1. Gaine extension pénis stretch anneau testicules Fat Boy Stretchy, Perfect Fit

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      1. Gaine extension pénis stretch anneau testicules Fat Boy Stretchy, Perfect Fit

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    1. Description du produit

      De nombreuses gaines allongeantes sont agréables pour le partenaire qui est pénétré mais laissent celui qui pénètre un peu sur sa faim en termes de sensations. Ce n'est pas le cas de cette extension pénienne ! Fat Boy est une gaine allongeante charnue, remplie de picots destinés à augmenter le plaisir sexuel pour vous et votre partenaire.

      Glissez-vous à l'intérieur de cette sexy gaine pénienne et frissonnez de plaisir au contact des rainures et des picots qui vous massent sur toute la longueur. D'une profondeur de 17,5 cm et d'une épaisseur de 2,5 cm, cette super gaine s'étire de 1200 % pour garantir un ajustement parfait, même sur les hommes aux membres les plus épais et les plus longs.

      Il vous suffit de la remplir de lubrifiant et de la placer sur votre pénis en érection. Elle est même pourvue d'un orifice à la base pour vous permettre de l'accrocher derrière vos testicules pour renforcer encore plus sa robustesse. Savourez les 15 cm de circonférence de cette gaine et profitez des tonnes d'épaisseur supplémentaire une fois installé à l'intérieur.

      En plus de vous procurer le plaisir d'allonger votre pénis, ce formidable sex toy peut également être utilisé comme manchon de masturbation et étui pénien pour vibromasseurs et godes. Vous pouvez même la retourner si vous préférez avoir la texture interne à l'extérieur.

      Cet incroyable sex toy 3-en-1 saura satisfaire hommes et femmes, et ce, de multiples façons.

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    2. Perfect Fit Fat Boy Stretchy Penis Extender

      Many penis extender sleeves are great for the receiving partner but leave the wearer longing for more sensation. So, Perfect Fit bring you this penis extension toy! The 'Stretchy Fat Boy' is filled with textured nodules to increase sexual pleasure for you whilst you please your partner.

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      Gaine extension pénis stretch anneau testicules Fat Boy Stretchy, Perfect Fit 21 4 sur 5 4 à court de 5

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      1. Gaine extension pénis stretch anneau testicules Fat Boy Stretchy, Perfect Fit
      2. Gaine extension pénis stretch anneau testicules Fat Boy Stretchy, Perfect Fit

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    1. Open wide, this thing's a beast Pt1

      Avis : 29 janvier 2017 par Thereal1, un Straight Single Male

      So, soft and flexible like the real thing.

      I'm 7 inch length and 5 inch girth and with bit of lube I'm in.

      I'd say if you're less than 7 inch length then maybe consider the other products as I'm probably 1/2 -1 inch away from the internal length and this "could" be a issue using it as a couple.

      Very comfortable to have on, the hole for the balls is small, but easily stretches over. I have average size ones, and the hole could do with being bigger, but as long as you take time arranging yourself it seems okay.

      With it on I measured midway on the shaft at 7.5 inches girth yet to check if its bigger at the base does seem it though.

      It's a beast!

      Missus first impression was excitement, but bit scared of the girth which made me question if it would fit or be uncomfortable, even though my missus is very accommodating as we sometimes use another toy inside at the same time as me (don't judge us it's good).

      Anyway, we planned a night to use it spending bit more time that we thought we'd need to get going.

      But we had a heat of the moment session and halfway through I persuaded her we should use it then

      Lubed the outside up I'd say we didn't need due to how wet she was.

      It went inside perfect slide right in and she absolutely loved it even asked for it deeper as I was being careful at first.

      You can literally hammer away and this doesn't move or slide off.

      Feeling for me was limited at first, but when I got full penetration it was really good and after she orgasmed (she couldn't hang on long) I was able to and it was nice and intense.

      Seriously we can't wait to get a longer more experimental night trying different positions now.

      Buy it if she's a size queen or in denial. She needs girth you both will love this.

      It feels so natural to wear like its your own.

      And agree feels brilliant for alone time.

      Once we actually used it more than once I'll make another review.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Softness. Girth. Durable. Comfort. Squidgy.
      Maybe could do with the ball loop being cm wider (being picky though).
      Entrée de gamme
      Girth loving fantastic. Buy it.
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    1. I love it! She loves it!

      Avis : 31 décembre 2016 par adzinski, un Straight Married Male

      Gives me some extra girth which she obviously enjoys. So easy to put on compared to other sleeves.

      The main thing we use it for, however, is a male masturbator. For me, it is the best I have ever tried, including fleshlights and tenga. This thing feels amazing! Get one just for that alone.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Feels great.
      Quite expensive.
      Entrée de gamme
      Excellent toy.
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    1. It's all about the girth

      Avis : 25 juin 2016 par loving_couple, un Straight Married Male

      We have tried a few extenders including one with 3" extra length but this fat boy feels completely different.

      The material is super soft and so stretchy that it can be turned inside out without any risk of tearing. This makes the extender much easy to get into than other models we have tried. Simply stretch the sleeve open, push your penis inside and pull the sleeve over your shaft. The ball loop easily stretches to accommodate pushing both balls through at once (sounds simple but other models are much more difficult).

      Only once you are inside this extender do you realise just how fat this fat boy is. It gives you a huge girth that can leave you feeling that it's just too big! Don't be put off, the material is so soft it will be accommodated as long as you use lube and take your time.

      After applying the lube my wife guided the huge cock inside her and we took our time until her gasps subsided and she asked me to slowly slide in and out. I fully expected the first use to be a slow and steady affair but once she was accustomed to the sensation my wife was asking me to really go for it and she orgasmed within minutes!

      My wife loved the sensation of being completely stretched and full. She tells me that it is a completely different feeling to the sensations she gets from the 3" extra length extender.

      The sleeve material feels really good against my penis. It is soft and warm and although there is obviously some loss of sensation I could climax inside the sleeve should I want to.

      This sleeve can also be used as a male toy to masturbate into. My wife wanted to try that too so she lubed my cock and pulled the sleeve over my shaft and although it felt great it did mean I missed out on her oral skills!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Huge girth gives you a feeling of being completely full.
      No extra length.
      Entrée de gamme
      A completely different sensation to other extenders.
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