant pour tétons Titillator 30 ml, System JO
      2. Gel stimulant pour tétons Titillator 30 ml, System JO

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        16,95 €

    1. Use with caution

      Avis : 11 mars 2018 par rach37, un Straight Married Female

      This gel was a great nipple stimulator. It has a really nice cooling sensation and I found I didn't need to use a lot of it.

      The only downside it tastes of a strong menthol mouth wash and if you accidentally rub onto you clit I found has a very intense heat to the point where it's very uncomfortable.

      This is a nuisance as me and my boyfriend like to switch from nipple to clit play.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Cooling sensation.
      Use with caution. Not for clit play.
      En bref
      Size is good for if you want to take out in your handbag.
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    1. Tasty tingle in a tube

      Avis : 14 mars 2015 par Kinky&Curvy

      I love this stuff! It smells divine and tastes it too! Yes, it’s edible. Though I wasn’t sure at first, but with its minty fresh smell it had to be. Why else would you try entice someone with scent. Although I guess it is menthol and we all know what menthol does in lubes and lotions... it tingles!

      Plus an added indicator would be the ‘watermint’ flavour and the description quoting “Excite the senses with a tasty tingle”.

      Anyway, the arousal gel comes in a slim, discreet tube dispenser with a pump top and a secure lid. The aesthetics of the tube are quite muted, black and green block writing on a slightly see-through label which you can see the cloudy gel through.

      It’s discreet in size, but the name of the product, especially ‘titilator’, is quite obvious.

      When it arrived it looked as if the liquid had leaked a bit, but not from the dispenser, instead from the base of the dispenser where there is a slight gap. The lid seemed to be a little dewy and sticky, which is why I believe that it might have been because it had been laid down on its side.

      Anyway the first thing I did was read the ingredients and determine its purpose. Yes, it’s obvious it’s a nipple tingle lube of sorts, but the scent was strong enough to suggest it was edible. I had a look around the internet (though I could have just as easily asked the Lovehoney customer care department) and found out it was edible!

      The ingredients in this made me very happy. A lot of care has gone into ensuring this gel is perfect for its purpose of arousing such a delicate area while still caring for the nipple area. It containing carrageenan and shea butter extract to name two.

      Before I put it anywhere else, I put it on my hand just in case I had any form of reaction. I didn’t. In fact it was rather soothing, cooling, and made my hand very soft. One thing to note, don’t fully push down the pump, because you really only need half a pee size and it goes a long way.

      The gel comes out as a gel, but as you start to disperse it, it loses its viscosity and becomes easier to manipulate and spread over a given area.

      Unfortunately, if you don’t clean and/or wipe it off properly after taking a lick it turns sticky!

      In use it’s amazing. The texture feels as if it’s moisturising my skin, and my nipples became erect as soon as the gel touched them. They became more sensitive and if you blow on them, wow, it’s cold!

      The tingling didn’t start till around 15 seconds after, but it’s not an obvious tingle, it’s slight, which is good because I find some cooling lubes/lotions to feel like a burning sensation. Thankfully this didn’t.

      What I should point out is that this needs a warning label. I mean, yes, it’s delicious but the mint is incredibly strong! Like impressively strong. I couldn’t believe it coming from a gel. But refreshing all the same.

      The company who make this gel do have a clitoral arousal gel also, so if you were thinking about using this anywhere other than the nipples, I would refrain.

      What I love the most about this gel is that I have tried many arousal gels/balms, and yes they tingle and provide a cooling sensation but none have them have made my nipples erect at all until this one. It’s brilliant!

      I highly recommend this.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      It actually works!
      It's sticky if not cleaned off properly.
      En bref
      The best arousal gel I've tried yet!
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    1. Product you need

      Avis : 30 mai 2017 par WannaBmaster, un Bisexual Engaged Male

      It smells great! It tastes great! It's chocolate 'mint! It tingles.

      Me and my fiancé used this product on both our nipples.

      For people who really enjoy the sensation of nipple pleasure this was the best product we've ever tried!

      Normally with stuff like this it's horrible and sticky, and although it smells nice it normally tastes gross! But this product was the complete opposite! Amazing to use!

    2. Note globale :
      9 sur 10
      The taste! And the sensation.
      Could be more flavours.
      En bref
      Amazing sensation, good smell, good taste... Amazing!
    3. 2 personnes ont trouvé cet avis utile. Est-ce que cet avis vous a été utile ? Yes
    1. So good

      Avis : 16 novembre 2015 par Re-invigorating each other, un Straight Married Male

      We are in Australia, so waiting for the parcel to arrive was somewhat frustrating but it did turn up a day early, which was a bonus.

      After opening the package the Mrs and I started rummaging around and this was the first thing we tried. It's a nice small tube with a pump applicator that puts out enough with one pump for both of us to apply to each other.

      She applied a small amount to my left nipple and then we went through the rest of the items getting more and more turned on.

      After a few minutes I touched my nipple and just about fell over. It sent waves of pleasure through my body and made me weak at the knees. When the Mrs touched me it was even more intense.

      I applied some to her just before we started getting down and dirty and after a few minutes she was not quite feeling it. I started rubbing and licking them lightly and then it kicked in and didn't stop, even when I wasn't touching her.

      Bare skin is almost a must for this product unless your clothing is very light, as it seems exposure to air enhances the sensations.

      It was a little sticky but pleasant to taste and if you lick and suck it all off you shouldn't have an issue.

    2. Note globale :
      9 sur 10
      All over body tingles from one area. Convenient, discreet pack size.
      Sticky but manageable. Small size for the price.
      En bref
      Will be using this on a regular basis both on myself and the Mrs.
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    1. nipple tingling fun!

      Avis : 25 juillet 2015 par Andy Filth, un Straight Married Male

      I bought this for the Mrs to try out as she always likes to try new sensations. The item came super fast as usual. The item is pen sized In length and about as thick as a permenant marker pen, it's pretty nice to look at.

      I put some on my finger and applied it to the Mrs. At first she wasn't convinced it would take effect, but after a few minutes it started to tingle which she said was pleasant but not Wow! After 10 mins, it really kicked in and the Mrs loved it. And it has a pleasant taste as well so nasty shocks if you decide to amplify the sensitivity with a lick.

      It will definitely be her bedside companion from now on.

    2. Note globale :
      9 sur 10
      It works and tastes good.
      It is a bit pricey for the size.
      En bref
      Great product.
    3. 3 personnes ont trouvé cet avis utile. Est-ce que cet avis vous a été utile ? Yes