1. Vibromasseur pour point G rechargeable USB Cuddle par OhMiBod

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      1. Vibromasseur pour point G rechargeable USB Cuddle par OhMiBod

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    1. Description du produit

      Élégamment conçu pour votre plaisir sans vous intimider, le vibromasseur pour point G par OhMiBod est fait de silicone lisse tout en sensualité et possède une forme courbe délicieusement engageante pour vous offrir une stimulation interne précise. Personnalisez vos jeux avec les 7 modes évolutifs.

      L'embout légèrement nervuré offre un massage renforcé du point G pour donner des sensations similaires à un jouet réaliste sans que son design ne soit ouvertement phallique. Ce vibromasseur élancé légèrement courbé est parfait pour les débutants qui cherchent à mettre à jour leur collection de jouets et se doter d'un jouet plus luxueux.

      Bénéficiez d'une multitude de sensations grâce aux 7 modes de vibration, pendant que les touches + et - vous permettent de contrôler le niveau d'intensité de chaque configuration.

      Pour atteindre un plaisir optimal, appliquez une large quantité de lubrifiant à base d'eau sur votre vibromasseur avant usage.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Conçu pour une stimulation précise du point G
      • L'embout nervuré imite le gland d'un vrai pénis
      • Corps courbé
      • Prise en main ergonomique
      • Commandes à DEL simples d'utilisation
      • En silicone toucher velours
      • 7 modes prédéfinis et évolutifs
      • Fonctionnement silencieux
      • Rechargeable par USB
      • Comprend une pochette de rangement en satin à cordons resserrables et un câble USB
      • Présenté dans un superbe coffret

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      Vibromasseur pour point G rechargeable USB Cuddle par OhMiBod 8 4,5 sur 5 4,5 à court de 5

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      1. Vibromasseur pour point G rechargeable USB Cuddle par OhMiBod
      2. Vibromasseur pour point G rechargeable USB Cuddle par OhMiBod

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    1. Fancy a cuddle?

      Avis : 29 mars 2016 par Sex Squid

      The OhMiBod Cuddle is one seriously cute vibrator. This toy actually won a Red Dot design award in 2014, and I can see why!

      Let's start with the beautiful packaging; very chic and sassy... slide off the outer layer and you have a gorgeous white and pink gift box, with a cute criss-cross design like little panda heads! Also included is a white satin drawstring bag and your USB charger. The colour theme extends to the Cuddle itself, a slender pink G-spot vibrator leading into a white base with a heart-shaped control panel. Hold it the right way up and you'll even find that the controls look like a little face winking at you - I love it! Could this product be any more feminine?

      To get started the Cuddle is charged by pushing the pin into a socket concealed in the silky-soft silicone base. Despite being rechargeable this toy is splashproof, handy, as things will get wet down there really quickly.

      You switch it on/ off by holding down the 'mouth' (~) for a couple of seconds and control the speed of vibration with the little winking face. The mouth is also used to toggle through the 7 different preset patterns. In terms of noise, it's pretty quiet, you'd be able to play with this without fear of discovery (unless you have a flatmate who makes a habit of pressing their ear to your door).

      The intensity of vibrations is really good, maybe not enough to satisfy the most power-hungry, but certainly more powerful than anything we've tried from the Lelo range. Combined with a wand on the clit, the results are pretty explosive!

      After our first road-test my OH clutched this tightly to her panting chest, and grinned "mine!". It was a little bit like seeing a beautiful post-orgasmic Gollum with his ring, but you get the gist! So successful has this vibrator been that 'fancy a cuddle' has become synonymous with what's to follow.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Perfect in every way!
      Entrée de gamme
      The cutest vibrator ever, and boy does it work!
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    1. Great toy

      Avis : 4 avril 2015 par Grndsr, un Straight Going Steady Male

      My partner and I purchased this for foreplay and for her when were apart. The vibrations are great on, with the ability to set them higher and lower depending and what you want. They go quite powerful and, with the different settings as well, it makes things a lot more interesting.

