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    1. Bougie de massage Roseravished 200 g, Coco de Mer

      Avis moyen des clients 4,5 sur 57 avis

      Nutritive, hydratante et délicieusement parfumée, la bougie de massage Roseravished de la marque Coco de Mer représentera une addition somptueuse à n'importe quel boudoir.

      39,95 €

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      1. Bougie de massage Roseravished 200 g, Coco de Mer

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    1. Description du produit

      Nutritive, hydratante et délicieusement parfumée, la bougie de massage Roseravished de la marque Coco de Mer représentera une addition somptueuse à n'importe quel boudoir. Allumez la mèche laissez fondre la cire, puis faites couler un chaud filet d'huiles essentielles sur la peau de votre partenaire pour un plaisir sensuel exquis.

      Contenant du beurre de karité et de l'huile d'amande, cette bougie de massage hydrate et adoucit la peau pour vous faire un corps de velours. Offrez-la à votre bienaimé(e), ou faites-vous un plaisir égoïste en vous enivrant de son merveilleux parfum de rose, santal et patchouli.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Bougie de massage à la rose et au santal de la marque Coco de Mer
      • Allumez la mèche pour faire fondre la bougie et savourer le parfum des huiles essentielles
      • Parfumée à la rose, au santal, à l'armoise, à la cardamome, au cèdre, au patchouli, au poivre, au romarin, au géranium et au vétiver.
      • Le beurre de karité et l'huile d'amande nourrissent et hydratent la peau
      • Présentée dans une boîte cadeau
    1. Infos essentielles

      • Convient aux végétariens: Yes
    2. Comment ça marche

      • À quoi ça sert ?: Massage
      • Forme: Huile

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    1. Coco de Mer Massage Candles

      Nourishing, moisturising, and exquisitely scented, Coco de Mer's massage candles are a sumptuous addition to any boudoir. Light the wick and drizzle the warm essential oils onto your lover's skin for an exquisite luxurious treat.

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    1. Avis des clients

      Bougie de massage Roseravished 200 g, Coco de Mer 7 4,5 sur 5 4,5 à court de 5

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      1. Bougie de massage Roseravished 200 g, Coco de Mer
      2. Bougie de massage Roseravished 200 g, Coco de Mer

        39,95 €

    1. Pretty little things

      Avis : 1 mars 2017 par Lovehoney - Jasmin

      Again, such a lovely range. The packaging is so lovely and really gives the products that more luxurious feeling.

      The scent of this candle is divine (and so is the other one). Even just on unscrewing the lid the scent comes flying out at you before even lighting it.

      It also comes with a cutesy little glass spoon with which scoops out the heavenly scented warmed and melted massage oil.

      It fills the room with a lovely scent and also delivers mood lighting to set a romantic scene. A brilliant addition to any romantic night in.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Entrée de gamme
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    1. Surprised by roses (and sandalwood)

      Avis : 20 juin 2016 par Fun Louise, un Straight Engaged Female

      My OH surprised me with this candle, apparently purchased from a well-known auction site. He has been very stressed and I guess he was trying to make it up to me. Either way a really luxurious gift.

      There is quite a bit of packaging before you get into the candle itself, but it's very classy and tasteful, although not quite so environmentally friendly.

      When I finally opened the lid the smell was amazing, rich and delicate at the same time. Once lit the smell filled the room, but it's a delightful smell, soft and warming. The sandalwood makes the most of the fragrance and the rose a delicate hint. The candle melted quickly into a very rich sensual oil.

      The oil is smooth and spreads perfectly allowing enough time to massage your partner before soaking into the skin. There is a small light moisturising residue. It's almost a sheen on the skin. The feel of the oil is very sensual, and it worked well as foreplay.

      Compared to other massage candles I have used this is by far the best. I can't find the words to explain how much better the Coco de Mer massage candle is. It makes all the other massage candles I have used seem poor in comparison. It's very expensive for a massage candle, but if you're looking for a classy, tasteful, luxurious massage candle this is the one to buy. It would make a wonderful gift for a partner. I will be saving up for the other fragrance.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      The quality of the massage oil, and the delicate balanced fragrance.
      Perhaps even a little too much packaging.
      Entrée de gamme
      Wonderful, stunning, a perfect gift, a real pot of luxury.
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    1. Loving the smell

      Avis : 24 mai 2016 par MamaK33

      The packaging is gorgeous. The candle arrived in a sturdy box and was packed snug. It traveled all the way across the big pond and arrived perfectly intact. The box is a lovely burgundy color with a delicate pattern. Definitely discreet and very pretty.

      Upon opening the box I found a lovely solid glass container with a black screw on top. Inside I found the super cute little glass spoon for scooping up the melted oil. It’s fancier than any other massage candle I've tried thus far and I’ve tried a lot - including Lovehoney, Lelo and JimmyJane brands.

      My first impressions of the product was pure luxury. The packaging is obviously quality. The scent is decadent but not overpowering - sexy, rich and masculine. It helps to set the mood and lightly perfumed the air and my skin.

      In use this candle creates a lovely glow to go along with the sexy scent. I suggest lighting the candle and letting it burn for about an hour to get the wax warm and melted. Using the delicate glass spoon just dip into the melted wax and spread directly on the the skin and rub in with love and intention. The oil is smooth and melts right into the skin. There is no waxy film or residue, and only a light scent remains.

      The melted oil is warm but not too hot and it has a light feel. A small spoonful can work over a decent size area. One spoonful for a foot, two more per leg and soon your skin feels extra soft and sexy.

      Massage candles are great for seduction and foreplay. I definitely look forward to having my partner use this candle on me!

      With the luxe Coco de Mer branding, quality packaging and the pleasing smell I think this massage candle would make a great sexy gift.

      Note: this candle isn't necessarily made to travel. I brought it with me on an adventure and when I was done I had to pack it up to take home. Although the wax was still a bit melted, I screwed on the top and put it in my bag for the road. When I got it home and allowed the wax to harden it was not so easy to reopen the candle. If this happens to you, hold the closed candle under hot water from the tap to loosen the wax a bit and soon the candle should open easily. Won't do that again!

      I would recommend this candle and now I really want to try out all of the other scents as well.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      The scent, the feel of the oil, the little spoon.
      Entrée de gamme
      A decadent gift for youself or a friend.
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