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    1. Vibromasseur point G luxe rechargeable 10 fonctions Mona Wave, Lelo

      Avis moyen des clients 3,5 sur 59 avis

      Inspirée du petit doigt qui susurre « Viens », l'extrémité effilée du Mona Wave s'en va taquiner le point G d'un mouvement innovant et rythmé qui vous mènera tout droit jusqu'à des orgasmes puissants.

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      1. Vibromasseur point G luxe rechargeable 10 fonctions Mona Wave, Lelo

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    1. Description du produit

      Inspirée du petit doigt qui susurre « Viens », l'extrémité effilée du Mona Wave s'en va taquiner le point G d'un mouvement innovant et rythmé qui vous mènera tout droit jusqu'à des orgasmes puissants. Associez le tout à 10 modes de vibration tous équipés de leurs propres vitesses réglables, et vous nous en direz des nouvelles !

      Épousant votre anatomie et vous submergeant de son mouvement de vague, la hampe en silicone du Mono Wave travaille de concert avec votre intimité féminine pour stimuler votre point G. Paramétrez ses 10 modes de vibration et customisez sa puissance à l'aide d'un simple bouton-poussoir pour atteindre le plaisir recherché.

      Sa fonction mémoire innovante vous donnera directement accès à vos paramètres préférés lorsque vous déciderez de renouveler cette délicieuse expérience...

      Pour davantage de plaisir, pensez à recouvrir votre vibro d'un bon lubrifiant à base d'eau !

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Vibromasseur spécial point G de luxe reproduisant le mouvement du doigt qui dit « Viens »
      • 10 modes de vibration et vague chacun équipé de son propre niveau de puissance réglable
      • Hampe reproduisant le mouvement de flexion du doigt qui dit « Viens » pour vous offrir une stimulation efficace du point G
      • Angle à 30 degrés pour offrir un massage ciblé du point G
      • Rechargeable USB pour offrir une alimentation fiable et respectueuse de l'environnement
      • Fonction mémoire conservant le dernier paramètre utilisé
      • Fonction de verrouillage pour vous permettre de voyager sans souci
      • Entièrement étanche pour pouvoir jouer dans l'eau
      • Silicone hypoallergénique tout doux pour un plaisir sans danger pour la peau
      • Livré avec le lubrifiant intime hydratant à base d'eau Lelo, une carte de garantie de 10 ans et une pochette de rangement en satin
    1. Dimensions

      • Circonférence: 4.5 inches
      • Longueur: 8 pouces
      • Longueur insérable: 5.5 pouces
      • Type de base: Poignée
    2. Sensation

      • Contient des phtalates: No
      • Contient du latex: No
      • Étanche: Étanche
      • Flexibilité: Rigide
      • Matière: Silicone
    3. Performance et vitesse

      • Actionnement: Rechargeable
      • Type de commande: Intégré - bouton
      • Vitesses de vibration: Vitesses et modes de vibration

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      Vibromasseur point G luxe rechargeable 10 fonctions Mona Wave, Lelo 9 3,5 sur 5 3,5 à court de 5

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      1. Vibromasseur point G luxe rechargeable 10 fonctions Mona Wave, Lelo
      2. Vibromasseur point G luxe rechargeable 10 fonctions Mona Wave, Lelo

        139,95 €

    1. The waves make me Mona

      Avis : 5 avril 2016 par Vanilla_Kink, un Straight Single Female

      I couldn't believe it when I discovered there was a toy that mimicked the 'come hither' motion my partner has mastered so well. Unfortunately, there are times when he is not around and so I hoped this would be a close second best.

      Lelo toys always come in the most beautiful packaging. Inside the first box is a beautiful black display box. I hate having to throw out Lelo boxes but there just isn't anything for me to do with them. Inside the display box is the Mona Wave, the charging cable and a satin drawstring storage bag.

