1. Poupée gonflable réaliste vaginette anus bouche par BJ Betty

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      Laissez-vous aller au fantasme ultime avec actrice porno avec cette poupée gonflable réaliste. Ses 3 orifices souples n'attendent que vous. BJ Betty a des seins fermes, des cheveux en cascade et des mains et pieds réalistes pour plus d'authenticité.

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      1. Poupée gonflable réaliste vaginette anus bouche par BJ Betty

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    1. Description du produit

      Laissez-vous aller au fantasme ultime avec actrice porno avec cette poupée gonflable réaliste. Ses 3 orifices souples n'attendent que vous. BJ Betty a des seins fermes, des cheveux en cascade et des mains et pieds réalistes pour plus d'authenticité.

      Pour passer au niveau supérieur du plaisir réaliste, BJ Betty est dotée de toutes les touches finales dont vous avez besoin pour une excitation des sens. Tétons et cils réalistes, bras rotatifs à 360, doigts et orteils féminins pour une expérience très convaincante au plus proche de la réalité.

      Totalement versatile et facile à entretenir, cette poupée d'amour réaliste est dotée d'un manchon amovible Fanta-Flesh au canal de 1,25 cm pour un nettoyage facile. De plus, il est assez petit pour se glisser aisément dans un sac week-end. Pourquoi ne pas utiliser le manchon sensible à la température comme un masturbateur pour hommes quand Betty est trop grande pour vous tenir compagnie ? Quand vous êtes de nouveau réunis, profitez des lèvres ouvertes de Betty et laissez-vous aller à une fellation sans pareil.

      Pour un maximum de plaisir, nous vous conseillons toujours l'utilisation d'une quantité généreuse de votre lubrifiant à base d'eau préféré.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Poupée sexuelle gonflable grandeur nature BJ Betty pour réaliser vos fantasmes avec star du porno
      • Vaginette avec anus et bouche à texture réaliste pour le plaisir de la pénétration
      • Visage aux formes précises pour une expérience encore plus réaliste
      • Seins, mains et pieds réalistes pour des jeux encore plus proches de la réalité
      • Bras rotatifs à 360 degrés pour permettre d'essayer diverses positions
      • Cheveux bruns et cils réalistes pour faire l'amour de manière authentique
      • Livrée avec une pompe à pied et un kit de réparation - juste au cas où !

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      Poupée gonflable réaliste vaginette anus bouche par BJ Betty 1 4 sur 5 4 à court de 5

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      1. Poupée gonflable réaliste vaginette anus bouche par BJ Betty
      2. Poupée gonflable réaliste vaginette anus bouche par BJ Betty

        249,95 €

        Plus que 5 en stock - commander maintenant

        Vite ! Cet article ne sera bientôt plus en vente !

    1. No BJs for BJ Betty - fun nonetheless

      Avis : 16 août 2014 par Lovebirds_x

      Like all women, you take the good with the bad.

      Betty here is no exception! Betty is a high quality sex doll, reflected in her high price tag, but as with everything (everyone?) she has her faults. I will outline the best and worst things about our experience with Betty, so that hopefully you can decide if the good points outweigh the bad.

      When you pay this much money for a sex toy of any calibre, you expect the packaging to match. Thankfully, Pipedream have stayed far away from the tacky packaging that tends to encase sex dolls and have provided a classy, simple packaging that is enough to showcase the product and it’s nature without being needlessly pornographic.

      The lady on the box is sexy and seductive, and the photos are teasing rather than sleazy. The focus on the packaging is very much showing you what you can expect to see from your actual doll, not just a naked woman with the same hair colour. If, like us, you are a couple looking for a playmate, the box will not offend women the way some do. Getting put-off by the box would not be a good start, would it?

      Opening the box, you'll find Betty, along with her separately packaged pussy/ass insert, a quite cheap, but functional inflation/deflation foot pump, and a pretty nice puncture repair kit consisting of circles of vinyl and a little tube of glue.

      Personally, I would have like to have seen a storage bag at least for the insert, especially considering they recommend taking the insert travelling with you for those times Betty is too big to carry along.

      Betty and all her things simply have to squash back into the very large, rather flimsy box for storage, which is a little less than ideal. Especially if you are pressed for space or need to keep her your little secret! Take care to wrap the insert in something, even just the plastic bag it came in, as you won’t want it touching anything else.

      Inflating Betty is quick and easy, if loud. The included foot pump works great, though doesn't seem to be the best quality. I have had better pumps with air beds! Her arms and body pump separately. When the manual says not to over-inflate her, what it actually means is under-inflate her a little, so you can actually use her.

      Inflation over, Betty is now a very petite, quite short woman who can't quite stand as her ankles are too floppy, but can be manoeuvred into many lovely positions to make love with! The movable arms make things a lot less awkward and mean she can do anything from support herself in doggy position to give you a hug in missionary. You can even get a bit dominant, and tie her hands above her head, it gets them out of the way! Her legs are bendy and, despite not having hip or knee joints, it is easy to position them at least semi realistically.

      Betty’s best bits are all you could hope for and more. Get past her rubbery shininess and mildly sharp seams and you are left with a very lifelike experience. Her pussy/ass insert (all one tunnel) is soft and supple, a real treat to dive into.

