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    1. Vibromasseur clitoris point G rotatif rechargeable Tara, Lelo

      Avis moyen des clients 4,5 sur 510 avis

      Éprouvez des orgasmes plus puissants que jamais grâce au vibromasseur de luxe Tara par Lelo. 6 puissantes fonctions de vibration sont prêtes à caresser votre clitoris, pendant qu'un axe rotatif masse votre point G pour vous offrir un orgasme paradisiaque.

      129,95 €
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      1. Vibromasseur clitoris point G rotatif rechargeable Tara, Lelo

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    1. Description du produit

      Éprouvez des orgasmes plus puissants que jamais grâce au vibromasseur de luxe Tara par Lelo. 6 puissantes fonctions de vibration sont prêtes à caresser votre clitoris, pendant qu'un axe tournant masse votre point G pour vous offrir un orgasme combiné paradisiaque.

      Façonné de manière ergonomique, le manche en silicone lisse de ce vibromasseur rechargeable USB tourne de manière synchronisée au rythme des 6 fonctions vibrantes, pour offrir à votre point G un massage intime unique et efficace. Avec 5 modes de vibration orgasmiques et 1 puissante vitesse constante au choix, un plaisir intense s'offre à vous.

      Bénéficiez d'une double stimulation de votre clitoris par la surface métallique du luxueux vibromasseur et préparez-vous à enchaîner des orgasmes incroyablement intenses, que vous l'utilisiez lors de jeux en solo ou de rapports sexuels.

      Comme ce masseur est suffisamment mince pour être porté lors des rapports sexuels, il suffit de positionner le pénis de votre partenaire le long du corps en silicone et d'accroître votre plaisir en l'accompagnant des puissantes vibrations et de la stimulation du vibromasseur.

      Utilisez toujours un lubrifiant à base d'eau de qualité pour intensifier les sensations.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      - Silicone de qualité

      - 6 fonctions vibrantes ultra-puissantes, y compris 1 vitesse constante

      - Stimulateur rotatif du point G de 8,5 cm

      - 100 % étanche (submersible jusqu'à 1 mètre)

      - Interface à une touche facile à utiliser

      - Vibromasseur rechargeable USB

      - Une pleine charge vous apporte 2 heures de jeu

      - Comprend une pochette avec des liens resserrables en satin et un câble USB

      - Échantillon de lubrifiant Lelo de 5 ml inclus

      - Comprend une garantie Lelo de 1 an

    1. Dimensions

      • Circonférence: 3 inches
      • Longueur: 3.5 pouces
      • Longueur insérable: 3.5 pouces
    2. Sensation

      • Contient des phtalates: No
      • Contient du latex: No
      • Étanche: Étanche
      • Flexibilité: Ferme
      • Matière: Silicone
    3. Performance et vitesse

      • Actionnement: Rechargeable
      • Type de commande: Intégré - bouton
      • Vitesses de vibration: Vitesses et modes de vibration

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    1. Avis clients

      Vibromasseur clitoris point G rotatif rechargeable Tara, Lelo 10 4,5 sur 5 4,5 sur 5 étoiles

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      1. Vibromasseur clitoris point G rotatif rechargeable Tara, Lelo
      2. Vibromasseur clitoris point G rotatif rechargeable Tara, Lelo

        129,95 €
        Notre prix
        90,97 €
        Vous économisez :
        38,98 € (30%)

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    1. Small, but very effective

      Avis : 2 septembre 2014 par Ariel's, un Bisexual Going Steady Male

      A real star (like the star goddess Tara).

      An excellent experience that forced us to reorder more 2 items for our best friend and a spare for us (the one with the remote control)!

      The quiet rotation is misleading - it's one of the most effective toys we have experienced for long time.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Very precise, quiet double-action.
      Really nothing!
      En bref
      A small expensive toy, that's worth the price.
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    1. Yes yes yes

      Avis : 3 décembre 2013 par Edaisy789, un Bisexual Going Steady Female

      My OH bought this as a present a few weeks ago. We are only just getting round to writing the review as it takes up most of our evenings and free time.

      Firstly, we were excited to receive it swiftly in the post and to find out that we would also receive the Lelo massage candle free, which was nice as we had never spent so much money on a toy before!

      The packaging was nice, simple and came with a small drawstring pouch for keeping the toy in. There is also a 1 year warranty and a registration card to extend the guarantee for longer. We got the toy in black, which looks good. Feels sleek and smooth to the touch and doesn't look tacky like some other vibrators.

      The battery life is very long. I have only charged it once and have used it about 10 times!

      The quietness of the toy was important to me as I live in a flatshare. This hasn't been an issue whatsoever as it is barely audible when inserted.

      I found that using the Lelo solo is amazing and I can usually climax within 5minutes. It is easily insertable and I don't normally even need to use lube, though if we are planning to both use it together lube is needed.

      The vibrating circular top is perfectly positioned for me and the small rotating arm seems to be at the optimum point for inside stimulation around my G-spot.

      The only negative thing I have to say about using it is that when things get very wet and slippery down there I have found it difficult to find and press the small button to go on to the next setting.

      Using it together: From his perspective, for it to be amazing he has had to be careful and precise when inserting his penis. He found it a little painful sometimes when it wasn't inserted carefully, so he says that more lube is definitely the answer. Lelo handily included a small sachet of water-based lube so you can use the toy straight away which we appreciated.

      He also liked his own sensations from the vibrations and experimented with putting pressure on the circular top during different settings.

      We found that using it with me on all fours produced the best pleasure and it has a huge advantage over other vibrators for being "hands free" in this position. During sex I found that the vibrations and sensation of being totally filled increased the amount of orgasms I could have.

