1. Stimulateur de prostate électrosexe quadripolaire silicone, ElectraStim

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      Goûtez au plaisir anal avec le masseur prostatique quadripolaire d'électrosexe par ElectraStim Sirius en silicone noir. Avec son membre ergonomique qui s'adapte aux plaisirs internes, la base évasée offre une stimulation externe orgasmique.

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      1. Stimulateur de prostate électrosexe quadripolaire silicone, ElectraStim

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    1. Description du produit

      Goûtez au plaisir anal avec le masseur prostatique quadripolaire d'électrosexe par ElectraStim Sirius en silicone noir. Avec son membre ergonomique qui s'adapte aux plaisirs internes, la base évasée offre une stimulation externe orgasmique.

      Avec son membre malléable qui se personnalise, ce jouet anal en silicone atteint avec simplicité vos points sensibles internes. Des bandes de conducteur situées dans le membre et dans la base fonctionnent de concert pour stimuler la prostate et le périnée pour un plaisir inégalé, tandis que la finition de silicone facilite des jeux hypoallergéniques et sensuellement doux.

      Avec une forme aussi personnalisable, ce vibromasseur est également parfait pour la stimulation du point G.

      Pour encore plus de plaisir, utilisez toujours un lubrifiant à base d'eau pour faciliter l'insertion et améliorer la conductivité.

      Remarque : fonctionne avec une unité d'alimentation double canal pour électro-stimulation sexuelle à broches 2mm (non incluse).

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Un embout masseur prostatique quadripolaire en silicone toucher velours pour l'électro-stimulation interne
      • Le masseur est doté de conducteurs sur la pointe, les côtés et la base pour une électro-stimulation efficace en interne et en externe
      • Membre malléable de 12,5 cm pour le positionner de manière personnalisable pour une gratification maximale
      • Pointe évasée, courbée avec 10 cm de circonférence pour une insertion facile et une stimulation précise
      • Forme ergonomique pour s'adapter aux formes de votre corps pour plus de plaisir
      • La base évasée empêche les déplacements indésirables et stimule le périnée pour un plaisir optimal
      • Fonctionne avec une unité d'alimentation quadripolaire pour électro-stimulation sexuelle à broches 2mm (non incluse)
      • Convient à une utilisation anale et vaginale
    1. Dimensions

      • Longueur: 6 pouces
      • Longueur insérable: 5 pouces
    2. Sensation

      • Contient des phtalates: No
      • Contient du latex: No
      • Matière: Silicone

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      Stimulateur de prostate électrosexe quadripolaire silicone, ElectraStim 6 4 sur 5 4 à court de 5

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      1. Stimulateur de prostate électrosexe quadripolaire silicone, ElectraStim
      2. Stimulateur de prostate électrosexe quadripolaire silicone, ElectraStim

        78,95 €

    1. Awesome toy, poorly positioned pins

      Avis : 20 septembre 2016 par MJ25, un Gay Going Steady Male

      I'll start with my main gripe about this: the position of the pins. I've searched high and low looking for 'L' adapters to bypass the fact they stick out and you can't sit down with it in... Well, not unless your sitting on a chair with a gawdy-big hole in the middle of it. I'm not sure the pin-ports could be put anywhere else, but the toy manufacturer would increase sales if they provided an 'L' joiner/adapter for it.

      Now onto the details of the toy itself. This thing stimulates nicely, it's smooth variable conductive silicone, so the current spreads out nicely, and you don't get those awful electrical pinch-points. This means I can crank my controller up to the highest settings and get a smooth but powerful effect.

      I only have a single channel device, so I can only use one side of this toy at one time. I'll eventually get around to buying a dual channel controller and see what it's like (but the pins again make it difficult to sit down, and if you can't sit the bulge bit at the bottom doesn't always sit well against the skin).

      After 30 minutes with this I often am at the point where I'm ready to explode (in a good way). I haven't had a super-O from this, but have gotten close enough that another toy used afterwards pushes me there.

      This is an intermediate to advance electrical toy. The size means you need to work up to it. Sure you could cram it up there if you really wanted to. But relaxation is key to electrical play. (That feeling of going from relaxed to pleasurably tense then back to relaxed is where the fun is to be had. High frequency play is harder to work with but still rewarding.) So if you’re new to anal and electrical, start with a small plug and a low setting controller and work your way to this toy (you won't regret the journey there).

      This toy does have a hinge at the base, which means you can create a tighter or wider angle for insertion. I won't go into too much detail, but it's nice to have that extra bit of flexibility.

      ElectraStim do their own brand of conductive lubricant and it's by far the best one I've found. It provides even electrical coverage and doesn't have harsh additives.

      A side note on conductivity: If you drink plenty of water (with a decent electrolyte additive) then you'll find these types of toys easier to manage and the outcome easier to achieve (minor effects, though, but if like me you want to tweak all the conditions so they are just right then this is one of them).

