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    1. Lubrifiant intime silicone huile de massage tout-en-un 30 ml, System JO

      Avis moyen des clients 4 sur 59 avis

      Profitez d'encore plus de plaisir glissant avec le lubrifiant intime tout en un par la marque System JO. Avec sa formule mixte à base de silicone et d'eau, il est soyeux et longue durée pour un massage érotique ou une stimulation intime encore meilleure.

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      1. Lubrifiant intime silicone huile de massage tout-en-un 30 ml, System JO

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    1. Description du produit

      Profitez d'encore plus de plaisir glissant avec le lubrifiant intime tout en un par la marque System JO. Avec sa formule mixte à base de silicone et d'eau, il est soyeux et longue durée pour des massages érotiques ou une stimulation intime encore meilleure.

      Fait des meilleurs ingrédients de qualité médicale, ce lubrifiant soyeux est sans parfum, hypoallergénique et complètement adapté à une utilisation avec les préservatifs.

      Appliquez une quantité généreuse pour plus de plaisir lors du massage, des jeux solos, des préliminaires, des jeux avec sex toy, des rapports et des rapports anaux.

      Ingrédients : cyclopentasiloxane, cyclotétrasiloxane, diméthiconol, diméthicone

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Lubrifiant intime tout en un huile de massage par System JO pour massages sensuels et jeux intimes
      • Formule soyeuse, longue durée et non-collante
      • Fait à partir de silicone de la meilleure qualité médicale
      • Sans parfum, non toxique, non allergénique
      • 100 % adapté à une utilisation avec le latex et compatible avec les jouets en silicone et sans silicone
      • Convient aux peaux fraîchement tatouées et ne laisse pas de résidu huileux ou collant
    1. Infos essentielles

      • Type de bouteille: Vaporisateur
      • Sûr avec préservatifs: Oui
      • Contient de l'aspartame: Non
      • Convient aux végétariens: Oui
      • Contenance: 30 ml
    2. Sensation

      • Foction lubrifiant: Rapports sexuels et sex toys
      • Type de lubrifiant: À base de silicone
    3. Comment ça marche

      • À quoi ça sert ?: Massage

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      Lubrifiant intime silicone huile de massage tout-en-un 30 ml, System JO 9 4 sur 5 4 sur 5 étoiles

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      1. Lubrifiant intime silicone huile de massage tout-en-un 30 ml, System JO
      2. Lubrifiant intime silicone huile de massage tout-en-un 30 ml, System JO

        Notre prix
        6,95 €

    1. Amazing

      Avis : 26 janvier 2019 par Annedavid

      Myself and my partner loved this product and cannot wait to try this again. Definitely recommend to anyone looking to buy this product.

      Came in discreet packaging and came early.

      Could not fault this product one bit.

      Overall really amazing product and made myself and my partner get in touch with each other again.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      It felt amazing.
      Nothing wrong with it.
      En bref
      Brilliant, amazing and perfect.
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    1. Best lube I have used

      Avis : 27 juillet 2016 par bktemplin, un Straight Married Female

      My hubby hates the sticky feeling most lubes have, so we rarely use lube. When I saw the good reviews on this product I decided to grab a bottle and try it. I thought for sure that a non-sticky lube was too good to be true, but I am so glad I was wrong.

      The first thing I noticed about this lube is that it goes on silky smooth. I didn't have any issues with it running from where I put it, and it didn't wear off fast like most other lubes. We only had to use a little bit - around the size of a pea - to have fun which is a nice change of pace. This lube left our skin soft and not sticky at all, and is the first lube hubby is excited about using.

      I don't really taste anything if this lube gets in my mouth, and it doesn't have a smell to it that I can tell. This will be my go-to lube from now on!

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      No residue or sticky feeling, stays in place, a little goes a long way
      En bref
      Easy to use, lots of bang for your buck, perfect lube for a natural feeling.
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    1. Non-sticky fun lube

      Avis : 8 décembre 2015 par Helenoftroy, un Straight Married Female

      A little definitely goes a long way with this lube.

      Used it with my husband and alone with my dildo and I love how soft it leaves my pussy!

      With other lubes, you can't wait to wash it off, they usually leave you sticky and feeling unclean but this lube feels great.

      Lasts well in the shower too without having to relube up!

      No funny taste or smell and ideal to use for a sensual massage as you don't need to change from massage oils to intimate oils.

      Couldn't rate highly enough!

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      How soft it leaves my pussy after use!
      I bought the small tube. Should have sprung out for the larger one.
      En bref
      Slippy, smooth non-sticky love lotion!
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    1. Amazing stuff - just love it

      Avis : 13 août 2014 par lamblicker, un Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I was lucky enough to have Lovehoney send me out this product to test out and I'm so happy they did as it will now become part of my skin care products.

