1. Vibromasseur rabbit rechargeable USB Natural, Happy Rabbit

      Avis moyen des clients 4,5 sur 5340 avis

      Profitez d'une stimulation interne et externe avec le vibromasseur rechargeable Natural Happy Rabbit. Équipé de deux moteurs et de quinze modes de vibration, il vous procurera des orgasmes époustouflants.

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      1. Vibromasseur rabbit rechargeable USB Natural, Happy Rabbit

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    1. Description du produit

      Profitez d'une stimulation interne et externe avec le vibromasseur rechargeable Natural Happy Rabbit. Équipé de deux moteurs et de quinze modes de vibration, il vous procurera des orgasmes époustouflants.

      Le vibromasseur rabbit Natural rechargeable par USB Happy Rabbit, nouveau venu de la gamme de sex toys par Lovehoney, est un vibromasseur sensationnel conçu pour vous offrir une satisfaction absolue. Fabriqué en silicone de qualité sans danger pour la peau, ce vibromasseur rabbit rechargeable est magnifiquement élégant et conçu pour offrir du plaisir. Son design a été complètement repensé selon les commentaires de nos clients : le gland est plus prononcé et les oreilles sont plus fermes et plus épais pour une stimulation clitoridienne plus intense.

      Deux puissants moteurs situés respectivement dans la tête, la base et le stimulateur clitoridien du vibromasseur offrent une stimulation inégalée à vos zones les plus sensibles. Malgré sa fantastique puissance, ce vibromasseur est aussi silencieux qu'un soupir et s'utilise en toute discrétion, même à vitesse maximum.

      Commandé par deux boutons sur la base du vibromasseur, naviguer ente les vitesses et les modes est ultra-simple. Utilisez le premier bouton pour découvrir les trois vitesses et les neuf modes de vibrations, et le second pour mettre en route ou éteindre le stimulateur pour clitoris et découvrir ses trois vitesses de vibration.

      Le vibromasseur rechargeable Happy Rabbit 2 est un cadeau idéal qui fera toute la différence.

      Associez-le à quelques gouttes de votre lubrifiant préféré pour augmenter encore plus votre plaisir.

      Avec le Happy Rabbit, le bonheur est à portée de main.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Vibromasseur rabbit de luxe avec deux puissants moteurs
      • Rechargeable par USB, pour l'utiliser partout dans le monde
      • 15 modes de vibrations différents pour des sensations variées
      • Membre courbé mesurant 13 cm de longueur insérable et 12 cm de circonférence
      • Étanche pour l'utiliser dans l'eau
      • Silencieux, pour l'utiliser en toute discrétion

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    1. Dimensions

      • Circonférence: 4.75 pouces
      • Longueur insérable: 5.5 pouces
      • Longueur: 10 pouces
    2. Sensation

      • Flexibilité: Flexible
      • Matière: Silicone
    3. Performance et vitesse

      • Actionnement: Rechargeable
      • Vitesses de vibration: Vitesses et modes de vibration
    4. Infos essentielles

      • Étanche: Étanche
      • Allergènes: Sans latex
      • Allergènes: Sans phtalates

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      Vibromasseur rabbit rechargeable USB Natural, Happy Rabbit 340 4,5 sur 5 4,5 sur 5 étoiles

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      1. Vibromasseur rabbit rechargeable USB Natural, Happy Rabbit
      2. Vibromasseur rabbit rechargeable USB Natural, Happy Rabbit

        Notre prix
        79,95 €

    1. Oooomygod!

      Avis : 15 juillet 2020 par suki-lou

      Well, this is my second happy rabbit, and no other rabbits I have tried do this!

      The bunny ears are the best! Gives me good, good. Good, good vibrations every time.

      It surely is a must-have! In my opinion, it so far is unbeatable.

      The packaging is very discreet. In fact, I'm a happy bunny too!

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      The clit vibrations. Bunny ears are great! It's low noise too.
      En bref
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    1. Amazing

      Avis : 16 juin 2020 par NurseAmy, un Straight Engaged Female

      This is in my top 3 of toys I own.

      Perfect size and the power from the different modes is amazing. I love using it alone or along with my partner. Very good quality and Happy Rabbit is my favourite for rabbit vibrators. I own 2 other happy rabbit Vibrators but this is my favourite.

