1. Pompe à pénis hydrothérapie taille moyenne Hydromax X30, Bathmate

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      1. Pompe à pénis hydrothérapie taille moyenne Hydromax X30, Bathmate

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    1. Description du produit

      La pompe à pénis Bathmate Hydromax X30 est un développeur de pénis très performant. Elle peut contribuer à vous donner des érections impressionnantes, facilement et sans risque. Fonctionnant à eau et à air, elle est 35 % plus efficace en terme de succion que le modèle Hercules original.

      L'Hydromax a été conçue pour être utilisée dans le bain ou sous la douche et conjugue eau et air pour vous permettre d'obtenir des résultats impressionnants. L'utilisation de votre Hydromax 10 à 15 minutes par jour peut vous aider à obtenir des résultats permanents. Une utilisation sporadique permet quant à elle d'augmenter temporairement la taille, la fermeté et la durée de votre érection.

      L'Hydromax X30 inclut toute une palette de fonctionnalités innovantes permettant d'augmenter les performances du produit :

      - coussinet confort pour l'insertion en élastomère hypoallergénique. Il offre un joint très serré autour de la base. Ôtez le coussinet pour nettoyer plus facilement votre Bathmate.

      - nouveaux soufflets pivotants à 360 degrés permettant d'utiliser la pompe dans n'importe quelle position. Tournez la règle graduée vers vous pour contrôler facilement la pression ou éloignez-la si vous préférez avoir une vue dégagée sur l'action de la pompe.

      Hydromax est compatible avec les anneaux péniens, la sangle Shower Strap et les autres accessoires Bathmate.

      Un manuel fournit toutes les instructions pour profiter pleinement et en toute simplicité de votre pompe à pénis Hydromax. Un tableau des tailles est également inclus pour faire un suivi de votre progression.

      Remarque : Les résultats sont susceptibles de varier d'une personne à l'autre.

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    2. Bathmate Hydromax X30 Hydrotherapy Penis Pump

      The gold standard of penis pumps, the Bathmate Hydromax X30 is a super strength version of their bestselling Hercules pump. It features an air tight seal, strong vacuum action and a quick release valve for comfort.

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      1. Pompe à pénis hydrothérapie taille moyenne Hydromax X30, Bathmate
      2. Pompe à pénis hydrothérapie taille moyenne Hydromax X30, Bathmate

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    1. Be careful of overuse

      Avis : 7 août 2016 par Adventurous(ish) couple, un Straight Going Steady Male

      It is incredibly important that you don't get carried away and follow a regular and gentle routine. I took it too far and within 2 months I had gone from 3x5 minute sets at 16 up to 4 x 5 min set at 19 and didn't realise that I was actually causing myself some damage.

      My recommendation if buying this product is to take your time. Probably start at a much lower number than you think you need and work your way up, around 1cm every 2 months or so. This process should take years and trust me, you don't want to end up with dark brown patches on your foreskin where blood vessels have irreparably burst. I stopped using this product 8 months ago and still no sign of repair. Not cool.

      However, Lovehoney refunded me fully and given that it wasn't their fault, I thought that was really good of them. I continue to buy from Lovehoney because of their amazing customer service. If this product does work, then it should be practiced over a long period and done very, very gently. I've been to the doctor and luckily there has been no deep tissue damage. However, I felt more confident about my chap's appearance before using this product, which is precisely and exactly the opposite of its purpose.

      Before use 7.2" length and 5.5" girth

      After use - no change.

      I'm not saying don't buy it and I have no doubts that it might work if used sensibly as it is very powerful. I just wished that I took my time and remembered that Rome, or in this case a larger penis, wasn't built in a day.

      Perhaps a safety pressure valve might be a good adaptation. That way it would be impossible to exceed safe limits.

    2. Overall Rating:
      5 sur 10
      Ease of use.
      The fact that it is possible to cause lasting damage.
      Entrée de gamme
      Well made, very strong. Be careful!
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    1. Superficially effective, but of questionable quality

      Avis : 31 août 2014 par Hostilian, un Straight Going Steady Male

      I received this product in mid-February. As always, in accordance with Lovehoney's superb delivery standards, it arrived on time and intact.

      The packaging for the Bathmate Hydromax itself was very professional-looking. It had immediate brand recognition, and a creative box design. The actual booklet wasn't massively informative, which was disappointing as I feel that attaining full knowledge of a product before its use, is one of the greatest motivators.

      Straight away, you notice its size. It's quite clunky and hard to store. I suppose that is to be expected when you purchase a product designed to create a vacuum. The design is quite pleasing, functionality being the priority. I liked the basic colour scheme and minimalist decoration (small brand logo, small numbering for the meter). There was a distinct lack of tackiness about the product, which, unashamedly so, is one of my front-runners in regards to product design.

      Ease of use: There were inconsistencies. On the face of it, you step into the shower, fill it up with water and create a vacuum by inserting your erect, semi-erect or flaccid penis and expelling water from the top nozzle. Simple, right? However, there are some unclear modes of "correct use".

      The website itself suggests either using it in the shower or the bath. In the shower, you are going to be there for at least 20 minutes if you want to have a full session. This is a large amount of showering time for a majority of people, and to think that this is to happen on a daily basis is far too time-consuming (as well as being a waste of water).

