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    1. Huile de massage Roseravished 100 ml, Coco de Mer

      Avis moyen des clients 4,5 sur 55 avis

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      1. Huile de massage Roseravished 100 ml, Coco de Mer

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    1. Description du produit

      Laissez le traditionnel bouquet de roses de côté et innovez avec cette huile de massage Coco de Mer aux parfums floraux d'une rare sensualité. À base d'huiles essentielles nutritives et hydratantes, cette huile de massage respectueuse de la peau convient également à nos amis végétariens.

      Ce troublant mélange de fragrances contient du bois de santal, du patchouli, du parfum de rose, de bois de cèdre et de cardamome. Versez-en quelques gouttes sur la peau de votre partenaire, puis massez lentement ses muscles en le/la laissant s'imprégner d'une atmosphère sensuelle enivrante qu'il/elle n'oubliera pas de sitôt.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Huile de massage aux parfums de rose et de santal de la marque Coco de Mer
      • Huiles essentielles nutritives et hydratantes
      • Parfumée à la rose, au santal, à l'armoise, à la cardamome, au bois de cèdre, au patchouli, au poivre, au romarin, au géranium et au vétiver
      • Flacon de 100 ml pour un transport aisé
      • Présentée dans une boîte cadeau

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    1. Coco de Mer Massage Oils

      Forget the roses & treat your lover to a longer-lasting floral arrangement with these sensually scented massage oils from Coco de Mer. Infused with essential oils that nourish & moisturise your skin, it's body-safe & vegetarian-friendly.

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    1. Avis clients

      Huile de massage Roseravished 100 ml, Coco de Mer 5 4,5 sur 5 4,5 sur 5 étoiles

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      1. Huile de massage Roseravished 100 ml, Coco de Mer
      2. Huile de massage Roseravished 100 ml, Coco de Mer

        Notre prix
        39,95 €

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    1. Rose

      Avis : 7 décembre 2017 par нинаnin, un Straight Engaged Female

      I love a good massage, and the smell of roses. This oil is the most decadent delicious thing I have put on my body. Period.

      The smell is not overly floral or sweet, it's hints of floral with a rich woody aroma. It's what I imagine my dream boudoir would smell like.

      The feel of the oil is heavenly. I have dry skin and I am very lazy, so I don't moisturise as much as I should. Nowadays, I can't wait to come home and smother myself with this.

      I'm pretty sure this is exactly what a happy snail feels like.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      The aroma.
      A little more than I'd like to spend.
      En bref
      A decadent, but worthwhile, treat.
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    1. A massage oil like no other

      Avis : 11 avril 2016 par Mr N Mrs XY, un Straight Married Male

      I must admit, when I saw £30 for a massage oil it did raise an eyebrow or two! What could be so special about this product? Well, my questions were soon answered when this little treat arrived on the doorstep.

      It came in the usual discreet brown box packaging, on time as always (thanks LH). The package felt quite weighty. I thought there was something more in there than just the massage lotion. Upon opening, I realised it was the product itself which was carrying the weight - a beautiful brown box very neatly presented.

      I could see straight away coco de mer don't mess around regarding quality. I mean, let's be serious, to be a London boutique store you must be impressive!

      Upon opening the cellophane wrapping and removing the packaging, I found this great looking brown bottle with a floral design. Quite feminine in a way, but nothing that would look out of place in the vanity cupboard. The bottle is 100ml, so by no means a small bottle.

      That evening, we laid out a PVC bed cover we recently purchased from LH and I went to work on the wife. The oil is a really calming sandalwood and rose scent. The oil felt amazing, rich, and thick on my hands. You can imagine how much the wife loved it when I started rubbing it in her. Did I mention we were both completely naked? Oh yes, we were going to test this fully!

      The oil lasted throughout, it never dried up or felt sticky. A little really does go a long way (I should think so at this premium price). We spent over an hour working each other's body from head to toe. We were both gleaming by the end. We both felt so relaxed and heightened. Our senses on another level as we worked and explored each other with our hands. Taking deep breaths each time to enjoy the beautiful aroma of the oil. We were both so turned on by the end, we just couldn't stop ourselves having some explosive sex before collapsing (or should I say slipping) onto each other's bodies, hearts racing from the lead up and climax!

      When we finished up, we wiped down our PVC sheet, showered up, and went to bed. The oil left us really relaxed, especially after the steamy shower. Our skin felt amazing, like we'd just walked out of a spa.

      We are definitely saving this massage oil only for special occasions. Although I have caught the OH using it on her hand as she mentioned it leaves her skin feeling great.

      Another added bonus, due to the discreet and beautiful design of the bottle you can leave this in plain site in your cupboard. We've left it out several times and no one has even given it a second look, thinking it might something else. If only they knew what happens when we use this on each other. ;)

      This is by far our favourite massage product we have or have ever owned. A great addition to the massive LH product line and a testament to their quality by stocking a fantastic premium line like Coco De Mer.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Scent. Long-lasting. Arousing massage play.
      Price is steep, but it's faultless as a product.
      En bref
      Absolutely the best massage product we own!
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    1. Sheer Luxury

      Avis : 9 avril 2016 par JustaNormalBloke, un Straight Going Steady Male

      We received this as a tester and were delighted - we frequently enjoy massages.

      It arrived in the usual brown box. However, once inside, the oil was wrapped beautifully in tissue paper. The bottle itself is in a lovely box. This would make an ideal gift.

      Once open, the oil smelled and felt gorgeous. The scent seemed sandlawoody yet rich and heady. Applying the oil the feel was very light, and a little goes a long way and lasted well - it didn't get dry and draggy.

      We felt very spoilt using this oil and will be keeping it for long luxurious massages, the ones where you can really take your time and relax.

      It is an investment but worth it for those special massages.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      The smell and luxurious feel.
      En bref
      A real luxury for those special occasions.
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