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    1. Balançoire érotique tournoyante 360° par Fetish Fantasy

      Avis moyen des clients 4,5 sur 59 avis

      Que vous souhaitiez combler un fantasme en apesanteur ou explorer le bondage, cette balançoire érotique tournoyante par Fetish Fantasy vous permet d'essayer aisément un maximum de positions pour pimenter vos ébats et imiter les stars du porno.

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      1. Balançoire érotique tournoyante 360° par Fetish Fantasy

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    1. Description du produit

      Que vous souhaitiez combler un fantasme en apesanteur ou explorer le bondage, cette balançoire érotique tournoyante par Fetish Fantasy vous permet d'essayer aisément un maximum de positions pour pimenter vos ébats. Tous les couples peuvent maintenant imiter les stars du porno.

      Contrairement aux balançoires érotiques standard, ce modèle rotatif à 360° vous permet de tournoyer et de vous balancer en même temps. Offrant un maximum de mobilité et une plus grande liberté de mouvement, cette balançoire permet d'élargir votre répertoire sexuel et d'explorer une multitude de possibilités.

      Grâce à celle-ci, vous pouvez pratiquer un grand nombre de positions difficiles à exécuter et à maintenir de manière simple et amusante. Les courroies réglables garantissent votre confort et celui de votre partenaire dans toute position.

      Deux sangles en fausse fourrure et des étriers offrent le soutien nécessaire pour une grande variété de positions. Positionnez les sangles sous le dos, les fesses, derrière la nuque ou les jambes pour atteindre la position désirée et laissez la balançoire porter votre poids.

      Remarque : ne pas dépasser le poids maximum d'environ 160 kg. Toujours lire les instructions attentivement avant l'installation.

      La boîte contient :

      - 1 boulon à œillet robuste

      - 1 chaîne robuste

      - 1 ressort de tension

      - 1 arceau en métal

      - 2 grandes sangles rembourrées

      - 2 étriers rembourrés pour les jambes

      - 2 crochets à ouverture facile

      - 1 clip rotatif

      - Mode d'emploi

    1. Sensation

      • Matière: Nylon

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      From zero gravity fantasies to demanding bedroom bondage positions, this spinning sex swing from Fetish Fantasy Series allows you to get into tricky positions easily for better couple's sex . Now any couple can have sex like porn stars.

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      Balançoire érotique tournoyante 360° par Fetish Fantasy 9 4,5 sur 5 4,5 sur 5 étoiles

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      1. Balançoire érotique tournoyante 360° par Fetish Fantasy
      2. Balançoire érotique tournoyante 360° par Fetish Fantasy

        Notre prix
        144,95 €

    1. What a whirl

      Avis : 21 février 2019 par Alice38, un Straight Going Steady Female

      This was a surprise to me he ordered it and waited until he had a few days spare to set it up with the rest of our equipment. I was scared about it breaking but my man is very handy.

      So I loved that it spins, we had some fun before actually having sex on it and it was tricky at first but we definitely got the hang of it.

      Personally, I think it’s expensive but since using this I have to say it will pay for itself over and over we love it.

      I put an extra blanket on for extra comfort the second time we used it as I found it a bit scratchy after an hour or so.

      I’d recommend this to anyone it’s so liberating and I’m about to go into my 5th month of pregnancy so I think this will be a great way to keep up with playtime without to much pressure on myself and bump.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      The floaty sensation.
      It seems to take up a lot of a small room.
      En bref
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    1. The early days 2008

      Avis : 31 janvier 2019 par Chris&Rusty

      We bought ours (still works kids!) in early 2008. It is the silver colour, and we got leopard spotted fur pads for extra padding. The box gave up the ghost last month, it didn't get used much, we left it strung up most of the time. Yeah, that caused it to be used a lot more too. I took some old smoke detectors to make covers for the other hooks hanging in the rest of the house, push them on to the base and no one knows they are there.

      We use it regularly, about 80% of the time. It really helps my wife because she is paralyzed from the waist down. And I'm retired, and we have all the time in the world. We still make love 6 to 7 times a week. Fixed so many things the day it was hung up I'm not sure I could function right without one! Wouldn't want to.

      We have done things like use a couple of ankle spreaders, and stockings to spread everything.

      It is the best thing that has happened to our sex life. We recommend one for anyone and that's even if you're solo, it could cause your sex life to take off.

