1. Étireur de testicules 3,81 cm Perfect Fit par Bull Bag

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      Jouet innovant pour une stimulation unique, cet étireur de testicules doux et souple n'a pas son pareil.

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      1. Étireur de testicules 3,81 cm Perfect Fit par Bull Bag

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    1. Description du produit

      Jouet innovant pour une stimulation unique, cet étireur de testicules doux et souple n'a pas son pareil. Avec ses bords épais et ses bourses extensibles, il épouse vos testicules et leur tire dessus pour un plaisir sensationnel, il est également parfait pour tous les niveaux d'expérience.

      Une fois que vous êtes prêt, appliquez une bonne quantité de lubrifiant sur les testicules et sur l'ouverture de votre Bull Bag. Tirez sur le bord et faites passer chaque testicule, l'un après l'autre, pour goûter à un doux étirement de 3,81 cm et une prise en main sur les testicules entiers.

      Vous avez envie de quelque chose de différent ? Soyez très généreux avec le lubrifiant à base d'eau et mettez-en une bonne quantité dans le sac ergonomique pour vous amuser avec un scrotum tout glissant.

      Pour conserver votre étireur de testicules dans la meilleure condition possible, nous vous conseillons de le nettoyer avec un nettoyant antibactérien pour sex toys et d'y saupoudrer une quantité généreuse de poudre d'entretien entre chaque utilisation.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Étireur de testicules très doux et souple pour tirer doucement sur le scrotum
      • Forme ergonomique pour l'ajustement parfait
      • Étire les testicules tout en maintenant un confort optimal
      • Très versatile pour une meilleure exploration sensorielle
      • Fabriqué en PFBlend - un matériau unique à base de silicone et de TPR

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    1. Dimensions

      • Longueur: 3.5 pouces
    2. Sensation

      • Matière: Plastique souple

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      An innovative toy for unique stimulation, this soft cushiony ball stretcher is unlike any other. With its chunky thick rim and stretchy sack, it hugs and tugs your testicles for sensational pleasure and is perfect for any experience level.

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      1. Étireur de testicules 3,81 cm Perfect Fit par Bull Bag
      2. Étireur de testicules 3,81 cm Perfect Fit par Bull Bag

        Notre prix
        29,95 €

    1. A new personal favourite

      Avis : 21 mai 2017 par Kinky8Inches, un Gay Going Steady Male

      This product is a new favourite of mine. There have only been few days when I haven't used it. I want to buy another and I don't even need another!


      The material is incredible! It's so soft and I've never felt much else like it. When It's on the feeling is so soft against you, squishy and pleasing to touch. Words don't describe it well enough!


      When it's on the gentle tugging is very pleasurable, adding some weight to your balls! I leave it on in my pants sometimes all day!

      Getting it on:

      This part is interesting. Sometimes turning it half inside out and then stretching it is the best way to get it over your balls. Once it's over the balls you can then make further adjustments so that no skin is awkwardly pulling. Once it's over the balls I like to then put a finger in (to great an air gap) and then squeeze out any excess air. Take my finger back out and let the suction effect do its magic. It feels like somebody is constantly sucking on your balls.

      Daily Use:

      I leave this on sometimes all day long as perspiration can build up it can get slightly sweaty, but this has it's pros of slightly moisturising your balls. ;)

      Leave it on in your underwear and you'll love the bulge it gives you. The nice part is that this doesn't have to be completely obvious, especially with looser underwear, since its making your balls bulge and not your penis.


      Try playing with it in the bath! Putting water in it to add weight to it! I wouldn't recommend leaving water in it then going out in public... nobody wants a sudden spill of water through their jeans. ;)

      Try putting lube into it, along with moisturisers! Health benefits!

      After wearing this for a while, my balls dangle lower, which is what I want. They don't necessarily stay this low, but they do for a few hours or so.

      This can also be placed over your entire package... if that tickles your fancy.

      Another use is to use it over your penis head and shaft as a masterbator... plenty of lube and youll be cumming in no time. (Try this one!)

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Everything about it!
      Nothing at all.
      En bref
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    1. Tug and snug

      Avis : 15 décembre 2016 par 175mm

      This was my first ball stretcher and it's wonderful!

      The stretcher is made of very soft and stretchy silicone, with plenty of room to accommodate even the largest balls.

      At first it was tricky to get both my balls into the bag, as one kept popping into its cavity above, but after several goes it gets easier.

