1. Combinaison lacée wetlook Sheila, 7heaven

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      1. Combinaison lacée wetlook Sheila, 7heaven

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    1. Description du produit

      Moulante et sexy, cette combinaison effet mouillé présente un laçage le long des bras et sur tout le côté externe des jambes, jusqu'à la taille. Enserrez-vous dans la combinaison et mettez vos courbes en valeur, pour offrir une allure irrésistible.

      La fermeture éclair avant descend du haut du col jusqu'au nombril, pour que vous puissiez dévoiler autant de décolleté que vous le souhaitez.

      Portez cette tenue érotique avec des chaussures à talons aiguille pour compléter l'allure.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      - Effet mouillé

      - Pleine longueur

      - Fermeture éclair avant jusqu'au nombril

      - Œillets renforcés

      - Côtés lacés à croisillons

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      1. Combinaison lacée wetlook Sheila, 7heaven
      2. Combinaison lacée wetlook Sheila, 7heaven

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    1. Unbelievable sexy

      Avis : 26 mars 2017 par Katie89

      Wow! Absolutely love this cat suit. It's my first purchase of this type of item and has certainly made me want to buy more "fetish" items. I brought this along with a whip and restraints.

      The catsuit felt very sexy, the material rubbing against my body was such a turn on.

      Easy to get into, perfect length (I'm 5ft 6).

      I surprised my hubby with this outfit and a few goodies and he was very pleased to see me. It wasn't long until I had him tied to a chair, the catsuit gives you that feeling of power and it was fun to play the dom for once.

      Highly recommended especially paired with killer heels and a whip!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      I can't wear it all the time ;)
      Entrée de gamme
      Incredibly sexy.
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    1. Made for me

      Avis : 10 décembre 2014 par delilahxx, un Straight Single Female

      It makes me sad to read all these negative reviews for this sexy catsuit. But at 5 feet tall and a size 8 to 10 it seems this catsuit was made just for me.

      I fell in love with it at soon as I saw it, I wasted no time in ordering it, and waited impatiently for it to arrive. It comes in a gorgeous flat black box and the catsuit was wrapped neatly in tissue paper.

      Taking it out I admired it's beauty, and quickly stripped off to try it on. I made the mistake of trying to put it on without loosening any of the laces, which I really don't recommend. I was hopping around madly trying to undo them before admitting defeat. I took it off and spent quite a while undoing all the laces ready for take 2.

      With the laces all loosened I tried it on again. This time I found it easy to get up my legs and it slipped snugly over my hips. To get my arms in and the catsuit over my shoulders I did have to bend down and wiggle a bit before I got it on.

      At a size 8 to 10 this fits me perfectly, but I really can't see it fitting a size bigger than that as it's snug on my hips and only just fits length wise. The length of the body is really quite short and it just fits me without giving me an unsightly camel toe.

      The arms and legs are a good length and the laces mean they could fit different sizes, the problem is they didn't make the rest of the catsuit to fit different sizes and heights. I found all the laces easy to tighten and this left a very long length left over for me to cut off.

      Once on and done up, this catsuit looks amazing. The material feels super sexy and looks great with the lacing on the legs and arms. The zip can be done up as much or as little as you like to show as much as you want to. It's skin-tight on me and hugs all my curves in the sexiest way.

      I love this catsuit - it's made well and is sexy as hell. But I don't think it will fit anyone bigger than a 8 to 10, or much taller than 5 foot.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      It's so sexy, the lacing and the material just oozes sex.
      Nothing - it's perfect for me.
      Entrée de gamme
      A wonderfully sexy catsuit, but will not fit all the sizes as shown.
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    1. Not completely at 7heaven

      Avis : 11 juin 2014 par Wildcherry

      When I saw the 7heaven Sheila Wet Look Lace Up Cat-suit I had images for a few fantasy scenarios in the bedroom as it just screams sexy Dominatrix.

      Just two days after it was posted, a brown box was delivered by my posty and I excitedly accepted eagerly wanting to take a peek at my new suit. Inside this brown box was a fairly large sleek black box embellished with the words 7heaven in silver and pink. After lifting the lid, inside I found my Wet look cat-suit wrapped in pretty 7heaven paper.

      I couldn’t help but take it out from its cosy box to have a closer look. The Sheila Wet Look cat-suit is one size (size 10 to 14) and is made from a wet look material. The suit is soft, light and thin but gives that PVC look that highlights your curves. Down the sides of the arms, legs and to the waist runs a lace up detail that you can tighten or loosen to give your desired effect and finally at the centre of your cleavage a pretty silver zipper.

      Eager to try it on I whipped open the laces in, aiming to tighten them once I was in. Let’s just say here is where you need to take extra special care and time as you could potentially cause tears in the material.

      Gradually sliding and working the material up my legs and arms, I managed to get myself safely inside the suit and then came to zipping myself in, and here is where I was so let down I nearly cried.

      The zipper came off! I really don’t count myself as being busty at a 32D and a size 10 but I truly couldn’t believe it. So with a quick make do fix I tried again and success (however, it is only a temporary fix).

      Despite the minor zipper hiccup, the suit looks very flattering and makes you feel extremely sexy. It clings in all the right places whilst giving the sneaky peek of skin as a tease. Let’s just say that when my husband came home that evening couldn’t take his eyes off me and it's now one of his favourite wet look pieces I own.

      With such a broad spectrum of size that this suit fits, I really struggled as a size 10 and getting into it. I don’t exactly have the longest of legs and I felt that the legs came short on me despite me being 5’4. The second real disappointment was the zipper, just a few tugs and it had come off the runners. I’d like to think of myself as quite busty (who wouldn’t?!) but I have never had this problem before and It made me quite sad as I did love the zipper.


      The 7heaven Sheila Wet look Cat-suit is a very alluring suit. It accentuates your curves whilst keeping everything in place giving very flattering results. I loved the quality of the material. PVC items can be stuffy but the suit being made of wet look material still gives off the PVC effect without you having to suffer and being able to breathe inside.

      However, as always there are a few minor niggles. The suit itself, as previously mentioned, is a one size 10 -14 and as a size 10 at 5’4 I struggled finding the legs a little short. And having short legs myself, it was just a little annoying. The second niggle came to the string used on the lace up detail. I found it to be just ordinary cord and there was a lot left over after tying myself in that I had to cut and burn the ends in aid them to stop fraying.

      Lastly, I can safely say if it wasn’t for the zipper mishap I would have definitely recommended this to other friends. But that disappointed me so much as it was my favourite feature. It’s a major letdown and I’m hoping I can fix it.

    2. Overall Rating:
      6 sur 10
      Silky soft wet look material.
      The zipper.
      Entrée de gamme
      Very alluring... definitely gives the Dominatrix look.
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