      Overall it is a great addition to the bedroom and well worth the £100 if you've got it!

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Colour, styles, sleekness, power of vibrations and rotations.
      Size of settings button.
      En bref
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    1. Stimulation through rotation that both partners will love

      Avis : 30 septembre 2013 par Cara Sutra, un Bisexual Engaged Female

      For many fervent lovers of sex toys, LELO is the go-to brand. With luxurious materials, stylish designs and cutting edge technology, LELO time and time again prove why they are the leading name in the adult products industry.

      I was contacted by Lovehoney and asked whether I'd like to try out then review the brand new sex toy from LELO. I'd heard about Tara through the trade grapevine and was intrigued as to the mechanisms in this alternatively shaped product.

      The Tara vibrator I was sent is black in colour, but it's also available in Midnight Blue or Deep Rose colour. Black, blue or dark pink, basically. The LELO Tara retails for £99.99.

      The packaging for the LELO Tara vibrator is as classy as ever, keeping in the style of the rest of the LELO range with a glossy, information packed cardboard outer housing a lidded box holding the product inside.

      Within the white, LELO branded lidded box you receive:

      The LELO Tara Rotating Couples Massager Vibrator

      Black drawstring top storage pouch

      USB charging lead

      Instruction manual & warranty details

      LELO product registration card

      Free sample of luxury water based LELO Personal Moisturiser (sex lubricant)

      Being a rechargeable sex toy, before you come to use the LELO Tara you need to charge it up. Unlike previous LELO vibrators and many other types of rechargeable sex toy, the LELO Tara charges with a USB lead instead of arriving with a mains plug. This gives you the option of charging either via any USB port, or combining with your own USB to mains if you want to be able to plug it into the wall.

      Just plug one end into the socket on the side of the Tara vibrator, and the other end into your USB port and you will notice a small orange LED on the side of the toy letting you know it's charging up. I left it charging up over night, rechargeable sex toys generally take between 6-8 hours, sometimes more, to charge up the very first time.

      The LELO Tara doesn't just vibrate - oh no. It also rotates, similarly to the Nexus RevO 2. As well as being a wonderful design feature, this very cleverly distinguishes itself from the We-Vibe range of sex toys (thereby avoiding any more trouble on that front!).

      At first I wondered just how I was meant to insert this, and how it was in any way meant to be comfortable. It's actually ingenious; the gently widening, tapered tip shaft is placed inside the vagina while the flexible but durable silicone allows the toy to bend so that the circular area is in direct contact with the clitoris and surrounding, sensitive area. His penis slips into you underneath the toy, so not only do you have the pleasure of internal vibrations and rotation, and clitoral stimulation, he also enjoys the movement and vibration from the LELO Tara, adding immeasurably to the experience.

      I've used the LELO Tara on quite a few occasions now and apart from a couple of small issues it's a fantastic couples sex toy. It's compatible with water based lubricant only, as it's a silicone sex toy (flame tested and everything!). The material is smooth and responds well to physical contact, sliding inside the vagina easily with or without the aid of lube, in my experience.

      The wider area makes for brilliant G-spot probing and stimulation and as the clitoral stimulator is a generously proportioned, circular area, this helps keep the vibrations on your clit no matter how vigorously you move during sex.

      The small textured area on the side of the LELO Tara denotes the power button and you simply press this to scroll through the 6 different vibration speeds and patterns.

      Constant vibration

      Pulse vibration

      Faster pulse

      Escalating vibration


      Various vibration pattern

      During sex the LELO Tara adds something new and exciting. I love the We-Vibe 3 but the rotation from LELO Tara is a new sensation and we both enjoyed it very much. He particularly loves when he's inside me at the same time as something else anyway (pervert) so that was an added buzz, excuse the pun. Although the majority of the vibrations from the circular clitoral stimulator were directed at me, he also benefitted from these from the other, metallic disc side, although not as strongly. The vibrations throughout the device ramped up the eroticism of sex to astonishing levels and sex with the LELO Tara was the best in a long time.

      The issues I had with the LELO Tara during use were not of complete devastation to the toy. I'd like the constant vibration to be much more powerful, but then I have been spoilt by the likes of the mains powered Doxy Massager. The internal shaft could be wider, but then I am not a vibe virgin and I do like things on the extreme side. I would prefer a remote control with a couples vibrator - so the Ida may have been more suited to my personal use after all, after having to sit up half way through sex each time if I wanted to change the vibration setting in any way.

      Fumbling between bodies for the small raised areas that alerts you to where the button is was not easy especially in the heat of the moment and with a slippery sex mixture between us and coating the product.

      On the plus side, the LELO Tara couples vibrator is completely waterproof, so no matter how messy you get, it won't damage the toy (as long as you keep everything water based - or bodily fluid based - not silicone lube). It's easy to clean after use, just rinse off in soapy water, dry and spritz with your favourite anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner, leaving to dry naturally for a hygienic finish.

      In the future, I would like to see a LELO version of the We-Vibe Thrill, whereby the internal shaft is larger meaning a toy used for female solo stimulation. For now though, the LELO Tara is a wonderful creation that brings something new and exciting to the bedroom that both partners can enjoy. It doesn't detract from the intimacy between you; it merely serves to heighten the pleasure while adding touches of stimulation that form a completely rounded sexual experience for both partners, every time.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Luxurious material, amazing design, fab rotation! Waterproof & rechargeable too.
      I'd like a bigger shaft & more powerful vibrations, but no biggie!
      En bref
      This is a completely unique, luxury couples vibrator which gives outstanding performance
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