1. Vibromasseur clitoridien rechargeable Pleasure Seed Nell, Coco de Mer

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      Atteignez les sommets de l'orgasme sous l'emprise de ce vibromasseur clitoridien au doux nom de Nell.

      164,95 €

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      1. Vibromasseur clitoridien rechargeable Pleasure Seed Nell, Coco de Mer

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    1. Description du produit

      Atteignez les sommets de l'orgasme sous l'emprise de ce vibromasseur clitoridien au doux nom de Nell. Modèle signature de la marque Coco de Mer, ce sex toy inspiré de la forme érotique de la graine de cocotier de mer est revêtu de silicone pour vous offrir des sensations délicieusement veloutées.

      Cinq modes de vibration et différents niveaux d'intensité se propagent jusqu'à ses deux extrémités pour vous garantir une stimulation clitoridienne profondément enveloppante. Entièrement étanche, ce vibromasseur en forme de galet vous invite en prime à vous faire plaisir dans le bain ou sous la douche pour une séance de relaxation inégalée.

      Présenté dans un boîtier en cuir couleur chocolat muni d'un système de verrouillage, le Nell est livré avec un câble USB qui vous permettra de le recharger discrètement à la maison comme partout ailleurs !

      Optimisez les sensations veloutées de votre joujou en appliquant un peu de lubrifiant à base d'eau sur ses deux extrémités avant utilisation.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Vibromasseur clitoridien Coco de Mer pour stimulation sexuelle externe
      • Multi vitesses croissantes et 5 modes de vibration pour une aventure d'une intense sensualité
      • 60 minutes de charge procurent 90 minutes de jeux érotiques
      • 2 extrémités pour envelopper votre clitoris
      • Inclut un chargeur USB et un boîtier de transport en cuir
    1. Dimensions

      • Circonférence: 7 inches
      • Diamètre base: 3 inches
      • Longueur: 4 pouces
    2. Sensation

      • Contient des phtalates: No
      • Contient du latex: No
      • Étanche: Étanche
      • Flexibilité: Ferme
      • Matière: Silicone
    3. Performance et vitesse

      • Actionnement: Rechargeable
      • Type de commande: Intégré - bouton
      • Vitesses de vibration: Vitesses et modes de vibration

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    1. Avis clients

      Vibromasseur clitoridien rechargeable Pleasure Seed Nell, Coco de Mer 14 3,5 sur 5 3,5 sur 5 étoiles

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      1. Vibromasseur clitoridien rechargeable Pleasure Seed Nell, Coco de Mer
      2. Vibromasseur clitoridien rechargeable Pleasure Seed Nell, Coco de Mer

        164,95 €

        Vite ! Cet article ne sera bientôt plus en vente !

    1. Beautiful piece of kit

      Avis : 9 août 2017 par Lovehoney - Salt

      The other half and I have always been keen on incorporating other toys into the bedroom, we've been through quite a lot and after lots of discussion(s) on what we should try next, we decided to test the waters with this luxury Coco vibrator and to see what all the fuss was about.

      The clit vibrator is honestly a beautiful piece of kit and the missus definitely did have a smile on her face whilst she was unboxing it. The leather zip case that comes with it ensures that you can safely store and travel with this product wherever you please.

      My main concern was whether or not it was going to be quite loud, as a young couple that still lives with their parents, you can only imagine the nightmares a loud toy can bring, trust me, been there and done it.

      For the power it outputs, it's a relatively quiet toy. We've loved using it and we're glad that we decided to add it to our collection.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Beautifully packaged, strong piece of kit.
      Expensive but worth the investment.
      En bref
      Great product for both couples and singles.
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    1. Pure Luxory

      Avis : 2 juin 2017 par - Jen, un Straight Going Steady Female

      I was so excited to get this product as I'd had my eye on it for months. When it came I was not disappointed!

      The packaging itself just screams luxury and I love that it comes in its own sexy leather case, so it really stands out from my other toys.

      Being a fan of clitoral vibrators, my partner and I were desperate to give this a go and we were not disappointed.

      Relatively quick to charge, we got started checking out the different settings. There is so much to chose from we haven't got round to testing them all out... Yet ;)

      Very powerful but also extremely quiet this toy is pure indulgence. We enjoyed using it together and I have also enjoyed using it on my own.

      I would recommend this to couples and singles as it's a multi-purpose toy, my partner loves using it on me and we have enjoyed a good few nights playing and exploring the latest addition to our collection.

      It's small and compact size makes it ideal to travel as well.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      It looks and feels as sexy as it makes you feel
      It is a bit pricey but definitely worth the money.
      En bref
      Sexy, luxurious and sensual
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    1. Pleasure and so much more

      Avis : 2 avril 2016 par Wildcherry

      You can only imagine my excitement when I first heard I had the chance to get my hands on the Nell Pleasure Seed by Coco de Mer.

      I am super picky with vibrators as shamefully I’m a bit of a power queen, but all the same I just really wanted to take my time and do the Nell the justice it deserved in a review.


