1. Rose aux pétales d'amour par Fleur d'Amour

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      1. Rose aux pétales d'amour par Fleur d'Amour

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    1. Description du produit

      Le geste romantique par excellence... Effeuillez les pétales de rose pour suggérer l’érotisme d’une soirée coquine. Dissimulez votre fleur d'amour dans un vrai bouquet de roses et laissez la passion faire le reste.

      Retournez doucement les pétales pour lire les petites notes sexy qui s'y trouvent.

      Les pétales reviennent à leur position d'origine, ce qui vous permet de réutiliser votre Fleur d'Amour encore et encore pour des jeux de devinettes torrides.

      Parfait pour votre soirée de noces, pour votre anniversaire de mariage ou encore pour un cadeau de saint Valentin que vous et votre partenaire pourrez tous deux apprécier.

      D'une longueur de 44,5 cm : la longueur d'une rose à longue tige.

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      1. Rose aux pétales d'amour par Fleur d'Amour
      2. Rose aux pétales d'amour par Fleur d'Amour

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    1. Naughty Valentines Day Fun

      Avis : 12 janvier 2009 par Vampy, un Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I brought this last year for valentine's day for my boyfriend and was quite impressed. There are a lot of petals with fun things to do to your other half, with some being quite rude. The flower looks like a real rose at first glance and is a good novelty item, (cheap too). Me and my boyfriend had a lot of giggles with the rose and it is good to use as a foreplay item. We were both very turned on afterwards!

    2. Note globale :
      8 sur 10
      Nice twist on buying a normal rose. Good foreplay item.
      A bit fiddly with the petals.
      En bref
      Good Cheap Valentine's Item
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    1. Thorny by name, horny by nature

      Avis : 11 février 2012 par Blondii, un Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I was attracted to this because of my love of flowers and how beautiful it looked. And I love items that are not what they seem.

      The Fleur D'Amour "Flower of Love" is played by taking it in turns to gently peel down a rose petal and do what is printed on it.

      As you get further towards the centre of the rose it gives more intimate actions to do on each other, so it goes from "Rub neck" to "Nibble earlobe" to "Fondle below the waist" or "Give a spanking".

      Once completed the petals simply fold back up to hide its naughty secrets and can be put on display around the house without anyone knowing what's written on its petals.

      This is an affordable gift that you can both have some fun with. I did think it would fall apart after a few tries but the petals are well glued on and peel backwards and forwards easily.

      The instructions on the petals have been designed so that when you fold back the petals to form the full rose you cannot see the writing and no one would know the secret of such a pretty decoration.

      It is not something we would use a lot, but it definitely added some giggles and laughs. Such a simple idea.

      This would make a perfect fun gift for Valentine's or a wedding gift, or just something to say I love you at any time! Ideal for the third date, if you know what I mean!

      This would also make a great ice-breaker for swinger parties and couples who love to play with others. I can see this being passed round a small intimate group of people and being a very sexy light-hearted ice-breaker.

      A great modern and romantic take of spin the bottle, this a fun foreplay rose!

    2. Note globale :
      6 sur 10
      Simple fun idea, rose well made, lifelike, affordable, pretty decoration.
      En bref
      Affordable gift and a great ice-breaker for parties and couples.
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