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    1. Pompe à pénis hydrothérapie taille moyenne Hydromax X30, Bathmate

      Avis moyen des clients 4,5 sur 547 avis

      La pompe à pénis Bathmate Hydromax X30 est un développeur de pénis très performant. Elle peut contribuer à vous donner des érections impressionnantes, facilement et sans risque.

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      1. Pompe à pénis hydrothérapie taille moyenne Hydromax X30, Bathmate

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    1. Description du produit

      La pompe à pénis Bathmate Hydromax X30 est un développeur de pénis très performant. Elle peut contribuer à vous donner des érections impressionnantes, facilement et sans risque. Fonctionnant à eau et à air, elle est 35 % plus efficace en terme de succion que le modèle Hercules original.

      L'Hydromax a été conçue pour être utilisée dans le bain ou sous la douche et conjugue eau et air pour vous permettre d'obtenir des résultats impressionnants. L'utilisation de votre Hydromax 10 à 15 minutes par jour peut vous aider à obtenir des résultats permanents. Une utilisation sporadique permet quant à elle d'augmenter temporairement la taille, la fermeté et la durée de votre érection.

      L'Hydromax X30 inclut toute une palette de fonctionnalités innovantes permettant d'augmenter les performances du produit :

      - coussinet confort pour l'insertion en élastomère hypoallergénique. Il offre un joint très serré autour de la base. Ôtez le coussinet pour nettoyer plus facilement votre Bathmate.

      - nouveaux soufflets pivotants à 360 degrés permettant d'utiliser la pompe dans n'importe quelle position. Tournez la règle graduée vers vous pour contrôler facilement la pression ou éloignez-la si vous préférez avoir une vue dégagée sur l'action de la pompe.

      Hydromax est compatible avec les anneaux péniens, la sangle Shower Strap et les autres accessoires Bathmate.

      Un manuel fournit toutes les instructions pour profiter pleinement et en toute simplicité de votre pompe à pénis Hydromax. Un tableau des tailles est également inclus pour faire un suivi de votre progression.

      Remarque : Les résultats sont susceptibles de varier d'une personne à l'autre.

    1. Dimensions

      • Diamètre canal: 2.3 inches
      • Ouverture: Discret
      • Profondeur: 9.9 inches
    2. Sensation

      • Contient des phtalates: No
      • Contient du latex: No
      • Étanche: Étanche
      • Matière: Plastique

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      Pompe à pénis hydrothérapie taille moyenne Hydromax X30, Bathmate 47 4,5 sur 5 4,5 à court de 5

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      1. Pompe à pénis hydrothérapie taille moyenne Hydromax X30, Bathmate
      2. Pompe à pénis hydrothérapie taille moyenne Hydromax X30, Bathmate

        114,95 €

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    1. Buy buy buy

      Avis : 14 juin 2018 par Happyhubby23, un Straight Married Male

      I'm going to assume anyone reading these reviews has already decided to buy a penis pump for whatever reason and the choice is which one. The answer is this one.

      I bought this about a year ago, so have 12 months worth of user experience to reiterate and confirm what many reviews have said. This works.

      The pump is made from plastic with rubber (I guess) bellows that allow you to pump. The comfort ring is useful but not essential. I wouldn't say that it was particularly high-quality material, ie I didn't open and think this was the best plastic I have ever seen, just regular material put together well. Where the pump excels is in its design and engineering.

      It is straightforward to use. Fill with water, insert penis, and pump. Water comes out the top and your penis expands. Et voila. 3 sets of 5 minutes is about right, although you may find reviews online about various complex routines people have developed, but those are usually accompanied by tales of injury and other stretches that sound time-consuming. It is virtually impossible to hurt yourself with this so long as you listen to your body (if it hurts, stop) and don't leave it on for an hour.

