1. Plug anal tunnel de taille moyenne par Perfect Fit

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      1. Plug anal tunnel de taille moyenne par Perfect Fit

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    1. Description du produit

      Aussi transparent que la glace et aussi ouvert que vous, ce sex toy anal coquin accroît les sensations de vos jeux avec plug anal grâce à son tunnel ouvert. Appliquez du lubrifiant et insérez facilement vos doigts dans le plug anal in situ... pour étendre vos limites et multiplier vos options.

      Testez l'effet rectoscope avec ce plug anal innovant par Perfect Fit. Doté d'une base ouverte et d'un tunnel sur toute sa longueur, ce plug anal vous offre une multitude d'options.

      Ce plug flexible procure les mêmes sensations qu'un plug anal classique avec, en prime, une base ouverte.

      Mélange spécial de TPR et de silicone, appelé mélange PF, le plug est flexible et doux au toucher pour un port ultra-confortable. Avec sa circonférence extérieure de 16 cm, la transparence totale de ce sex toy innovant vous permet d'être aux premières loges de l'action... pour un effet visuel incroyable.

      Compatible avec tous les types de lubrifiants, profitez pleinement de jeux progressifs sans limites avec d'autres jouets et votre partenaire.

      Remarque : ne pas utiliser ce plug avec des jouets en latex et des préservatifs.

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      As clear as ice and as open as you are, this saucy anal sex toy enhances your butt plug play with an open tunnel. Apply lube and easily insert fingers while the plug is in-situ and expand your boundaries with endless play options.

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    1. Avis des clients

      Plug anal tunnel de taille moyenne par Perfect Fit 7 4,5 sur 5 4,5 à court de 5

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      1. Plug anal tunnel de taille moyenne par Perfect Fit
      2. Plug anal tunnel de taille moyenne par Perfect Fit

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    1. Fantastic, recommend clear option, not for beginners, very comfortable, needs time to get it in

      Avis : 24 juillet 2018 par Kg123

      I'll keep this brief since I could easily babble about the transcendental experience of wearing this plug, how it makes me feel vulnerable and powerful at the same time et cetera et cetera.


      It's super comfortable! More so than butt plugs or dildos. Probably because it's quite pliable. But I could wear this for 30-plus minutes without ANY discomfort (and up to an hour with a bit of a twinge).

      Stays in place really well, but you can't push too hard while it's in.

      Great for stretching out anus in comfort.

      Sexually exhilarating, especially while wearing out in public. =P


      It takes time to get it in.

      Not suitable for beginners.


      Bit too short for me; would have preferred slightly longer. But then again, at this length I could put one finger through and tickle my insides, which felt awesome!


      Highly recommend the clear option because of the visual aspect. You can see your own pink flesh on the walls and it almost acts like a magnifier/mirror, making the tunnel look better.


      To get it in I put my first and second fingers through the opening, then used the tips of my fingers as "introducers" to open myself up a bit.

      Insert at an angle instead of ramming it in (duh).


      Better than butt plugs.

      More sexual than butt plugs.

      Just buy it already...

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      See above.
      See above.
      Entrée de gamme
      Fantastic! Buy it now!
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    1. A good starting point

      Avis : 9 novembre 2017 par Nikki_T, un Bisexual Single Male

      I've been looking at tunnel plugs for a while, but have always been a little wary due to their size. While I'm not an anal virgin, I was still reluctant to go that big that fast.

      So, seeing this smaller version on Lovehoney offered a good place to try the experience of a tunnel plug, and I don't regret it for a second.

      The soft, flexible plastic makes it easy to get in and out, yet is rigid enough to hold it's shape when in and subsequently hold you open.

      The sensation of air through the tunnel is also something else. Very difficult to describe beyond saying it was incredible!

      If there was a downside, it's the width of the tunnel itself. Only the narrowest of toys will fit through the hole and of course, fingers aren't long enough. However, I will experiment further with it.

      All in all, a good buy.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      It's flexible, yet rigid construction and the sensations produced by being held open.
      The narrow width of the tunnel itself.
      Entrée de gamme
      A regret-free purchase.
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    1. Extremely kinky play invited

      Avis : 17 janvier 2015 par Just Jenson

      Have had this for some time now and recently been using it more and more.

      The concept of the toy is what intrigued me the most, and I knew I just had to have it being a keen anal player.

      The packaging is very simple and easy to remove to access the toy.

      Even though this is a medium sized toy, it is still pretty large, in my opinion, and took me a lot of time to get used to actually using it, due to its size (bitten off more than I could chew - for want of a better phrase!).

      The toy itself is a nice material, no odour, and fairly soft and pliable. You can squeeze it right down flat in your hands, and it bounces back into shape immediately. It had a bulbous beginning, a decent girthed stem and a good flared base, which is ever so important for anal play. Many people say this material used harbours bacteria etc, so it should be cleaned well after use and stored carefully. If a silicone version existed on here, I would snap it up immediately. The transparency adds to the appeal for me, and this may be lost with a silicone made item.

      Insertion is fairly straight forward, but be aware it is best to be nicely warmed up before using this. Lube it up well and gently does it.

      Once you are over the bulb, you sit comfortably gripping the stem and relax. This is a fantastically comfortable toy to use anally. Largely owing to the hollow nature, so negates any pressure build-up. Of course, you need to ensure cleanliness, as with all anal toys but more so with this.

      The hollow (unique selling point) seems to add a huge kinky factor to this toy and invites a huge amount of opportunity for lay with a partner should you wish to.

      Taking it out is also straight forward.

      This is a very comfortable toy to wear for extended use/play with lots of fun. However, for me personally I would not consider extended wear in terms of insertion and going about your daily routine/going to work etc. It certainly is comfortable enough, but the risk of an 'accident' is to much for me.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Comfort, design.
      Entrée de gamme
      Extremely fun toy for more experienced anal players.
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