      Using it in open air (in other words, not in the bath/submerged underwater) can lead to some issues. In my experience, air has leaked in through the bottom of the pump, and also through the top nozzle (explicitly acclaimed as "air-tight") mid-pump, decreasing the strength of the vacuum, sometimes enough to diminish suction altogether.

      I'd suggest always using it in the bath for a perfect vacuum, without air leakages, and also, more economically viable in regards to water wastage. I could say that this was down to the individual product I received, but, after seeing the same issue experienced with the Hydromax on forums and other sites, I understand that it is a clear-cut con of the product.

      That aside, is it effective? Immediately, you are faced with small side-effects following the first session. The "doughnut effect" (fluid being pushed to your glands and foreskin, making them swell) causing bruising and redness. Nothing too severe, but enough to cause a slight concern. You do experience some superficial gains with the first few uses, which is satisfying, to say the least.

      In order to experience any true permanent gains, it would take extensively religious use on a daily basis. I suggest also using it in combination with vitamins and cardiovascular-friendly supplements (L-arginine, for its smooth muscle relaxant properties, and fish oils). Overtime, I began to see a small gain in girth and a larger gain in length. The larger part of the gains dissipated slowly.

      This seems to be an anomaly, but it makes sense as I had a large base girth to start with. I haven't experienced the results forecast by its brand, but I have had a small amount of satisfaction with its effects, mostly on a superficial basis.

      All things considered, this is still moderately impressive and worthy of further experimentation. That aside, based on the constant air leakages, this is definitely an overpriced product. Anything in the £80-£100 range should at least be foolproof in functionality, regardless of its efficiency.

      Overall, it's a product that is inconsistent. The best aspects of the product are the concept and the design. It's inconsistencies in effectiveness and ease of use is what brings the overall quality of the product down.

    2. Overall Rating:
      5 sur 10
      Design and superficial size gains.
      Air leakages and loss of suction.
      Entrée de gamme
      Inconsistent pump, but effective through religious use.
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    1. Not nearly as good as the reviews say

      Avis : 31 octobre 2015 par MLd

      Having seen the reviews, my partner and I felt like buying one might be fun for our sex lives.

      As a concept, the product is very sound. When I can get the thing to work, certainly in the short term there is an increase in size, mainly girth. In the long term, I've been using it almost 3 months now fairly regularly, and honestly I can't say I've noticed much difference. They certainly aren't eye popping. But there is a definite boost to the hardness of my erection. So yes, the product does have demonstrable benefit.

      The product really falls down on the execution of the idea, there are, being totally frank, issues with almost every part of the design that just make it a pain to use.

      I'm going to preface this by saying the product appears to work a lot better in a bathtub setting. The main reason for this is that if it screws up, you can keep the end underwater and you won't have to refill it. Also, if there is a leak, it will only fill with water and you can quickly re-apply pressure.

      But honestly, the part where it says it's designed for both bath and shower use, it really just doesn't work in the shower, unless you feel like spending ages making it work for you.

      Firstly, the top valve. It's annoying to use. It's tiny, and it's hard to tell what position it's in. Also, air gets in it, which is really irritating because then the end of your cock will come out the water (depending on your size and the amount of air), which would be fine if you could just pump out the air, but if you just reached high pressure it can be hard to do so, and you'll have to start again.

      Secondly, the measuring graph on the side is such a stupid idea. To explain this, all that needs to be said is that depending on the pressure, the black pump at the bottom is a different length. Do you see how this is completely pointless? It honestly only serves to mislead people at max pressure when the pump doesn't expand. It's either deliberately deceptive, or a massive oversight.

      Thirdly, the pump itself. It just seems like it isn't a great idea. Hand pumping into your own pelvis when the pressure is high usually results in red marks, and in bad cases, bruising. I've seen a higher end product has a squeezy pump on the end. I think that should be standard on all the products because personally I'd like to avoid having a bruise on my crotch, especially just before sex, when I usually want to use the product (since the short term benefits are more demonstrable). Also, I feel like I could definitely get more of a vacuum. The highest pressure (ie when the pump doesn't reexpand) is not really high enough for me. I don't really feel that my penis is fully engorged.

      Finally, the base. This is the part which I really do not like about the product. The comfort ring is worthless, it lets air in. If I stand in the shower, and hold the product, the comfort ring just slips out. It certainly doesn't give any comfort, nor a tighter seal, at all.

      This may be because I'm not exactly a low hanger, my balls are quite high up. The issue is, I always find that, as the pressure goes up, my balls are always uncomfortable. Sometimes it's just a slight twinge as they're pulled against the bottom, but sometimes they're like on the cusp of being pulled in and it's extremely painful.

      I've honestly tried with and without the pad, different angles, even upside down. It always happens. It usually takes like 6-7 times before I can get it to a position where I can reach maximum pressure without it hurting my jewels.

      These things really come together in an irritating way. As soon as your balls don't hurt, air comes in through the top, and you have to do it again. It takes forever to get a decent comfy vacuum going, which is a shame because it works quite well when it does.

      So, to conclude, if you can get this product to be comfortable and work well for you, I'm sure it's a great buy. But be aware that, especially if you're in a shower, it may not be as good as most of these reviews would have you believe.

    2. Overall Rating:
      4 sur 10
      Aesthetically decent, good concept, genuine size gains, good for erection health.
      Air leaks top and bottom, not comfortable, pressure kinda average, general poor design.
      Entrée de gamme
      Probably good if you can work its magic, far too uncomfortable and time consuming.
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