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    1. Gaine allongeante ouverte épaississante Thick Ur Dick

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      1. Gaine allongeante ouverte épaississante Thick Ur Dick

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    1. Description du produit

      « Faites grossir votre pénis » est la traduction de son nom, et si tel est votre but, cet objet est ce qu'il vous faut. Portez votre circonférence à 19 cm, une épaisseur telle qu'elle vous permettra de vraiment toucher les côtés, avec cette merveille flexible et au port ajusté.

      L'extérieur arrondi et rainuré rend un effet agréable, quel que soit l'endroit où vous choisissez de l'appliquer.

      Assurez-vous que l'anneau à l'extrémité de votre Thick Ur Dick soit sur la face inférieure de votre pénis. Il vous suffit d'insérer votre pénis dans le membre avant de passer chaque testicule l'un après l'autre à travers l'anneau extensible qui se trouve dessous.

      Le bloc de caoutchouc doux à l'arrière de l'anneau repose contre le périnée et procure des sensations supplémentaires.

      Ouvert aux deux extrémités pour accueillir toutes les tailles ou toutes les longueurs.

      Livré avec un sachet de lubrifiant ID Glide.

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      An informative video clip explaining all you need to know about Penis Extenders.

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      1. Gaine allongeante ouverte épaississante Thick Ur Dick
      2. Gaine allongeante ouverte épaississante Thick Ur Dick

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    1. My wife didn't complain... But she did moan

      Avis : 23 janvier 2018 par Scruffyruffian, un Straight Married Male

      I bought this as a curveball surprise for my wife... Wowsers! 100% recommend, although it's not really for the faint-hearted! This really is a hefty bit of kit, a little intimidating, but definitely worth it.

      My wife turns out to be a bit of a size queen (much to my delight and excitement), and when she saw this she seemed temporarily stunned. The sleeve is quite weighty and stiff, requiring extra time to put on... Especially the balls! You'll need a touch of lube to slide into it comfortably, but not too much or it'll just become a stroker! I have about a 6.5inch cock and my head just pops out of the end. (It looks weird, but helps with the initial penetration.)

      Once you're ready, and your OH is appropriately warmed up and lubed... Be prepared for moans like never before - and at climax, my wife literally roared until her legs buckled. She said it was the fullest that she'd ever felt, and from her pussy's grip during sex and gape afterwards I have to believe her!

      The only downside: The more you both get excited, the more it moves around! It's not the best for long periods of rythmic penetration, but still great for girth parctice!

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Hardy, girthy, veiny.
      Tight around the balls.
      En bref
      A game changer.
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    1. Big Bad Boy

      Avis : 22 septembre 2017 par Riggsy

      Well now, this addition to our box of fun has been difficult to get!

      We waited for it to come back into stock which to us was a good sign of just how good it was, and let me tell you all now, it doesn't disappoint! Definitely worth getting and if it goes out of stock again, definitely worth the wait!

      As always with Lovehoney products, it was packaged discreetly and arrived promptly.

      Down to business. It's big, big enough. Putting it on is a little fiddly. Line up and slide into it no problem, I suggest you make sure any addition skin comes through too just to make sure it's a nice snug fit. The ball loop is a little on the tighter side so pull your sack through first, with lube on your sack. Once the sack is clear, a little squeeze one at a time and your balls are set and you're ready to go!

      Now then, its weighty but not too heavy, bear in mind you've just added some serious girth down south, lube it up and take your time, don't just plough on in there because it is big, but, in my OH's opinion, it's filling and f'in fantastic! When you're in "that" mood I can honestly say there's only one other toy for the joy that can beat it for her and that's an inflatable, this bad boy gives you somewhere near that but you guys also get to feel her too while you're in her.

      This is the ultimate girth extender where you get to fill her and feel it too!

      11 out of 10 for us.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Girth, filling, and the feeling for us both.
      Nothing at all.
      En bref
      Big bad boy that fills up and both get to feel.
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    1. Something different for you both

      Avis : 1 octobre 2016 par David 69, un Straight Married Male

      Decided to buy this after the wife said she preferred girth rather than the length of the previous sleeves we had tried.

      We read the other reviews and she was not concerned about some of the comments about its size: "isn't that the point of buying it?" she asked. Ok green light to buy, I just hoped she didn't back out when it arrived.

      Functional packaging, with the swift delivery you get with Lovehoney. As other reviews, it has a plasticky smell to it, but this does not detract from it in any way.

      Putting it on: there is a little flexibility in the ring and used some good quality water-based lube. I fed my balls through the ring one at a time and then put my penis in the sleeve. I found I could see what I was doing this way.

      When my wife saw it she could not wait to try, we used more lube and I have to say it was a hit. The ring around the balls and the sleeve made me last much longer than usual and there was a loss of sensation on my penis compared to normal sex, but this was what we were looking for.

      The open end is a unique feature and when the wife eventually lets me cum I expect it will be great.

      Wife's comments "This is the best toy we have bought so far, I don't think hubby will be having sex me without it for some time, to say you feel fulfilled is an understatement. Girls, do yourself a favour, buy one."

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      She loved the girth, could feel the veins and was very satisfied.
      She may not want sex without it again.
      En bref
      Great toy that you can both enjoy, just be careful what you wish for.
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    1. Review based on 6 months use, so far

      Avis : 7 janvier 2014 par BigGingerJake, un Straight Going Steady Male

      Okay. Here is my review based on my own measurements, and having used this toy for over 6 months.

