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    1. Petites ventouses pour tétons par Cock Locker

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      1. Petites ventouses pour tétons par Cock Locker

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    1. Description du produit

      Ces mini suceurs de tétons aspirants offrent une légère stimulation pour augmenter la sensibilité pendant que vous les portez qui et qui demeure après que vous les avez enlevés, pour augmenter les sensations pendant que vous faites l'amour. Une très bonne alternative aux pinces à seins pour les amateurs de bondage débutants.

      Petite taille : 3,2 cm x 1,9 cm de diamètre.

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      1. Petites ventouses pour tétons par Cock Locker
      2. Petites ventouses pour tétons par Cock Locker

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    1. How much fun are these?

      Avis : 26 janvier 2014 par happyhusband, un Straight Married Male

      I ordered these as part of my wife's Christmas stocking, partly enticed by the price, partly by the novelty factor and partly by the naughty factor.

      We've never tried anything like this before and are actually coming out of a bit of a vanilla period in our love life, due to jobs and children.

      We hadn't particularly planned on using them when we did, and they were taken out mid-session. Things suddenly went from average to hot. We did laugh when we were trying them, and one kept falling off only adding to the humour of the situation.

      My wife wasn't too sure about the stimulation, but then isn't really a boob person. She does say it made her feel extremely dirty though and heightened her orgasm to the point I thought she was going to push my ears off my head.

      These are definitely getting another outing, probably tonight if I get my way. It has got us talking about what else we could do as well.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      How much fun they are.
      Slightly cheap looking.
      En bref
      Deliciously dirty.
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    1. A new high for your nipples

      Avis : 21 août 2011 par StevesDreams

      When these turned up both my husband and me were looking forward to a nice session with these. I love having puffy nipples and these work really well. We found baby oil worked nicely but my husband used saliva on him and it worked better due to chest hair.

      These little cups clamped right on and we left them on there. Even with a little force they stayed on, which was very exciting.

      "What glorious nipples you have!" came my hubby's reply when he gently pulled them off, and a huge beam lit up my face as I saw how large and puffy my nipples had now become...

      We both love this product, great fun!

      Just watch out for the edges - could be a little sharp for some.

    2. Note globale :
      9 sur 10
      The suction, and result of taking them off.
      Design and rough edges.
      En bref
      For the money "Yeah!"
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    1. These definitely mix things up!

      Avis : 19 juillet 2009 par Stitches, un Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I was very excited about these arriving and couldn't wait to try them out.

      Much larger than I first anticipated and not so attractive, but definitely fun.

      The sensation of having your nipples sucked with slight force into these bulbs is amazing, even on the more desensitised nipples. The feeling of having them pulled off is fantastic. The feeling of having your now large, puffy nipples played with is orgasmic.

      The instructions on the packed said to rub baby oil or similar (I used a moisturiser) onto your nipples and the edge of the product. I did this the first few times but found, as I prefer rougher play, that using only spit gave a better sensation.

      Overall, I would definitely recommend this product.

    2. Note globale :
      9 sur 10
      Small, easy to hide in your bra
      En bref
      Fantastic product
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