      Although it might not mean a lot to other people, packaging is something that means a little something to myself. I like to be wowed before I see what’s inside, and I can safely say that I most certainly wasn’t disappointed when it came to this little gem.

      Take note here, because the Nell Pleasure Seed is what packaging is all about! Opening up my cardboard box, I was met with a purple tissue paper that was wrapped around a smaller box. Carefully unwrapping this, I was then greeted by a deeper chocolate coloured box with sleek shiny gold writing embossed around the sides and an image of the Nell itself (I did a little dance inside).

      So, if this little box of delight couldn’t possibly get any better, you open it up to find my most favourite feature yet. Inside are small pink, rather rude illustrations of Victorian couples. It reminds me of wallpaper (naughty wallpaper), but it’s so amazing. For some the imagery might be a little too risqué, and not to everyone's taste, but I love it and couldn’t stop giggling looking at the different couples.

      First Impressions:

      Delving inside the box, you’ll find a smaller chocolate leather case with a lovely gold zipper, a USB lead and a small instruction booklet.

      Every little detail has been beautifully designed and an incredible amount of thought has gone into the presentation of this toy. I have to say I’m in complete awe of it. From the rich cocoa coloured leather case that’s embossed with the Coco de Mer logo, you unzip to find the lovely Nell tucked in a lighter chocolate-coloured silky bed.

      Nell just about fits in the palm of my hand. There’s not much to her, but she’s quite chunky for a vibrator all the same. She’s also incredibly comfortable to grasp hold of, and solid. I thought it might be a little more squidgy, particularly the two "ears", but despite being made of silicone, and much to my disappointment, it’s sadly not.

      I’m happy to report Nell is completely waterproof (yay!). She sits at about 4 inches in length and is completely jet black apart from the gorgeous copper band around the middle.

      Just below the band are the three easy-push operating buttons, which are: the Power button (can’t decide whether this looks like a vagina or a seed personally), a Plus and a Minus, and then to the reverse side, the Coco de Mer logo again.

      Use of the Coco de Mer Nell Pleasure Seed:

      Starting off with the fiddly boring bits, Nell needs a full hour of charging for 90 minutes of use. So, with this you take Nell and twist carefully anticlockwise at the middle until Nell separates into two pieces. From here you can plug in the USB and happily wait the hour for it to fully charge. A little light will flash on and off until it’s charged, and then you simply twist clockwise again to get started.

      A short press of the Seed power button and it buzzes into life. Here you can choose from five vibration patterns and intensities. Much to my disappointment, there isn’t a different choice of constant speeds, just four buzzy patterned ones and one constant, but still it’s my favourite one out of the five.

      Once positioned, Nell sits in such a way that it cushions your clitoris. With each “ear” either side, it creates a vibration heaven. Within a matter of minutes the wonderful little ears were caressing my sensitive areas and had me climaxing with toe-curling orgasms. It was almost like things were gently being squeezed, so you can imagine the delight if you were to use it on your nipples also.

      Being a bit of a power queen, I was pretty blown away at how strong this thing is, as it certainly packs a punch, not even reaching its highest setting. And you’re not restricted with positioning, either, as I found it so smooth and soft against my skin I could practically use it at any angle and end up orgasming in a matter of seconds. But my preferred method was using the ears to "pincer" either side.

      When you’ve finished using the Nell, it offers the nifty feature of a travel lock. So, by holding the Power (Seed) button and Minus together, the Nell lights up to show the travel lock has been activated. If you wish to deactivate it when it comes to next use, all you have to do is again press and hold the Seed button only with the Plus button this time and then wait for the device to flash a further 5 times.

      Additionally, if you decide to charge before use this also deactivates this feature.


      I am pretty smitten with this vibrator. My initial thoughts when I first saw the Nell Pleasure Seed was that it was very much like the Tantus Sakura in its design. There was a tiny letdown with the Sakura for me in that it just wasn’t powerful enough for my liking, and although the Nell isn’t as soft as the Sakura, it more than makes up for this with its powerful vibrations.

      It’s also waterproof! This is just pure joy for me as I love to sneak toys in the bathroom, and it also means I don’t have to worry about getting it too wet when it comes to clean up time and giving it a thorough clean.

      Out of everything, there was only one tiny issue I did find. Because the Nell is matte, it seems to pick up dust and fingerprints whilst I’ve been studying it. So as lovely as it is to smooth and caress, once clean it's popped straight back into its case.

      I really can’t sing the Nell’s praises enough. From its five speeds and intensities you are more than spoilt for choice, and if you like me you have a little Power Queen inside you, this is one little seed that is more than satisfactory.

      If that wasn’t enough, every little detail has been thought of, from its beautiful tasteful packaging right down the sweet little leather case you tuck your Nell inside of. It’s truly a gift that’s worth receiving or treating yourself to and is certainly worth its weight in gold.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Gorgeous presentation, toe-curling vibrations, what's not to like?
      En bref
      Such a pleasure, this is what sex toys are all about.
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