      Wife has laid in it and just played with it and herself and found it's good for masturbation even (it's fun to watch sometimes) and I have got in and played around some, it's great, before, during, and after masturbating.

      I can think of one position that won't work - standing on your head, but you can make it kinda work. Head was way down, feet up for a really cool 69. I stood and leaned at an angle over her and grabbed the wall, leaned face into pussy, place dick in mouth - it works!

      The price has not changed in 11 years, can't speak for the quality of the new ones, but they have been around all these years, that speaks for itself.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      It won't make you any better looking, just more wanted.
      En bref
      Mind-blowing sex from first use. Never disappointed, always satisfied.
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    1. Sex swing

      Avis : 27 octobre 2017 par Jamesy240186, un Straight Single Female

      We really wanted to try something fun and exciting so decided to give this swing a go.

      Although it is quite expensive the product is great quality and easy to set up. It's very stable when set up and we have had no issues with holding weight.

      The positions on the box are good to take note of as it doesn't come with any instructions on how to use, but after a few times of using it, you find your own flow. Extremely fun for both man and women, great pleasure for the woman in certain positions.

      Would highly recommend, even at the cost of £130.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Easy to set up and really fun.
      Didn't come with any instructions of potential positions to use.
      En bref
      Really good fun to keep excitement in the bedroom.
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    1. Must-have

      Avis : 7 novembre 2015 par sexy sue 71, un Straight Married Female

      My husband ordered this as a surprise for me. We have said in the past about getting a sex swing but have changed our minds.

      The package came by courier, as it was to heavy for the postman, in a brown box. We missed him that day, but there was a number on the card so had it delivered the day after.

      When we got it out of the box. There was a big bolt which you screwed into the ceiling. Make sure you screw it into a beam. We keep the screw in all the time on one side of the bedroom.

      The swing itself is very well made, with good metal to hold everything together. Not a cheap, nasty-looking one. It also has a clip you can hook on and off, so when you're not using it just unclip it and put it away.

      The feet straps have fur round where your foot goes, and the two straps you put onto your body are cushioned.

      There is also a bar you can hold onto. There is a swivel clip. I would say just get used to the swing getting on and everything before you put that on.

      On the box there are some positions to try ,or just experiment and find one that suits you.

      There is also a blindfold in the box so you don't know what your partner is doing. The swing itself holds a lot, as I am not a slim girl at 15 stone and it held me easy, and at one point my husband was pulling down on the swing as well. So if you are not a small lady but wish to have a sex swing to spice up your sex life, I would say this is the one for you. It's a must for any couple.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      The build.
      En bref
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    1. Fun Fun Fun

      Avis : 7 décembre 2014 par Jrok, un Straight Married Male

      Always up for something new, my wife and I have joked about getting a swing for a while, and finally did it. The first time out of the box it paid for itself. With a big mirror in the vanity area by where we hung it, we both got one heck of a view. We set it up and didn't wait a second to push it to the limit, which we still haven't found (including the spring).

      We were a little worried about it supporting her but it quickly quelled our doubts. We moved the support straps around quite a bit for different angles and positions. We even have had it supporting both of us at the same time (of course this is going to vary couple to couple).

      Honestly, I couldn't miss the perfect spots, as it put her at the right height every time. It even made my job easier, as I just stood there and swung her back and forth on me (not bragging, but this move isn't for everyone, because going too far and swing back can really hurt you both, if you know what I mean). It also gave me a very usable handhold with the cross bar, making me feel like I was flying into her at times.

      Installation is easy with even the lowest amount of skill. We used a good load-bearing support above our vanity entry that opens to the bedroom (which is really wide and open so there were not limits on movement). The eye bolt stays in place at all times and if seen we just explain it away saying it was for a plant or something. The eye bolt is very strong and supportive. The spring is much stronger than I ever hoped it would be. The swing itself was very comfortable and very adjustable. The top frame piece is great as a handhold and helps to keep you moving without worrying about getting tired. I'll be honest, I have even been in it several times, with no complaints.

      If your are shy, I would say don't be afraid, go for it. It makes a regular night of play better than ever. You will find yourself using it more than you ever thought.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Perfect for all angles and types of play.
      Um, nothing.
      En bref
      Never a dull moment!
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