      Her hair is soft and thick, although you may want to tie it back to stop it getting messed. Her face is well formed if a little flatly painted, her eyelashes are a pretty touch, and those hands and feet! They are amazing. I was really surprised by the detail put into them. If you want some hands to hold/hold you or have a bit of a thing for pretty feet, you’ll love her.

      We have never tried Fanta Flesh before, so we were looking forward to exploring this particular piece of her anatomy. First up, the insert looks nothing like it is in the pictures. It is by far the softest ‘real feel’ material we have tried.

      Her labia, despite being a bit too orange in colour (putting the Fanta in Fanta Flesh!), are enviably beautiful and totally realistic, right down to the little skin wrinkles and clitoral hood; perfect for fulfilling any playful fantasies you could imagine with her. I wish they had blushed them pink like in the pictures, as the colour is the only let down. The way they wrap around the penis when penetrating is something we found particularly hot and incredibly lifelike.

      The tunnel is smooth, but the shape of the doll makes it tighter in the middle, almost as if you had a tightened fist around it, giving you something to push into. The material isn't terribly tacky after washing, although still needs powdered (which does nothing to enhance the appearance!).

      It has no nasty chemical smells, but durability does not seem good at all. Between the careful manhandling it takes to wrestle the insert into Betty (very difficult whatever level of inflation she is at), and the one gentle use she had, a large gash tore its way along the outside of her flesh tunnel. I would worry that it is going to tear completely in the near future, very disappointing as we were very careful with it. It is still usable, but for how long?

      Another point, no matter how much you inflate Betty the insert is too long for her; one end dangles, while the other sits flush to the doll. Not very aesthetically pleasing, especially if you want to switch holes midway! You'll want to use a towel under Betty, as the lube (and certain other fluids) will fly out the other end of the tunnel with every thrust. You may also want to take the whole doll to the bathroom for clean up rather than create a huge mess trying to remove the insert.

      The breasts are a little hit and miss. They are very firm. In fact they have hardly any give in them, which makes it hard to use them to stimulate yourself with them, not to mention making it difficult to get pretty clothing on her (if that’s your thing). However, her nipples are amazing!

      Despite the fact that we had to use that included little tube of glue to stick them back onto her breasts, they are great. If all you want from her breasts is to tweak nipple while you do your thing, there are no problems. In fact, those nipples are so super realistic (right down to the little bumps) that if you close your eyes, you can absolutely imagine you are playing with the real thing. They do suffer from the same you’ve-been-tangoed look as the flesh insert, though, not the pretty colour you see in the pictures.

      Onto her worst feature; her mouth. The box art would have you believe she has a soft little tongue, when in fact she has none. I can only assume the pictures are concept art rather than photos of her, as her mouth definitely does not look like that.

      Her lips are both soft and firm and have lovely ridged detail in them, and when you feel her throat passage it feels amazing. Soft and squidgy with pronounced ridges, her cheeks pressing against you like she is constantly sucking in (try it, you’ll see what I mean shape wise), this felt amazing! Until we tried to insert my partner's manhood in place of my fingers. Betty just isn't up to a girthy penis.

      I don’t know who was the problem, because my partner is above average in both length and girth, but it seemed like even average and under guys could struggle. The mouth opening is incredibly small considering it doesn't stretch at all, as a general indicator I could fit two female fingers in there but nothing more.

      You can see when you look at her straight on that despite her mouth being round, the rest of the passage is an oval shape, tall and narrow. Generally not the shape a penis comes in. The passage seems very short too since I could touch the end of it. Not that that matters ultimately, because those solidly squashy cheeks make pushing a penis inside her mouth next to impossible. I had to scissor my fingers to get in.

      Now don't get me wrong, for some mean teasy foreplay you can lube up her lips and use them, as well as tease the tip of your head inside. You could also take advantage of that open mouth for some make believe French kissing. But if you want a full on oral experience, you're out of luck.

      There also isn't a good way to clean her mouth/throat, as it isn't removable and is closed at the end. Considering Betty is marketed as an oral sex doll, this is a pretty major flaw in her design. If you have to look at a creepy, gaping mouth face, you do expect to at least be able to use it for pleasure.

      I struggled to rate her after realising how awful this supposed blow job doll was at giving blow jobs, but I decided it wasn't fair to make her zero points in oral mean a zero point total as she is awesome in every other way. My scores reflect this decision, just know that you should not buy her if you want her only for super oral stimulation. In fact, I do believe there are closed mouth dolls in the same brand that, while I cannot recommend as I haven’t tried them, I am sure will be of the same quality.

      Overall, Betty is a lot of fun. She is couple friendly as a threesome buddy or just someone to turn to when the OH isn’t available. She will give singles some awesomely pleasurable company.

      She looks good, she feels good and is generally good quality. But that mouth ruins her image as a B.J. doll. I can not recommend her to anyone who wants her for that (admittedly intended) purpose. If you want a high quality doll at a very reasonable price, then Betty is your girl. After all, she still has the lip teasing!

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 sur 10
      The Fanta Flesh felt fantastic, doll was super easy to use, general appearance.
      Insert didn't fit and tore, colour was not like pictures, can't use mouth!
      Entrée de gamme
      Great quality and great fun; if you don't want to use her mouth.
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