      1. Material:

      The material is perfect. Extremely durable, and my partner says it feels exactly like it's my own penis when I'm inside her.

      2. Getting it on:

      It is 100% imperative that you have lubrication, or it is simply not going to happen. If you have lube, and you are within the guide sizes I have written below, it will be easy.

      My measurements are:

      7.25 inches length

      4.75 inches girth (circumference)

      I bought this because I am very unhappy with my girth, and my partner hinted she would enjoy a toy that added some girth.

      Based upon my own penis size, this is a fantastic fit...

      My best guess of what size range could fit inside this, from lots of experience using, it would be:

      Length: 5.0 + inches

      Girth: 4.0 - 6.5 inches

      If I push the toy to the back of my shaft, I have about 1 full inch of shaft to spare, and then the head of my penis.

      For the man to enjoy it by sensation, I think it's important to be at least 6 inches in length, otherwise your head will be below the rim of the toy, and you won't be feeling too much. (BUT you can still get amazing enjoyment by making your partner have crazy amounts of orgasms, and seeing what appears to be you gigantic thick cock squeezing into her pussy, at least if you like that kind of thing like me).

      Even if you are considerably longer than 6 inches, I can't see it being a problem, because it stays in place locked around you ball sack by the loop at the bottom, and your partner will still massively benefit from the extra girth,

      One warning: The loop for your balls. I think I have quite small balls... and even with lube it is VERY difficult to get it on. I usually will lube my balls heavily, and put one ball in, pull it down a bit, then go for the other. If you have a large testicular sack, I imagine this being near impossible to get on. I have read on other website reviews of this toy, that because of the material, it's very easy to cut some of the loop away from the inside to make it fit, and I can definitely see that working, but just a heads up. It did, however, become easier with practice, as my technique to get it on became better.

      3. Size of the toy:

      Length I have already discussed, but the girth advertised isn't quite true... I have a particularly thin penis, at 4.75" of girth, but once I have put this think around my cock, and measured its circumference, it is... wait for it... 8.5" around! Which is insane. My partner took one look at it and said "no way."

      I eventually got her drunk, and extremely turned on, then slipped it on, lubed the whole thing up, and slowly wiggled it inside her. It fit, and she is not what I would describe as loose. Women don't realise, but they can take a hell of a lot of girth when they are turned on, so I wouldn't worry too much about it not fitting your lady. She will undoubtedly be very shocked by its width, and is more than likely to experience discomfort and a little pain the first 3 - 4 times you try it, but it will be a pain/pleasure situation for her, where she feels amazing, like she never has before, but also with a little pain.

      By the 5th time, as long as she is fully warmed up, it won't be a problem.

      4. Performance:

      It moves around a little during sex, so I think having that spare bit of shaft over the end (6.5+ inches length) is helpful, but regardless, it always remains on and comfortable, as it is held in place by the ring around your ball sack, and even during very rough sex, it never hurts at all.

      As far as the man's pleasure goes, if you are over 5.5 inches, you will have all the normal sensations, BUT the pleasure you get from hearing noises you've never heard her make before... and I mean that! And most notably, how quickly you can make her cum, it's incredible. Girth really is the real factor when it comes to penis size, I have to say. Because my partner cums so quickly compared to normal when I wear this, I can comfortably outlast her and make her cum between 7 and 9 times before I finish. Typically I can make her cum up to 7 times (she is one of the more easier to please partners I have had as she is quite tight), but it takes much longer and more effort trying to last longer for me.

      5. Rating:

      Overall, my own opinion is that this is the best goddamn sex toy I have ever come within 100 yards of, and I have seen more than my fair share. It makes it easy to make her cum, you feel like a champion because of how huge you look looks going in and out of her, and the incredible pleasure moans you get in return, and seeing her occasions twitch and make sharp quick breaths trying to handle the damn thing... It is seriously awesome.

      In my partner's opinion, she absolutely loves the sex, but prefers another toy we have above this one, which is 7.5 inches in girth as opposed to 8.5 inches. I think it's primarily because she is worried that the gargantuan size of the girth she takes with me wearing this is stretching her and making her looser. She still, clearly, takes immense pleasure and numerable orgasms when I wear this thing.

      5 Stars from me all the way.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Great girth, perfect material, fantastic fit, excellent value, amazing sex!
      Ball loop is small for most in my opinion (and I have small balls).
      En bref
      Best sex toy I have ever used.
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    1. Monster

      Avis : 12 juillet 2011 par pop1eye, un Straight Engaged Male

      When I got this in post I was surprised at the box size and weight - like a small coffin. I took it out and thought, how am I going to show her this without offending her? But luckily she was up for it.

      I didn't have much luck with it over my penis as it nearly snapped it off, so we used it like a vibrator. She found it uncomfortable at first but with plenty lube it became a part of our sex life. After pleasing her I just laid back to be orally pleasured as going in after that would of been embarrassing.

      So yes, it's great after your partner gets used to it, but a bit frightening when you first see it. If you feel you don't satisfy her, try this. We love it

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Its girth.
      Its weight.
      En bref
      Great if you're small, but it can weigh down your penis a lot.
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