1. Gode ceinture sans harnais vibrant rechargeable The Eternal Swan

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      1. Gode ceinture sans harnais vibrant rechargeable The Eternal Swan

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    1. Description du produit

      Un silicone de qualité soyeuse, des vibrations survitaminées de puissance et une élégance incontestable vous rendront fébrile de partager votre Eternal Swan avec votre douce moitié. Ce qui est tout à fait possible ! En effet, ce gode ceinture sans ceinture est équipé de deux extrémités adaptées à une double pénétration et fera découvrir un tandem de jeux orgasmiques innovants au couple joueur.

      La polyvalence de l'Eternal Swan est idéal pour les couples lesbiens, la pratique du pegging et les plaisirs solitaires pour homme ou pour femme. Son extrémité bulbeuse, spécialement étudiée pour être maintenue en place par les muscles pelviens de la porteuse, permet une pénétration à main libre.

      Insérez doucement la hampe longue dans le vagin ou l'anus de la personne destinée à être pénétrée, et c'est parti pour de délicieux va-et-vient et un plaisir intense ! Ajoutez à la fête en activant l'un ou l'autre des deux vibromasseurs Power Bullet (ou les deux). Contrôlés indépendamment à distance par une télécommande, ils vous donneront la possibilité de customiser les vibrations puissantes qui se propageront de bout en bout de votre sex toy.

      Recouvrez votre gode ceinture d'une bonne grosse quantité de lubrifiant à base d'eau pour connaître un plaisir optimal.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Gode ceinture vibrant sans ceinture de luxe rechargeable USB
      • Fabriqué en silicone hypoallergénique ultra doux et offrant une surface de jeu sans restriction pour vous donner un plaisir polyvalent à partager
      • Vibrations intenses et profondes transmises par 1 vibromasseur différent placé à chaque extrémité du double gode et indépendamment contrôlés par une télécommande pour vous permettre de totalement customiser votre plaisir (et le sien)
      • Présente une hampe incurvée pour la pénétration de l'un des deux partenaires et une extrémité en forme d'oeuf pour stimuler la porteuse
      • Différentes intensités de vibration silencieuses disponibles pour vous garantir des jeux en toute discrétion
      • Facile à opérer
      • Waterproof pour vous permettre de jouer dans l'eau
      • Livré avec un toybag à cordon en satin et un chargeur USB pour faciliter vos déplacements

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      The Eternal Swan's innovative shape and thrilling vibrations are the perfect way to take your strapless strap-on play to new orgasmic heights. Double ended with a firm bulb at one end and a deliciously curved shaft at the other for breathtaking shared penetration.

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      1. Gode ceinture sans harnais vibrant rechargeable The Eternal Swan
      2. Gode ceinture sans harnais vibrant rechargeable The Eternal Swan

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    1. Eternal Swan - total quality

      Avis : 2 mars 2014 par happy & horny, un Straight Single Male

      When we first received and held our Eternal Swan vibrating strapless strap on dildo it felt so good in the palm of our hands.

      That was nothing compared to how good it felt when gripped in my partner's pussy and beautifully up my bum while we scissored each other. I came with her with a bang, gripping the Swan tight with my anal sphincter.

      We both felt we'd been ravished by the Swan - like Leda was by Zeus. Total Quality!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Tactile, smooth and sensuous, its total quality. No distracting straps or harnesses.
      Entrée de gamme
      A wonderful, wonderful way to seamlessly join your partner's crotch with your bum.
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    1. Bit of a learning curve

      Avis : 18 février 2014 par sleepycelia

      I was sent this as a tester to review by the lovely people at Lovehoney.

      Do not overestimate the size of the Eternal Swan. It is TEENY. It's diminutive! When the bulb part's inserted, the usable portion of the shaft measures five inches in length, sometimes shorter depending on the position you're using it in, and four inches around the widest point. It's absolutely adorable and when I pulled it out of the storage bag I full on squealed, but if you're after something substantial this probably won't do it for you and you'd be better off looking at a Share or a Feeldoe.

      The silicone's silky smooth and the toy itself is nice and firm, with the tapered piece from the shaft to the egg having a little bit of flex. It says it's seamless on the packaging, however there's actually a fairly prominent seam running along the underside of the shaft, but you can't really feel it in use. You charge it by plugging the charger into a teeny tiny hole at the back of the toy, above the buttons - it takes 3 hours to charge and a single charge lasts 7 hours. You can also lock the toy for travel, which, yay, amazing! You do this by pressing both buttons down for four seconds, and to unlock you do the same again.

      The Swan is quite abstractly shaped and not remotely 'realistic'. The bulb is a perfect size for me, it's not very big, just over four inches around so about the size of a small egg maybe? If you're not very confident about the strength of your pc muscles then I'd maybe invest in a set of good Kegel balls before buying this, or look at strapless toys with larger bulbs, but for me it stays in perfectly and I haven't had it slide out at any unfortunate moments. The shaft might be small for some, but it has this lovely bump that hits my G-spot perfectly, and as it has a tapered tip I also imagine it'd be good for anal play. If you want to get the most out of the length, positions from behind work tend to work best, I found when my partner wore this and I was on top I didn't get a whole lot out of the length.

      The Eternal Swan is a bit different from a lot of other strapless strap-ons on the market due to the fact that it vibrates, and it's rechargeable with no weird wired battery packs. It has two motors, one in the 'bulb', and one in the shaft, and they can be controlled independently of each other by using the buttons that are located underneath the charging port, at the back of the toy - just press either button once to turn it on, hold it down to increase the vibrations, and press it again for off.

      The buttons for this thing are one of the most frustrating sets of sex toy controls I've ever come across. It's mainly a placement issue. To be fair, there's not really anywhere else they could've put them, it's not the manufacturers fault and I'm the first to admit that I'm not very coordinated - I'm waiting on technology that enables you to control vibration settings with deliberate Kegel clenches, personally - but trying to press and hold the right button when both buttons are identically shaped, you're distracted, everything's covered in lube and you can't actually see either of them is completely maddening. I ended up taking it out, adjusting the vibrations and then putting it back in, which ruins the mood, but not as much as having a laughing fit out of frustration does. I can't help but think that maybe they could've put a raised dot or a number or something on each button so it's at least slightly easier to figure out which one you're pressing?

      The vibrations, are irritating as they are to control while you're using the Swan, are pretty great. They're really intense and rumbly, and I like how you press and hold instead of repeatedly pressing down on a button to move up a speed. They're quiet when inserted but I wouldn't call them discreet.

      The Swan's a versatile toy, and I've found that you can use either end of it for solo use, although if you were hoping that you can use the shaft internally and push the egg up for clit stimulation you're out of luck - the egg has a little flex, as I've already mentioned, but not that much. I'd be scared of snapping it off that way.

      Overall? I like the Eternal Swan, and I'm happy to have it in my collection. It's had a lot of use in the short time I've had it, it's nice to see a strapless strap-on that doesn't look like a dick, and the vibrations are strong and rumbly, and you can lock it for travel. It does have flaws, the charge time is a little long and I hate the button placement, but I'm sure in time I'll get used to them.

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 sur 10
      It's super cute! The bulb's a nice size, travel lockable, rechargeable.
      Location of the buttons, could be longer maybe.
      Entrée de gamme
      Mixed feelings. It's worth the money but it does have some flaws.
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