      I find folding the opening halfway over the bag allows both balls to be popped in with a little encouragement. Using a little water-based lube inside the bag improves comfort by allowing the stretched sack and balls to slip around freely within the bag.

      I can play with my balls once they are in the bag, helping my scrotum to relax and balls to swell under a nicely controlled stretch. I can also feel my balls moving around in the bag as the smooth muscles within my scrotal skin continue to relax and contract in waves, providing an additional sense of pleasure.

      Like me, it helps to be fully hairless around the base of the penis, including skin covering the balls, to avoid hair being painfully tugged by the stretcher, and to improve the sensitivity of lubricated skin. This also helps you to enjoy other similar sex toys

      My balls are probably below average size and with a firm scrotal skin, normally sit very close and tightly below my cock, which is 2 inches above average length size. The ball stretcher helps to balance things out by giving me a more fuller feeling of the ball sack. Filling the bag with a little warm water before use helps my scrotum to relax and adds some extra weight to the stretch. I have worn it for 2 to 3 hours without discomfort, and after it is removed, leaves my scrotum feeling silky, soft and smooth.

      The bag applies a gentle but firm stretch to the scrotum, and when I am fully erect at 175mm (7 inches) pulls my foreskin to completely expose my engorged, moist, silky-soft glans, plus stretching the skin covering the full girth and length of my hard penis. The feeling is amazing when I am sliding inside my OH's wet and juicy pussy! It’s great for solo play in the shower, or rear pussy entry in doggy style, as it makes the stretched ball sack to swing in rhythm with each stroke of the cock. The ending is a very satisfying ejaculation, draining my balls as the bag continues to hug them in a warm, comforting and reassuring way.

      I would highly recommend this sex toy as a gentle entry for those who wish to start experimenting with ball stretching, as I have.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Provides a warm, comfortable hug and stretch, for a very satisfying ejaculation.
      En bref
      Excellent shower/bed friend when my balls need to be hugged, stretched and fully drained!
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    1. Silky feel

      Avis : 15 octobre 2016 par ortcloud, un Straight Married Male

      Really nice feeling product. I have fairly large balls but they're high and tight. I want them to hang a lot lower.

      When they arrived they were on me immediately.They felt so nice. Mega soft. Putting them on can be a little tricky if you already have large balls.

      One reviewer suggested partially turning inside out. I agree. This works. But lube and relaxed balls is a must. Once on they make you look pretty big. I will be wearing these as often as possible and report back later.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Feel and sensation.
      Smidgen tricky to put on.
      En bref
      Very nice product.
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    1. Instant favourite

      Avis : 21 septembre 2016 par Obelisk, un Straight Married Male

      This is a product that I can wholeheartedly endorse.

      Getting it on is a little tricky. The one-ball-at-a-time method - forget it, unless you want to damage yourself. You might get one in, but not the other. Fortunately, I saw a recommendation that suggests partly turning it inside out, popping them in, then turning it back through the right way. Instant success. :)

      So, once it's on...

      It pulls your balls down nicely, and holds them in a pleasing fashion. The downpull is a great feeling, and the sensation is like having your balls constantly held.

      If, like me, you like your balls massaged, then it's even better, because it distributes pressure, especially when things get a little intense. You can shout "squeeze them harder!" and still walk the next day.

      And... why not pop a bullet in at the same time? Okay, it's not going to make you climax (well, not me, anyway), but it certainly can give you a shiver or two.

      And it doesn't interfere with urethral sounding (a problem with most ball vibrators, as they typically come attached to a cock ring).

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      The pull on my balls, and the comfort.
      More of a downpull might be nice, but I'm being picky.
      En bref
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    1. Comfortable and fun

      Avis : 10 septembre 2016 par BillyBoy!

      I suggested to my wife that we get this as she enjoys the feeling of my balls against her, and she loves other toys we've found that provide a large bulge down below.

      Being high and tight, I was expecting this to be a little uncomfortable to wear, but it is so comfortable. In truth it's a little more than wearing a cock ring regarding the top of the balls. I can only assume my balls are smaller than average since there's plenty of spare space inside. Wearing it has a big impact on your legs. I sometimes find it gets trapped behind or squashed between.

      When down to business - yes! A big bulge is a big turn on, it is comfortable and it hits all the right place!

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Boy, do you know it's there!
      Slightly big for me.
      En bref
      A must for all show-offs!
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