      Highly recommend!

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Power of it!
      Nothing at all.
      En bref
      Highly recommend!
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    1. Must-have for every couple

      Avis : 22 février 2020 par All_4_fun

      Me and my partner were a bit unsure about this when we bought it as it was our first major sex toy purchase, but after reading other reviews, it became clear that it was going to add even more spice to our already sizzling lovemaking.

      As soon as it was delivered we put it on charge, so it was at it’s full capacity. We couldn’t believe how powerful it seemed when we turned it on.

      When it was on charge it was next to my electric toothbrush charging up and I did think ‘God, I hope I don’t get mixed up with it in the morning and start brushing my teeth with it, it would knock your teeth out!’

      When we first used it we were going through the settings to try and find one that wasn’t too ferocious but one that was going to make it enjoyable, comfortable and productive in the big O department. We decided to just stick with the first setting for the rabbit ears and the shaft.

      We lubed it up and I started to glide it up and down my partners clitoris before slowly and gradually easing it fully in, I could tell from her immediate reaction once the end was on her G-spot and the ears were vibrating over her that we had made the right choice and that this was well worth the money. The only regret I had as soon as I started using it was why I hadn’t bought it sooner!

      The next couple of times using it, our lovemaking became even more intense and explosive, and using it for foreplay before having sex was the perfect way of prolonging our passionate sessions.

      I have mastered this piece of equipment to a stage where my partner has orgasm after orgasm, and without exaggerating, we have reached double figures on a couple of occasions. It’s become the first thing that comes out before we even get down to it and I make sure it is always thoroughly cleaned and fully charged right after every use, so it is always ready for action.

      This isn’t just a toy for her though. My partner has been trying it out on me too and I have never in my life considered using a vibrator on my penis. When she uses it while giving me oral sex it is a real battle to stay in control. She glides it up and down my shaft and uses the rabbit ears around the underside of my end and teases me with it, then glides it up and down with me between the shaft and the ears while carrying on with the oral. It feels like I’m inside her with the sensations it gives me. It is AMAZING! It is so good sometimes I can’t make it into her so I carry on with the rabbit to ensure she is left completely satisfied and neither of us are ever disappointed! Since the rabbit has come into our lives we have had a threesome ever since!!

      Knowing how good this thing is, if my partner is away, I have used it on myself a couple of times and it makes things a lot more exciting and the results come quickly! I particularly like the rabbit ears on the underside of my end and the knobbly bit really enhances pleasure when pushed into your frenulum. It is also very stimulating when you use it with some powerful vibrations around the base of your shaft. The design of the rabbit almost replicates your thumb and forefinger and when you slide between it and use it as though it is your thumb and forefinger along with those adjustable vibrations it has the potential to bring things to an explosive messy ending rather quickly.

      Can’t fault this in any way and would recommend it to everyone, male and female, and even think that doctors should prescribe them instead of anti-depressants. There would be a lot more happy people about and it would be a lot cheaper for the NHS!

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Ears. Powerful. Waterproof. Silent.
      That I didn’t buy it sooner!
      En bref
      Worth every penny!
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    1. Girl’s best friend

      Avis : 22 février 2020 par lostviolet

      This rabbit is everything to me. It gets me where I want to go quickly, every single time.

      This is a must-have toy in my personal opinion and a regular go-to from my connection.

      With my multiple settings you can start off easy and then really ramp up the pleasure.

      Love love love!

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      The various settings and the quality of the product.
      Nothing. This is perfect.
      En bref
      Wow. Yes please, can I have another?!
    3. Est-ce que cet avis vous a été utile ? Yes
    1. Intense

      Avis : 22 juillet 2019 par Daenarys87, un Straight Married Female

      This hasn’t disappointed, I get the best orgasms with this.

      I’ve used in the shower and it’s worked great. Very intense orgasms and quick too, I can sneak one in quickly whenever I want! It’s a sleek design and feels very soft to touch.

      The only slight thing I’d say is you have to click the button several times to get a constant vibration rather than pulses but it’s not a big deal and is worth the effort of a few clicks!

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Intense orgasm.
      The vibration sequence.
      En bref
      Worth every penny!
    3. 1 personne a trouvé cet avis utile. Est-ce que cet avis vous a été utile ? Yes