      If you are into your unrealistic girlie toys then this one is ideal. It is a beautiful purple and bright white. It also has 'Lelo' written on the white handle. This 'Lelo' sign lights up when the Mona is charging or when it is in use. This is made of the most beautiful soft, seamless silicone. It feels like, and is, a luxury vibrator.

      To switch this on I pressed the indented centre button. I then lathered it up in water-based lube (make sure it's water-based lube that you use). The controls are very simple. You can scroll through the patterns by pressing either of the buttons on the top or bottom of the central button. You can also increase or decrease the intensity by pressing the buttons to the left and right of the central button.

      I always scroll through to the 'come hither' motion setting and then increase to the highest setting. I'm definitely a power lover when it comes to my sex toys.  

      My first thought when using the Mona Wave, in combination with my We Vibe Tango, was oh wow!! I have never experienced a sex toy like it. The pleasure rating is definitely off the charts for this toy! Does it feel the same as my partner's come hither motion?  No. Is it a close second? Hell yeah it is.

      Noise level is very important for me. There is almost always someone awake in the house. The noise level for this toy is reasonable. In the bathroom with the taps running? No one would be able to hear a thing. In the bedroom with a bit of quiet music or TV? Your secret is safe.  

      Yes this toy does come with a higher price tag than others. But I would still pay more. Trust me, it is worth every single penny.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Intense pleasure, simple controls, quiet, luxurious silicone.
      Entrée de gamme
      Actually mind-blowing.
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    1. Magic-making Mona

      Avis : 20 janvier 2015 par Wildcherry

      I was so excited when I first read about the new Lelo Ina and Mona Wave. It’s something a little different to what I usually go for toy-wise, but I was just particularly intrigued with the Mona Wave and the idea of it as a G-spot massager.

      The Packaging:

      One thing I really love about the Lelo products is that the experience begins with the packaging, and they are wonderfully packaged. Opening up my package, there was the first of the boxes, sleek, white, and to the front are the words “Lelo”, and to the reverse a picture of the Mona Wave. Further inside this is a sturdier slimmer black box with the words Lelo embossed on the lid.

      Opening up, you are greeted by the beautiful Mona Wave, nestled on her velvety bed inlay. To the side of her, a little lift-able compartment, that contains - the charger (yay! an actual plug, not a single USB lead), a user manual, a one year warranty card, a satin storage bag and some Lelo Personal Moisturiser.

      Everything about the packaging and contents is very luxurious, and with the lovely added bonus of the black box for storage of the Mona, I was a very happy bunny.

      First impressions:

      Inside her velvety lined box is Mona. My Mona is a seamless beauty in black with a white control handle and is officially the most lusciously soft vibrator I have ever owned (yes big statement!). Carrying on with the same shape of the original Mona, she’s made of a buttery soft body-safe silicone that sits at 4.3 insert-able inches and is perfectly designed for the female anatomy. This means she curves just right against your internal sweet spot for the most spine tingly G-spot orgasms.

      The most brilliant thing about the Mona Wave is its amazing addition of the moving arm and the built-in patterns around this. With these you are more than spoilt for choice with stimulation and I assure you that you’ll have the difficult decision on deciding which your favourite is (I simply couldn’t decide).

      There are 10 in total, 6 of which are the “Wave” motion combined with a mix of constant or patterned vibrations, and the final 4 are a mix between the two again, but without the Wave motion. Each of these has an adjustable speed setting, and if this wasn’t enough, a built-in memory to remember which mode was the last used.

      Finally, being waterproof, Mona Wave is just the perfect accessory for bath time fun. And whether you’re using lashings of water-based lube or not, she is just so silky soft as she glides against your skin.

      Use of the Lelo Mona Wave:

      To say I couldn’t wait would be a total and utter understatement. I was very excited for this toy to come as it’s completely different to anything I own.

