1. Body sexy en latex avec doublure douce

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      1. Body sexy en latex avec doublure douce

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    1. Description du produit

      Incarnez son fétiche avec ce superbe body de latex doublé. Les empiècements bien coupés vous donnent un superbe look et la fermeture zippée dans le dos crée un ajustement parfait. Facile à porter et à retirer sans avoir besoin de talc ni de lubrifiant !

      Avec l'élasticité du latex et le confort du PVC, ce body sexy est fait de Datex : un matériau de latex doublé dont l'enfilage (ou le retrait !) ne requiert ni lubrifiant ni talc. Pour vous offrir le meilleur de l'esthétique et du confort, ce body vous donne un look effet mouillé à l'odeur sexy sans se sentir moite ! Servez-vous de l'échantillon fourni de gel lustrant pour latex pour faire briller cet ensemble coquin !

      De plus, deux jarretelles amovibles vous permettent de marier cette lingerie sexy à vos bas préférés tandis que les bretelles (amovibles elles aussi) personnalisent ce body près du corps pour s'adapter à votre look.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Body de latex à la doublure douce pour un look confortable et sexy
      • Doublure douce de tissu qui facilite l'enfilage et le retrait sans avoir besoin de talc ou de lubrifiant
      • 2 jarretelles amovibles tiennent en place vos bas favoris
      • Le dos zippé offre un ajustement près du corps et garantit un enfilage et un retrait faciles
      • Le corps à empiècements crée un look pointu
      • Les jarretelles et bretelles réglables et amovibles créent un style sur mesure et l'ajustement parfait
      • Le décolleté flatte la poitrine pour encore plus de séduction
      • Livré avec un échantillon de lustrant à paillettes pour latex pour une finition irisée ( 30 ml)

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      1. Body sexy en latex avec doublure douce
      2. Body sexy en latex avec doublure douce

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    1. Hot and sexy

      Avis : 7 mars 2018 par Kinky82, un Straight Married Male

      I bought this for my wife to wear as we are now trying latex out.

      My wife was a bit skeptical, thinking it wouldn't fit and be hard work to get in too, but was willing to give it a go.

      My God she looked hot! It fitted in all the right places and showed all her curves and breasts off and she finished the outfit of with stockings and 6in black heels. I had an instant hard-on just looking at her.

      She felt powerful and sexy. She took over the bedroom and was like a different girl! It didn't take long for me too blow my load, but at it again 10 minutes later! This outfit has spiced our sex life up and now looking in to different latex products to try!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      The feel off it and how hot it made her look.
      Nothing. It's a great item.
      Entrée de gamme
      Bloody great.
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    1. Perfect first step into latex looks

      Avis : 29 décembre 2017 par tashmuh, un Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I had never used latex before but the OH was lusting after a shiny, figure hugging look like that which latex provides. I, however, knew a little more about latex and the effort and care required to get it on and maintain it and found myself far less interested in the prospect, but we looked anyway.

      When we spotted this body suit, which is a lovely flattering shape and I knew wouldn't leave me feeling restricted like a full catsuit would. We knew we had to take the plunge! The fact that it was lined was the added bonus, which tipped us over the edge.

      This body suit is incredibly easy to slip on. You don't need to prime your skin in any way at all. It just goes right into place. Despite its lining, it also still hugs the natural ins and outs of the body in an incredibly smoothing and flattering way.

      The straps on the arms are fully adjustable, which is perfect for me as I'm a short lady and often need the full length of the straps to shorten to a length where they aren't falling off my shoulders. There are also removable straps on the bottom for holding up stockings should you choose to pair them with your suit. And you should - it looks great.

      I loved getting zipped in and shined up by my OH. I could remain comfortably and happily in this suit for hours, though it never stays on long once I put it on. I feel sexy and comfortable and even quite warm, despite being quite unclothed!

      This suit is wonderful and, as I said above, the perfect first step for anyone considering latex.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Incredibly flattering latex look - super easy to wear.
      I can't QUITE reach to zip myself in. Short person problems probably.
      Entrée de gamme
      Flattering, comfortable, easy-wear latex.
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    1. Latex but easier

      Avis : 11 août 2017 par Iceman14uk, un Straight Engaged Male

      Mrs Iceman already has some latex items already and whilst we like them, we wanted to try a datex outfit and see how it measured up.

      First thing to know; this is lined latex; latex on the outside and soft on the inside, net result - you get the feel and look of latex but it's easier to put on. You shine it in the same way as latex too, it comes with some latex shiner but I recommend getting some more if you plan to wear it often.

      The sizing is a bit big, so air on the side of caution when buying. The outfit itself has suspended attachments which are useful. One thing we would have liked was a crotch zip for more easy access, the zip on the back only goes to the top of the bum, and whilst the crotch can be pulled aside it is a little tight.

      Aside from that there really is nothing wrong with this outfit - it's excellent, looks great on, and is easy to put on!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Looks great, easy to put on.
      Needs crotch zip.
      Entrée de gamme
      Love it!
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