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    1. Anneau pénien avec séparateur de testicules, Bondage Boutique

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      Parvenez à une stimulation délicieuse du pénis et des testicules avec l'anneau pénien style T avec séparateur de testicules par Bondage Boutique.

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      1. Anneau pénien avec séparateur de testicules, Bondage Boutique

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    1. Description du produit

      Parvenez à une stimulation délicieuse du pénis et des testicules avec l'anneau pénien style T avec séparateur de testicules par Bondage Boutique. Avec son similicuir, cet anneau pénien se passe autour du membre et de chacun des testicules pour vous offrir une contrainte confortable et un plaisir prolongé lorsque vous faites l'amour.

      Grâce aux boutons pression réglables qui permettent l'ajustement parfait pour des résultats encore meilleurs, cet anneau pénien adapté aux végétaliens s'ajuste facilement à votre morphologie. L'anneau principal offre un ajustement serré autour du membre et des testicules, le séparateur, quant à lui, se règle également pour procurer à chaque testicule le bon niveau de restriction.

      Porté lors de vos séances solo ou de vos jeux de couple, il pourra contribuer à vous donner des érections plus dures et plus durables.

      Les résultats sont susceptibles de varier d'une personne à l'autre.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Anneau pénien en similicuir avec séparateur de testicules style T pour des jeux avec pénis et testicules de niveau intermédiaire
      • L'anneau principal se règle entre 5 et 6,5 cm grâce à des boutons pression
      • Séparateur de testicules avec 2 boutons pression pour une pression personnalisée
      • Peut contribuer à booster l'érection et l'endurance masculines
      • Idéal pour vos jeux en couple ou en solo
    1. Dimensions

      • Longueur: 8.5 pouces
    2. Sensation

      • Contient du latex: No
      • Matière: Similicuir
    3. Infos essentielles

      • Fermeture: Boutons-pression

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    1. Avis des clients

      Anneau pénien avec séparateur de testicules, Bondage Boutique 47 4 sur 5 4 à court de 5

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      1. Anneau pénien avec séparateur de testicules, Bondage Boutique
      2. Anneau pénien avec séparateur de testicules, Bondage Boutique

        9,95 €

    1. Playtime special

      Avis : 2 avril 2018 par Mr & Mrs Organic Spice

      Bought this as a bit of fun for hubby and he wasn't disappointed!

      He has never worn anything like this before so I wasn't sure how he'd take it. Always up to try something different and gave it a go. Well, he loved the feeling of having his balls strapped into this. Certainly heightened his sexual experience and will no doubt use again! Well worth the money!

      The only thing he said which was only a minor problem that if left on for too long it chafed a bit. But it won't put him off for future playtime!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Entrée de gamme
      Thumbs up.
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    1. Another leather cock ring

      Avis : 30 décembre 2017 par nigram, un Straight Married Male

      From previous reviews on this cock ring, I decided to try it. Unlike a previous similar one of this type, there is plenty of adjustment, using the popper studs, on this one!

      It sits much more comfortable on my chap! I've put it on and the OH thinks it makes my chap and his mates look the business!

      With a little help from the OH we now have quite a hard erection to play with, which she likes very much! The OH likes to suck and lick my tackle and is certainly enjoying it now! So am I. The sensations are really good and produced a nice ending!

      The OH is really impressed, so I'm really glad I bought it!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Leather look, adjustment and comfort are really good.
      Nothing, but shaving might be a must with snap poppers?
      Entrée de gamme
      Comfortable to wear and looks good. Does job enhancing the jewels! OH recommended.
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    1. Impressive item

      Avis : 3 août 2017 par Barroo, un Straight Married Male

      I've been sizing up buying this for ages. I love cock rings and ball play but was a bit worried about combining the two. Of these sort of products, this is the item that excited me the most.

      I needn't have worried. This gives amazing sensations and views and is a steal at the price.

      Packaging is simple: comes in a plain plastic bag. But when opened the product feels nice and soft although the poppers are a bit tight at first.

      Definitely shave. The largest ring fits tightly around your balls and it would be very easy to catch pubes in the top stud. After that it's a doddle to fit: just bring the divider between your testicles and then the "arms" of the T attach to the side studs.

      The fit is snug and I prefer the looser setting as the tighter one becomes uncomfortable quite quickly. On the looser setting though it feels comfy and looks amazing!

      The ring fits tightly enough around your scrotum to give you a stonking erection and the splitting and enhancing of your balls is just great!

      This product is great for solo action but really comes into its own during oral sex: my penis and particularly my balls became super sensitive and my OH loved playing with my balls and tongue action around them and sucking on them felt amazing. I had a volcanic orgasm but if anything came far too soon as I was so turned on! I really never want to take it off!

      It really is an essential item for anyone and I may have to buy another as I may soon wear it out.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Looks and feels amazing. Great on your own, mind-blowing with oral.
      Entrée de gamme
      Absolutely amazing and no disappointment after hesitating for so long buying it.
    3. 1 personne a trouvé cet avis utile. Est-ce que cet avis vous a été utile ? Yes