1. Menottes de luxe en cuir de qualité robuste, DOMINIX

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      Restreignez les mouvements de votre partenaire et sécurisez sa position avec cette paire de menottes de luxe dans votre tiroir bondage. En cuir matelassé de qualité, ces menottes robustes ont une fermeture à boucle et des anneaux pour plus de sécurité.

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      1. Menottes de luxe en cuir de qualité robuste, DOMINIX

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    1. Description du produit

      Restreignez les mouvements de votre partenaire et sécurisez sa position en ajoutant cette paire de menottes de luxe à votre collection d'accessoires de bondage. Faites de cuir matelassé de qualité, ces menottes en cuir robustes sont dotées d'une fermeture à boucle et d'anneaux pour une contrainte sécurisée.

      Comme tous les articles en cuir, ces contraintes se bonifient avec le temps. À l'usage, le cuir se fait et se forme pour correspondre au mieux aux poignets de votre partenaire soumis, et deviennent ainsi plus confortable à chaque fois : voilà une excellente raison de faire de vos sessions de bondage une habitude !

      Faites l'acquisition de la gamme complète d'articles de luxe de bondage DOMINIX pour donner un air professionnel à vos sessions de jeux BDSM.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Menottes en cuir de qualité professionnelle
      • Contraintes superbement matelassées
      • Fermeture à boucle à 8 trous
      • Circonférence interne réglable de 15 à 24 cm
      • 7 cm de large
      • Anneau sans danger
      • Attache rapide à double extrémité de 9 cm
      • Détail clous métalliques

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    1. Infos essentielles

      • Fermeture: Boucle
      • Avertissement allergène: Contient du nickel
    2. Dimensions

      • Longueur: 14 pouces
    3. Sensation

      • Matière: Cuir

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    1. DOMINIX Deluxe Heavy Leather Wrist Cuffs

      Restrict your partner's movements and secure their position by introducing a pair of luxury wrist cuffs to your BDSM play. Made from sumptuously padded leather, these heavy-duty cuffs have buckle closures and D-rings for secure restraint.

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      1. Menottes de luxe en cuir de qualité robuste, DOMINIX
      2. Menottes de luxe en cuir de qualité robuste, DOMINIX

        Notre prix
        49,95 €

    1. Really good for the cash

      Avis : 1 octobre 2020 par Stretchmenow, un Straight Married Male

      These look and feel fantastic. I love these and I think you should too.

      Yes, they may look intimidating. They are imposing and chunky. But I will tell you after being tied and breaking many cheaper ones and that suddenly ends the fun, and potentially unpleasantly painful these work so much better.

      Don't be put off by the look if you're after a less imposing device, nor the cost. It works out cheaper in the long term and they are so much more comfortable.

      Oh and the important thing is that escape is almost impossible unless they are loose or have something to work against. If you are tie at all four corners you are not going anywhere. So get in the mood for whatever comes to you as you are not going anywhere until you are allowed to. Enjoy, scream, yell, whatever. These work.

      I really like things to work and pay a bit more for them. I have a box of odd restraints from cheaper ones, normally lasting me about 2 to 3 months.

      I got out of these over a year for the wrist ones and the ankle cuffs are still good as new. So I bought the ankle ones to replace them. More fun.

      A point. The wrist cuffs are softer than the ankle cuffs. The wrist cuffs adjust well to my smallish size but are a bit hard to get into the second but last tightest hole.

      I have had these for about a year now. Constant use for me. I love being tied down. I lay there for hours. You can't escape unless you have something to catch them on. So, of course, I removed that.

      Just about now I have to replace the wrist cuffs. I am doing that using the ankle cuff for the wrists. As I said the ankle cuffs are a little bit harder. It is, for this reason, I believe that the ankle cuffs still look as good as the day I bought them.

      The wrist cuffs, of the same, had strap damage where it pulled away from the main body and the hole where the buckle goes is almost broken through. Not the ankle cuffs though. I guess I have used them around twice a week up to 5 hours at a time. And sometimes I have no option but to strain and pull against the restraints, hard; sometimes very hard and repeatedly. Other times just pulling for hours and hours until I am allowed to be set free. Still, I want to go back into them they feel that nice.


    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Very strong, escape proof, comfortable.
      A bit difficult at the smaller end.
      En bref
      Excellent to wear if you like to be tied down, firmly but also comfortable.
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    1. A fantastic investment

      Avis : 30 septembre 2020 par Redhead_95, un Bisexual Going Steady Female

      These cuffs are so good. If you are into serious bondage and restraint and want something that will stand the test of time, these are for you!

      The leather on these is thick heavy and gorgeous. It's also very supple so they aren't uncomfortable for extended wear.

      I got these to put on men's wrists which they work well on as they can be adjusted quite wide, but I tested them on my very small wrists and they can go tight too.

      These are strong cuffs! There is no getting out of them or snapping and breaking them, whether attached together, the matching ankle cuffs (which I also got) or to a bed frame.

      They also look sexy as hell when they are on.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Strong, supple, comfortable, sexy AF.
      En bref
      Great cuffs for serious bondage play.
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    1. Awesome cuffs

      Avis : 3 juillet 2020 par Knottydevil, un Straight Married Male

      These real leather cuffs simply ooze quality.

      The leather is super soft and well finished, and with that appealing tannery scent. The stitching is beautifully done. The buckles, studs and D-rings feel solid and firmly anchored.

      The cuffs are super comfortable on as well as really secure.

      They're also a lovely fit as ankle cuffs on either me or my wife (we both have slim to medium builds).

      My wife and I really can't find fault on these. Top marks DOMINIX!

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Everything. They're comfy, secure, gorgeous, and beautifully made.
      I really can't think of anything.
      En bref
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    1. In for some serious bondage sessions

      Avis : 3 octobre 2019 par cuffz, un Straight Married Male

      Bought the complete kit; wrist and ankle cuffs as well as the collar.

      First impression, the smell, of good quality leather, a real turn-on. The leather is rather stiff at first, but will most likely get soft and smooth after some use. The D-rings are really heavy duty and the leather lining caresses the wrists and ankles gently, still takes a solid grip, no way to unintentionally escape if buckled down in these.

      The collar is serious kinky stuff. I tried it on for some hours, wide enough to have posture effect on the neck. Yet very soft and comfortable to wear.

      I showed the set to my wife and there was a noticeable spark in her eyes. Won't be long until she orders me to lay down on my back, so she can slowly and thoroughly buckle me up, one arm at the time, one leg at the time and tie me to the four corners of our bed. Finally tighten the buckles on the collar, most likely one hole too tight. And start riding me.

      This kit is well worth its name 'Deluxe Heavy Leather', far better quality and visual wow factor than the products we have used so far. Highly recommended for some serious kinky play.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      The looks, wide and thick, sturdy D-ring.
      No cons.
      En bref
      Serious stuff for kinky play.
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    1. Well worth the money

      Avis : 2 août 2019 par Lappley, un Bisexual Other Female

      Very comfy, hard-wearing - even with firm pulling and rough play there is no sign of wear and tear.

      Sir loves them I brought them as a gift for him and he was extremely happy, I find them very comfy and easy to use.

      Worth the money. Will be buying more in the set soon.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      En bref
      Great value, hard-wearing, comfortable.
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