      Impatiently I plugged Mona in for her two hour charge. Amazingly, it has a neat little light that flashes constantly until charged, which then glows a solid light to let you know it is fully charged, but after that she’s yours for a whole 2 hours use in return.

      Ready to go. Use is simple in that the central button turns the vibrator on, in turn flashing the Lelo light yet again. From there on, “^” / “v” operate the different modes, while the + / - buttons control the intensity of vibrations.

      Without going into major detail, and for a brief summary of its functions:

      1 - Waves with a vibration

      2 - A slower Wave with patterned vibration

      3 - Wave with a waved vibration

      4 - Waves with quick pulsing

      5 - Waves and inconsistent pulsing

      6 - Waves and no vibration

      7 - Single vibration

      8 - Vibration waved pattern

      9 - Quick pulses

      10- Pulses and waves.

      On to Mona, who is so soft she simply slides and caresses against your skin, so much so I could of happily used it in vibration mode purely for clitoral stimulation as it even has a lovely pointed tip. But with lashings of lube, I needed to try her new wave.

      It’s worth pointing out here that I own the Lelo Ella (among a few other G-spot toys) and my one issue was that, when it came to use, it constantly caught on my pelvic bone if I just dived right in. But the Mona is different. Its lovely curve gives it the ability to slide in just right so it nestles beautifully against your G-spot, no catching or discomfort.

      What can I say other than wow and “ahh”... (but that would be a total injustice to the Mona Wave). With its curling finger-like waves, the Mona replicates that of the “come hither motion” and brings you (or me, most certainly) to a high intense climax, and the more I used it, the more I got addicted to the pleasure and pure ecstasy it gave me, until it became the first internal vibrator to get me to squirt (nothing but glass can ever get me to squirt, Go Mona!).

      It’s nothing like fingers, granted, but if you are new to G-spot play or otherwise, this is seriously the next best thing for G-spot stimulation. And my one particular like about the Mona was, as hard as I came whilst using the wave motion, nothing deterred or slowed the motion of the arm.


      I’m glad I took a chance to see what the Mona Wave could give. After reading about it, I was a little dubious. But after just a few days, it’s certainly lived up to expectations. From its packaging down to the toy itself, it's wonderfully luxuriousness and perfection wrapped up into one.

      With claims to be one of the world’s first G-spot massagers that truly caresses you internally, it more than lives up to its claims and has me craving more after every use as it constantly gives me harder climaxes. Not only this, but it has a built-in memory, a brilliant little travel lock, and those 10 mind-blowing patterns that I really found hard to choose a firm favourite.

      Even the most perfect things have their flaws, and the Mona has the tiniest (tiny). For one, it certainly isn’t discreet, as it’s a little loud, but this is mainly when using the six “wave” motions. It doesn’t bother me personally, but my partner did know when I was using it.

      Secondly, and I guess the biggest thing for me, was the fact that you can’t quite use it hands-free per say. Every time I attempted to do so (and even loosen grip a little), it managed to wriggle itself so I had to readjust back in position, and more or less keep a firm grip through-out.

      With just these two little niggles and given what the Lelo Mona Wave actually gives me in return, I kind of think I can live with them, as it truly delivers intense sensations and is definitely my new favourite even at the price. It's worth its weight in gold and is most definitely a must-have.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Luxurious, orgasmic, addictive and powerfully good - all wrapped up into one.
      Hands-free is a little no go, but it's not a deal-breaker.
      Entrée de gamme
      True to its word, Mona Wave delivers intense sensations that massage you into climax heaven.
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    1. Beauty and functionality

      Avis : 19 septembre 2018 par HGood

      I am very happy with my purchase and I must say I’m in love with my new toy.

      It can really do things for me. The amazing wave motions, the strong and sensual vibes accompanied by the rhythm of the different modes and waterproof - how much more do you need?

      It charges really fast and it can go on for hours even under water. Once you are done with it, it is easy to clean it.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 sur 10
      Entrée de gamme
      It is very good.
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