1. Masturbateur réaliste vagin anus Ultraskyn Vicky Vette, Doc Johnson

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      1. Masturbateur réaliste vagin anus Ultraskyn Vicky Vette, Doc Johnson

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    1. Description du produit

      Donnez vie à vos envies de star du porno avec ce manchon de masturbation réaliste de la marque Doc Johnson. Moulé sur le vagin et l'anus de Vicky Vette, glissez votre membre dans l'un des deux orifices pour découvrir le canal délicieusement nervuré de 13,5 cm.

      Des détails réalistes et un Sil-A-Gel flexible s'allient dans cette réplique réaliste sensationnelle des parties intimes de Vicky Vette. Si vous avez un penchant pour les MILF ou souhaitez tout simplement passer à la vitesse supérieure en terme de masturbation et de préliminaires, ce manchon nervuré est idéal pour un plaisir authentique seul ou avec votre partenaire. De plus, avec sa prise en main externe ergonomique, il est très facile à utiliser et à contrôler même lorsque vous avez les mains pleines de lubrifiant.

      Trempez le jouet dans un peu d'eau chaude et ajoutez une dose de votre lubrifiant à base d'eau favori sur chaque orifice avant de jouer pour une expérience encore plus réaliste. Après utilisation, nettoyez toujours le jouet et saupoudrez d'une quantité généreuse de poudre d'entretien pour conserver la texture réaliste.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Manchon réaliste à deux orifices pour une stimulation réaliste
      • Vaginette et anus moulés directement sur Vicky Vette la star du porno
      • Canal nervuré pour plus de sensations et de plaisir
      • Fait de Sil-A-Gel flexible et antibactérien
      • Prise en main ergonomique pour un contrôle en toute facilité
      • Sensible à la température et étanche
      • Livré avec un échantillon gratuit de poudre d'entretien pour ULTRASKYN

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      Masturbateur réaliste vagin anus Ultraskyn Vicky Vette, Doc Johnson 5 4 sur 5 4 à court de 5

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      1. Masturbateur réaliste vagin anus Ultraskyn Vicky Vette, Doc Johnson
      2. Masturbateur réaliste vagin anus Ultraskyn Vicky Vette, Doc Johnson

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    1. Wonderful pussy

      Avis : 6 mars 2016 par Minxy2016, un Straight Married Female

      Bought this as birthday gift for partner. We absolutely loved using this. It hasn't been back in the box.

      Great soft feel, great feel inside pussy. Tight ass other side, so you can choose which to use.

      Easy to clean. Great product, good grip on outside, especially when using lube. Great fun.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Soft feel easy to clean.
      Entrée de gamme
      10 out of 10.
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    1. First time user

      Avis : 12 novembre 2018 par Horny Seany, un Straight Married Male

      This is the first time I've ever bought a toy like this one. I bought it because I work away quite often.

      At first sight, it appeared quite seedy as it is realistic, but then I thought 'hey, women have a whole load of realistic toys, what's wrong with men having some?'

      It is a lot heavier than I thought, but the texture and feel of it are both awesome.

      The holes looked too small for me to ever be able to fit into, but I lubed it up, and after holding it firmly (as it twists and bends quite a bit), I got into it with an extremely firm but comfortable fit.

      The feel inside is very very nice, and I am tempted to try others with different patterns inside to see how they may feel.

      The only con is that they need to make some of these in different lengths for some of us luckier guys, as you lose the sensation when you poke out of the other end when you would like to go in deep.

      Apart from that, I cant fault it and I'm very happy with the purchase.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 sur 10
      Feel - inside and out.
      Too short.
      Entrée de gamme
      Great product, glad I finally tried one.
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    1. Hi Vicky, use your imagination

      Avis : 16 mars 2015 par Stuburns, un Straight Married Male

      Vicky Vette? Quick look on the Internet and I could put this item to good use.

      The item arrives in a plain brown box. You will need to be in because it won't fit through the letterbox. Inside the item is packaged as shown on the Lovehoney page. The box is about 6 inches long 3 inches x 3 inches. For a small package there is quite a bit of weight. Surprising really. The UR3 material is quite dense material indeed.

      The masterbator is wrapped in a clear plastic bag. Also inside the box is a sachet of UR3 renew powder and some instructions. Over time and cleaning, eventually the material

      becomes tacky and the renew powder really does give these types of material a new lease of life.

      The masturbator is 5.5 inches long. A little to short for me personally, but plenty long enough to do what it is supposed to.

      Apparently it is moulded on Vicky Vettes actual pussy and ass. Not that I can tell. The vids samples I have seen don't tend to allow me enough time to check for sure, but that doesn't bother me really. I have a face to a name and I have use of the Internet to use that face and name with a masturbator moulded on this persons sexy bits.

      The masturbator is cylindrical in shape other than the ergonomic grip section. It's like a twist in the material although only a right handed person will be able to make use of this. Sorry lefties (that includes me). I did try to play right handed but as most men will tell you we do have a preferred hand for this kind of thing.

      The pussy is detailed as most nowadays are. I would, however, say the ass mould is pretty pointless really. The detailed rather loses itself in the small area the masturbator offers. I think you definitely need a bit of a bum cheek curve to pull off an anal opening.

      Both openings are the same size. I am 5 3/4 inch in girth and once the masterbator and myself were lubed up with a water-based lube I had no trouble stretching open the entrance and plunging myself in.

      Again I cannot use my full shaft on this toy because my head pops out the end, although that in itself is quite a nice feeling but not the idea with these sort of toys. Seeing as the main sensation is in the head, I tend to put myself 4-5 inches in and go back and forth from the opening to that depth. It does make some loud slurping and slapping noises, especially when at speed. Definitely would be heard if you had an ear to the door.

      The ridges inside are very prominent. Probably the most prominent of any masturbator I have tried. They are firm, you certainly know they are there and they certainly offer sensation. I tried the ass end but as I said earlier it's pretty pointless. It's not much different than using a plain end of a similar masturbator. Even with the image of Vicky on my mind I just couldn't imagine this was an ass. The ridges are all the way through the masturbator so there is no sensation difference which ever end you use.

      The UR3 material is nice, though. It looks real enough but for me I still prefer the likes of Fleshlight. It is slightly better when warmed up first. Just leave it in the sink in warm water for a few minutes. It does add to the real feel sensation. I can see that this will last a long time. I wouldn't expect it to fall apart after a few uses. I have used this a few times now and I'm bigger than average, there is no sign of it tearing at the entrance or internal. Certainly has plenty of stretch.

      Cleaning is easy because it's open ended.

      I like the names masturbators. They certainly allow you to use your imagination and the fact they are moulded on porn stars bits allows some interactivity whilst watching said porn star.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 sur 10
      Great quality, pronounced internal ridge are great for stimulation.
      Not long enough. Would prefer to fit all my length.
      Entrée de gamme
      Porn star masturbators, internet, imagination, away you go.
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