      When we first used this in foreplay, we were just playing around with it trying the different speeds and different setting on it to see what she liked. Turns out it was all of them because she came multiple times in quick succession. She now uses it on her own when we're apart and it's one of the best toys because it can be set on a slow buzz for her to enjoy or fast to get an amazing climax.

      The toy can be a little noisy when on high settings, but considering the vibrations that are happening it's to be expected. It's really easy to charge with the USB as well, so you never need to think about batteries again with this.

      I wouldn't recommend making the same mistake I did, though, and using it a lot before sex on her because this toy is that good, it could tire her out before you get a chance.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Speeds, patterns, USB charger.
      Would have liked it a little quieter.
      Entrée de gamme
      Almost too good!
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    1. Fancy a Cuddle?

      Avis : 24 décembre 2013 par Spoonerism, un Bisexual Engaged Female

      I was very pleased to be sent the OhMiBod Cuddle as a free tester product as I'd been after a good quality rechargeable G-Spot vibe for a while (and had been eyeing up the Lelo Liv 2 or Mona 2 before this came along).

      The packaging this toy comes in is lovely - obviously aimed at a female market, very pink and girly (which I'm fine with but know others might not be so keen on). There is a thinner cardboard sleeve with a large picture of the toy some product info on the back and a much thicker, great quality card box inside which is white with a pink pattern on. The inner box would be fine for presenting as a gift and is sturdy enough to be used for storage.

      Within this box is the toy nestled in a white plastic tray with the USB charger cable, white drawstring storage bag and an instruction manual containing a few pages of useful product specs in a number of different languages.

      My Cuddle came completely uncharged so I obviously I plugged it in (the 'face' control panel flashes white and then stays lit up to indicate when it's fully charged). I was away while it was charging but the manual says it takes around 2.5 hours to charge completely.

      The toy is a very bright shade of pink and a really lovely shape, curved with a bulbous tip with a little ridge, perfect for G-spot hunting. The control panel is a heart shape with the buttons set out like a little face. The Silicone is completely seamless and soft and feels very much like Lelo quality to me.

      To turn the toy on and off, you press and hold the 'mouth' of the 'face' on the heart shaped control panel for a few seconds. To cycle through the 6 intensity levels you use the + and - buttons (the 'eyes'!) and to cycle through the 7 patterns you press the 'mouth'.

      The vibrations are nice and strong and fairly rumbly, what you'd expect of a rechargeable toy really. As a quick comparison, the first speed is about as strong as the second speed on my iroha Sakura, so pretty strong. When using the Cuddle on my clitoris, I usually make it up to the third or fourth speed before reaching orgasm (and then there are still a few more speeds to go for during round 2!) so it works very well as a clit vibe.

      As a G-spot toy, the Cuddle really comes into its own. It fits my anatomy perfectly and because of it's tapered shape I am able to hold it in place with my internal muscles and use it hands free which is amazing. The bulbous tip also feels lovely when thrust in and out. Depending on my mood I can leave it on first speed or crank it all the way up to full speed which is really powerful (but not as powerful as my Swan Feather which I find too overwhelming on full speed so if you're after a REALLY powerful G-spot toy, maybe check out the Swan Vibes instead). For its power it is also very quiet, always a plus.

      There are 6 other patterns to play with which can all have their intensity adjusted so this toy has a lot to offer. With a partner in charge of the toy, these other settings are great for warming up and teasing, however when alone I don't bother with them and just keep it on the constant vibration setting.

      Overall I'd definitely recommend this toy to anyone after a luxury G-spot toy.

      Don't be put off by the lower price tag, this toy is every inch a luxury product, has an excellent range of settings and is both powerful and discreet. At under £50 this toy is an absolute bargain.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Pretty much everything. I LOVE this toy.
      It isn't fully waterproof.
      Entrée de gamme
      An amazing value luxury toy.
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