      Cleaning is a breeze. The pin ports are small enough that water rarely gets in them (if it does, it's a solid unit, no circuits to break), and if you use a mild detergent to clean it with the process is really easy and effective.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Great shape and materials, good conductivity.
      Position of pin-ports.
      Entrée de gamme
      Amazing toy, worth buying if your ready to progress with electrical play.
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    1. A wonderful well-built quadrapole prostate E-Stim toy

      Avis : 26 juin 2014 par twosharehants

      Having used prostate massagers from most of the main suppliers and used an electrostimulation system for a couple of years, I was very interested in the Electrastim Sirius Silicone Noir. When was contacted by Lovehoney and asked if I was interested in reviewing it, I very eagerly accepted their offer and waited a delivery with anticipation.

      A couple of days later a discreet package arrived containing the retail box for this product, which is smart and professional. Inside the box the Sirius is held in an expanded foam block, which, whilst it does a good job of protecting the stimulator, is not as neat for subsequent storage as those provided with other premium quality toys. The only other item in the box is an instruction leaflet in six languages, giving some advice on electrostimulation and the care of the stimulator.

      Extracting the Sirius from the packaging, it is revealed to a matt black silicone toy with a velvety finish. The insertable portion which is approximately 4.25” long and a 3.5” circumference around the widest point, which is midway along the shaft. The external base section of the toy is 3.5” long and a fairly bulky 3.5” circumference.

      The bottom of the external section contains 4 holes which accept 2mm pins from the electrostimulation power unit. The first pair of holes, nearest the main shaft connect to the conductive contacts in the shaft of the toy, whist another pair near the front of the external section connect contact points on the top of the external section, which can be used to stimulate the perineum. The body of the toy is firm, but flexible, and contains elements allowing it to retain the position it has been flexed too.

      My previous electrostimulation electrodes have all used 4mm pins, so I had a few days delay whilst I obtained alternative wires for my power box. This meant that my first test with this toy was using it as an non-electrostimulation prostate massager. I found it performed this admirably giving a lot of pleasurable sensation without being too aggressive on the perineum, which I have found with some of the hard polymer massagers in the past. Clean-up of the toy following the session was easy with a quick flush under warm water, and allowing to air dry worked for me.

      Having obtained new leads for my control box my and after a quick bit of personal preparation with conductive lube, I use a few ml internally from a lube shooter with all prostate stimulators and a generous smear between the perineum and the toy in this instance and I was ready for the next test.

      Connecting the prostate contacts to channel A on the control box and channel B to the perineum contact I was ready to test it as a quadrapole toy. At this point, I should point out that due to the positioning of the wires it would be difficult to use the Sirius in a seated position and that doing this would put strain on the connections, which looks like it could potentially damage the toy.

      Starting the session with a stimulation program with a basic on/off pulsing mode using the simple control boxes, it became apparent that I needed significantly higher power settings on the prostate contacts than with some of my previous electrodes, but still well within the working range of my control box. I found the perineum most stimulating at relatively low power levels, and switched from pleasurable to uncomfortable at correspondingly low levels.

      During this session I also tried most of the other program modes on my control box and found some of the more complex patterns made the toy feel like it was deliciously dancing inside me. In my now favourite mode it felt incredibly like someone had a finger inside massaging me manually, but with the added tingling sensation in the perineum was incredible.

      If you only have a single channel control box I would still consider buying this toy, as even without the perineum stimulation I think this toy would be wonderful.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      It is a well-made, well-designed toy which give wonderful stimulation.
      Position of the holes for the 2mm pins not suiting sitting with it in.
      Entrée de gamme
      An excellent quadrapole electrostimulation prostate toy giving wonderful sensations.
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    1. A great introductory e-stim toy for your prostate

      Avis : 18 juin 2017 par Promega, un Straight Married Male

      I will start this review by saying I do not have a dedicated e-stim box, only a TENS machine. However, even with that caveat, my experiences with the Sirius Noir have been fantastic. And I can imagine only better with a pleasure dedicated box.

      In terms of the Sirius, it is a solid quality build that has a great feel and some weight to it. It is unique amongst the silicone toys I own in that it can be moulded to your own body shape, which helps hold it in place. This can take a few attempts to get right but one you do, you'll know. Size wise it's not too big, maybe the size of a Progasm, however, the silicone being softer makes it easier to use.

      I start my sessions on a very low setting and increase the intensity slightly every 5 minutes or so. This has resulted in some mind-blowing feelings. Where it feels like the toy is bucking into my prostate. Absolutely sublime. I'm yet to orgasm hands-free from this toy yet, but I'm confident that this will happen sooner rather than later.

      My only negative is the pin positioning, so the same as other reviewers, I've once had lube mean they slid out of the toy pretty easily, but the main point is being on the bottom of the toy means you are limited to being laid down. However this is only minor, I certainly would recommend this toy despite this.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 sur 10
      Amazing stimulation and great build quality.
      Pins at the bottom, hamper position.
      Entrée de gamme
      A great toy to those embarking on the world of e-stim.
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