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    1. Anneau pénien unipolaire 3,5 cm d'électrosexe par ElectraStim

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      Éveillez vos sens à l'électro-stimulation. Conçu pour être porté sur le pénis en érection, cet anneau pénien fixe en métal transmet des pulsions électriques précautionneusement contrôlées pour un plaisir surprenant.

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      1. Anneau pénien unipolaire 3,5 cm d'électrosexe par ElectraStim

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    1. Description du produit

      Éveillez vos sens à l'électro-stimulation. Conçu pour être porté sur le pénis en érection, cet anneau pénien fixe en métal transmet des pulsions électriques précautionneusement contrôlées pour un plaisir surprenant.

      L'électrode uni-polaire est compatible avec toutes les unités d'alimentation ElectraStim et peut être utilisée avec d'autres accessoires. Autrement, vous pouvez laisser votre partenaire utiliser une électrode de son choix pour un plaisir partagé. Pourquoi ne pas goûter aux sensations qui s'offrent à vous en portant un anneau pénien à la base du pénis et un second juste sous le gland pour des sensations complètes ?

      Avec 8 trous espacés de la même distance, cet anneau pénien contient un gel conducteur là où il faut pour un maximum de sensations et de plaisir longue durée.

      Utilisez toujours un lubrifiant à base d'eau pour aider à faire glisser l'anneau pénien lorsque vous l'enfilez et le retirez.

      Remarque : fonctionne avec une unité d'alimentation pour électro-stimulation sexuelle à broches 2mm (non incluse).

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Anneau pénien uni-polaire de qualité médicale pour les jeux d'électro-stimulation
      • L'anneau fixe de 3,5 cm offre une pression fiable et efficace pour améliorer la taille de l'érection et aider l'endurance
      • 8 trous espacés de la même distance pour tenir le gel conducteur en place pour plus de sensations et de plaisir
      • Large de 1,5 cm pour diffuser les sensations sur la zone pour plus de stimulation
      • Fonctionne avec une unité d'alimentation uni-polaire pour électro-stimulation sexuelle à broches 2mm (non incluse)
      • Livré avec un sac de rangement en satin
    1. Sensation

      • Contient du latex: No
      • Matière: Métal

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      Anneau pénien unipolaire 3,5 cm d'électrosexe par ElectraStim 1 5 sur 5 5 à court de 5

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      1. Anneau pénien unipolaire 3,5 cm d'électrosexe par ElectraStim
      2. Anneau pénien unipolaire 3,5 cm d'électrosexe par ElectraStim

        29,95 €

    1. The most effective ring I've ever used

      Avis : 18 juillet 2014 par Sum Sub, un Straight Married Male

      Everything about this cock ring screams prestige at you. Firstly, its weight! It weighs a hefty 68g, which makes it by far the heaviest ring I own. Secondly, its design. I think it looks like it could easily be a part from a Formula 1 car (if it wasn't so heavy!). Thirdly, the finish. I have inspected this ring with extreme detail, and cannot find a single blemish or fault in its manufacture. The connection to the control unit is similarly robust.

      The instructions indicate that the ring is designed to be worn anywhere along the shaft of the cock, and that it will need to be used with either a pad or another ElectraStim device in order to complete the circuit.

      The instructions also advise you to put the ring on whilst erect on your first use so as to minimise any "strangulation" risk from a too tight ring. I tried this, and even with lube and assistance couldn't get it on my erect penis (but this is the smallest ring), so resorted to putting it on pre-erection.

      I was actually a little concerned that the weight of the ring might prevent me from standing to full attention. And indeed, the nearer the tip, the more this makes your cock point downwards.

      Once erect, the ring creates a nice squeeze for me. It's not uncomfortable, and gives reassurance that it's not going to slip off accidentally. In use as a non-electrified cock ring it is indeed very effective. I thought that my cock stayed harder for longer than usual.

      It should come as no surprise that the best use of this ring is with an ElectraStim control unit. With the ring worn right at the base of my cock, in front of the balls (as this ring is way too small to get cock and balls through), and an ElectraStim pad on my perineum, we began to play.

      On low settings, there is very little sensation from the ring, and I was even beginning to wonder if it there was any at all, but once you get the power level up to 1/3+ then you can feel it.

      It starts as a gentle tingle around where the ring is worn (and where the pad is too), and for me, this had the effect of hardening my erection, not sure if it stimulates blood flow into the penis, but it felt like I was swelling slightly more.

      As you continue through the power, the tingling spreads, and you will find a setting where the pulses from the cock ring are stimulating the entire length of your cock. I cannot tell you how awesome this feels. It's almost like having hundreds of tiny bullet vibrators touching your cock, all set to max power, and that every single one of those vibrators is under your skin. There's no surface vibration here, it's deep down intense vibration.

      For me, there is a very fine line here between maximising pleasure and tipping over the edge into over-stimulation which becomes painful and crippling. I think that is the whole point of this type of toy, though - it is to test and tease, and for you to try and better yourself, and this cock ring is just awesome at that.

      The nearer your glans you wear this cock ring, the higher the intensity of the stimulation. When worn over the penis where the bell-end meets the shaft, the stimulation is just overwhelming. I couldn't tolerate much more than the 3rd or 4th setting, and even then through gritted teeth.

      We both had superb fun playing with this cock ring, and the ability to over-stimulate on demand to the point of displeasure creates all manner of potential scenarios for Tease and Denial, and also for longevity.

      By a long way, this is the most effective cock ring I have ever used at both improving appearance/feel of the cock and in extending the time before ejaculation.

      At £25, if you own an Electrastim controller, this is an absolute snip.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Everything - it is awesome. No - AWESOME!
      I think I'd prefer one that is large enough to go round my balls too.
      Entrée de gamme
      ElectraStim - my new favourite game.
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