1. Mini robe effet mouillé Sabine par 7heaven

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      1. Mini robe effet mouillé Sabine par 7heaven

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    1. Description du produit

      Cette splendide mini robe à lanières met votre dos en valeur avec un système de nœuds à lacer, et attire l'attention sur votre ventre avec un sensuel décolleté plongeant. Super courte et super sexy, cette mini robe effet mouillé est indispensable pour votre garde-robe.

      Parfaite comme tenue provocante pour sortir en soirée ou pour faire battre les cœurs, associez cette petite robe noire à des chaussures à talons aiguille et les gens se retourneront sur votre passage.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      - Matière effet mouillé

      - Dos nu

      - Décolleté suggestif

      - 4 lanières à nouer : 3 au dos et 1 au niveau du cou

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      S/M 10-12
      M/L 12-14
      S 10
      M 12
      L 14
      One Size 10 - 14

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      1. Mini robe effet mouillé Sabine par 7heaven
      2. Mini robe effet mouillé Sabine par 7heaven

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    1. Wet-look, super sexy, without being even remotely slutty

      Avis : 8 juillet 2014 par itsukzi, un Straight Going Steady Male

      Firstly, thanks Lovehoney for sending me this dress to review. As usual delivery was super speedy, well and discreetly packaged.

      First impressions - the dress was packaged in a lovely box (ours was slightly faded and had possibly been damp at some point, though still a lovely box) and tissue wrapped inside.

      Clearly not a cheap product, these touches made my other half appreciate this item much more when presented to her.

      There was a slight unpleasant "plasticy" smell, which my other half didn't appreciate when taking the dress out of the box, though this quickly disappeared when out of the box and opened up. As with most wet look items, this doesn't look amazing when folded up or even opened out, but the quality seems good.

      Trying on - She pulled it up and then brought the strap over her head, and just to be nice I helped her to tie it up, though it is manageable to put on yourself. We were both impressed at the fit and size. Unlike some items, this is actually a decent length and covers the bum. Definitely acceptable to wear on a night out if you wish.

      My other half is a fairly average size 10/12 with large breasts and this is a great fit for her, though could definitely stretch further too. The dress is flattering for the boobs, and can be tied tight behind the body in all the right places.

      The included thong is adequate, though as with most "free included thongs" it's nothing special. As I mentioned, this dress is actually a decent length, depending what you're wearing it for, you might not even need a thong.

      Final thoughts - In reality, this actually looks better on than in the picture. From a distance or even fairly up close, this looks like it could be latex. Shame this doesn't have suspenders for stockings to make the look even sexier, so I guess I'll have to splash out on some PVC boots or at least wet-look stockings to finish off the look!

      This is a definite dress to add to your collection for you wet-look fans, or like us, people looking to try some wet-look items out for a new thrill! This definitely thrilled us, and hopefully we will extend our collection.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      The look and the fit.
      The initial smell, but it soon passed.
      Entrée de gamme
      Wet-look, super sexy, without being even remotely slutty.
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    1. Sizing not right

      Avis : 31 mai 2015 par Mr&MrsAW, un Straight Married Male

      I bought this as a surprise for my wife as she is starting to get more into bondage and I thought this would be a nice outfit for her. The description says 'one size' although next to that it says 10-14, so I'm not overly sure how that works!

      It came very quickly and, unfortunately, when my wife tried it on it did not fit. Just to give you an idea of her shape she is about 5 foot 9, size 14 and E/F cup. The main problem she had was firstly it was too short and it wouldn't go over her bum. Also because she has wide hips that was another factor, which caused it not to go over the bum.

      She didn't mention any sizing problems in the bust area, so I think was just the lower body issues. She also said that on the label the size is actually small-medium, so there appears to be so irregularities with the sizing.

      It's a shame as it looked lovely, but as soon I saw her take it out the rather stylish box, I realised it was unlikely to fit. We will exchange it and hopefully get something that does fit. :D

    2. Overall Rating:
      4 sur 10
      The packaging was stylish and the garment itself looked very nice.
      It didn't fit! :(
      Entrée de gamme
      Sizing is not correct.
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