      Let's start with the tattoo conditioner part as I've quite a few tattoos and they are all very colourful. I have found it quite hard to find a moisturiser that isn't oily or sticky, but wow this stuff is great, and I've noticed a big difference in the brightness of my ink in just a few weeks, so I'm extremely happy.

      Next is the massage oil part, and wow again. As I expected, it just glides on the skin and doesn't leave the usual messy oiliness.

      And last but not least, using the oil as a lubricant, it was pretty nice in this area too. A very small amount kept us well lubed up for a very long time. :)

      All in all, we really loved this product and will definitely be getting some more soon.

      A little really does go a long way so the bottle should last you quite a long time. It is tastefully packaged. and there is no strong smell either, like you get with other oils.

      I think any inked girl, boy or couple should most definitely have a bottle of this around. Highly recommend. Thank you, Lovehoney. :)

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      The bottle, easy to use, no strong smell, texture basically everything. :)
      Nothing. We loved it!
      En bref
      Well worth the money, what's not to like, so go get some. :)
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    1. The all-in-one, with that little bit more

      Avis : 7 juillet 2014 par Lovebirds_x

      System JO is not a brand I had ever heard of prior to receiving this. As the bottle puts it, it is a ‘massage glide’, a new term for me, so I was excited to see what it was like.

      The bottle is tiny. It's about the length of my middle finger (excluding the lid), and not much thicker. It boasts all the usual claims that all-in-one products tend to, but there were two that I was very much looking forward to testing out. Firstly, one bottle of this oil is, apparently, equal to ten of any other brand. Secondly, it doubles as a tattoo conditioner.

      Tattoo conditioner? Now that’s something I've never seen in a massage oil! Naturally, this was the first thing I had to validate. I have a tattoo on my forearm that is about 4 years old, so faded, but not drastically so. I applied the tiniest amount to my arm and rubbed it in. Well, wow! My tattoo suddenly looked brand new! The colours were brighter and the black lines looked darker and more defined.

      Sceptical that this was an illusion of some sort, namely that my arm was presently covered in shiny oil, I fetched a towel and dabbed it off again. There is a miracle in itself, by the way; you don’t have to step in the shower to get any nasty residue off, you can just wipe it off. Your skin simply feels moisturised and smooth, but not at all sticky or oily. My tattoo was still looking great! Even now, several days later, it still looks lovely and feels gorgeous. I am going to be using this regularly now, purely to keep my tattoo looking so fresh and colourful!

      So how does it feel?

      The texture of this product is unique to me. It does feel quite oily on the hands, but less so on the skin. It isn't as thick as lube, but it doesn't feel as thin as massage oils usually do. Massage glide is, as it turns out, a remarkably apt name. In this respect it does exactly what it says on the tin (well, tube). It feels silky smooth and never sticky.

      I can well believe that this bottle does equal ten of others we have tried. My partner put the tiniest bit on my back (and I mean tiny, you can’t even see any missing from the tube!) and it spread all over my back and shoulders, down my thighs and down my arms. I was amazed at how far it went, as usually we have to keep reapplying to get that much body coverage.

      Don’t worry about reapplication at any point, actually, as I can guarantee it will last longer than you do! It felt lovely on the skin, very smooth and sensual. There were no sticky, dragging sensations at all as his hands moved effortlessly over me, and there was only the faintest, almost plant-like smell. I actually asked my partner to check if it contained Aloe Vera or something because that was the closest thing I could compare the smell to. It certainly wasn't offensive or distracting in any way.

      And the best thing was, when he had had enough of running his hands over me he was able to make use of the all-in-one nature to slip himself straight in without having to faff around getting another bottle of lube sorted. As there is no need for him to wipe his hands or her to wipe her body, it also means the massage can continue for both partners all the way through intercourse. I’ll let you imagine exactly how amazing that feels!

      The next day, my skin felt super soft and hydrated. I have very sensitive skin and am prone to acne, but this gave me no problems at all. So all in all, this was a great product for us!

      I would recommend this product to anyone, really. You can’t go far wrong with such a versatile product. For those of us with tattoos, there is of course the added benefit of the excellent tattoo conditioning. For those without, there is still the amazingly moisturised skin to look forward to. It’s not hard to find space for such a small bottle and it really will last you ages! If you are in the market for a massage oil with that little bit extra, then go for this!

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Feels lovely and smooth on the skin, no stickiness or residue, makes tattoos look amazing!
      Nothing. A nice scent is the only thing that could improve this product!
      En bref
      Amazingly versatile, super sensual. A must buy for those who enjoy massage as foreplay.
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