      Shower vs bath. For me, bath is best. I tried using in the shower but could never get the water seal to hold, just continual pressure drop. No such trouble in a relaxing warm bath at the end of the day. There is a useful measuring line on the front to give you an indication of what you are achieving.

      Results, Drum roll, please... There is length vs girth, and short-term (right after pump use) vs permanent. Permanent length gain is about 1cm flaccid, 1.5cm erect, and girth about 1cm both flaccid and erect. Short term length is same as long-term, but it's the girth that is out of this world. I regularly achieve an extra 2.5cm to 3cm girth increase lasting for 2 to 4 hours if not longer, and this was within the first few weeks. When you take the pump off you almost can't believe what is hanging between your legs. In addition my erections have felt fuller and orgasms more intense.

      My user experience. My wife was away with work when I first started using the pump, so I had a few weeks use before she got home. She was aware I was using it but assumed it was a gimmick. When she returned, we went to bed keen to catch up after time apart. Her hand drifted down under the duvet and felt me, then felt again, and again. Literally a couple of minutes of her just grasping and getting to grips with what she was about to encounter. "have you checked your measurements?" she asked. During what followed next the girth increase was apparent. I felt massive, she felt tight and was moaning like I have never heard before.

      I have been using the pump ever since and can honestly say it has made me more confident and resulted in a better sex life for us. If you are considering buying this, just buy it and say hello to bigger and better erections. I have enjoyed this so much I am considering the X40/extreme model. Repeat custom is a good sign of the effectiveness.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Takes a few goes to get used to using.
      Entrée de gamme
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    1. Works brilliant

      Avis : 17 novembre 2017 par Mr&MrsC2009, un Straight Married Male

      I was a little sceptical about shelling out the money for this so called miracle enlarger but I was shocked at would this can do. I not going to be a bore and go into the size gains. I find things like that a little off putting and frankly some untrue. However this does work!

      You need to be persistent with it know your body limits and don’t go all hells bells on it because injury can occur. Getting a good deal is key so keep well trimmed down there. A small amount of lube can sometimes help your member slide up the tube easier but not always necessary.

      Can be used in either the shower or the bath.I find it easier to use whilst in the bath ( a lot more comfortable) however, I have just purchased a Bathmate Shower Strap which I’m hoping will make the showering experience better and a lot more hands-free.

      It does come with a comfort sleeve/ring that pops on the bottom of the gaiter. I recommend using this as the rubber gaiter can dig in, also makes it easier on the pubic bone region as using the new to using the Bathmate can make it a little sore (this does pass after a week of use).

      Delivery was fast and discreet (as always) and the packaging is very professional.

      All in all, a brilliant buy! Happy me and happy wifey.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Results straight away, keep at it for permanent results though.
      Errr, what’s not to like? Nothing!
      Entrée de gamme
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    1. Pumps have got a whole lot better

      Avis : 26 septembre 2017 par nightnav, un Straight Married Male

      Firstly, I would say I was pretty hesitant in buying this. For 2 reasons, the price and also past experience with pumps.

      As ever, it came super fast and I was in the bath at lightning speed. I have always been sceptical of pumps, had some previously based on "I must have been doing it wrong" or just never done anything for me. Things have changed.

      Straight away you can tell it is quality. The base is shaped to press firmly against you to ensure a good seal. The pump action is great and it doesn't take much to see how good it is. After a few pumps, you are totally locked in. Get used to it then add 1 or 2 more pumps and you can see what it brings to the table. Leave it on for about 5 minutes and repeat 2 or 3 times, everything is swollen and veins are popping. We love this toy and it makes bath time a whole lot more enjoyable.

      A word of caution - it is powerful, so read the instructions and don't just jump straight in. There is a valve release at the top that cuts off the pressure, make sure you fully depressurise or your 2 boys get sucked up in there. Lesson learned, read the instructions.

      Enjoy and the price, who cares when it works!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Build, quality, results.
      Entrée de gamme
      Well worth a revisit if you have had a poor experience before.
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