1. Embout pour baguette magique Rabbit par Wand Essentials

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      1. Embout pour baguette magique Rabbit par Wand Essentials

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    1. Description du produit

      Fixez cet accessoire de Wand Essentials sur votre vibromasseur baguette magique ou Bodywand pour amplifier immédiatement votre plaisir. Savourez les puissantes vibrations transmises le long des petites oreilles et du gode pour point G.

      Le capuchon extensible s'adapte sur le sommet de n'importe quel vibromasseur baguette, pour des orgasmes instantanés.

      Combinez l'extension de stimulation du point G à une longueur de 11 cm et à une bonne épaisseur, pour le plaisir de pénétration. Laissez la tête du lapin titiller votre clitoris pour vous offrir des sensations excitantes qui vont vous laisser plus que satisfaits !

      Utilisez une dose généreuse de lubrifiant à base d'eau pour obtenir des sensations ultra glissantes.

      Remarque : Ce produit est étanche, mais votre vibromasseur ne l'est peut-être pas. Consultez les instructions du fabricant avant de l'approcher de l'eau.

      Consultez notre guide Comment choisir un embout pour votre vibromasseur baguette magique pour vérifier la compatibilité de votre baguette.

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      Attach this Wand Essentials accessory to your magic wand vibrator or Bodywand for instantly enhanced pleasure.

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      1. Embout pour baguette magique Rabbit par Wand Essentials
      2. Embout pour baguette magique Rabbit par Wand Essentials

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    1. Oh boy

      Avis : 22 août 2017 par BunnyBox69x, un Straight Going Steady Female

      My very first wand attachment. When it arrived I was so pleased.

      The box it comes in is soo nice I almost didn't want to bin it. It feel so smooth, so instantly it was a pleasure opening it lol. Presented very nicely. Thumbs up.

      Taking it out of the box, the attachment is so nice to look at. Such a lovely color. I really like the transparent look as well.

      When I first used it I thought oh no, I am going to rip it because I found it hard to slip onto the top of my wand. But there is a way I learned that literally slips it on. I use one of my Lovehoney water-based lubes and hey presto on in seconds where as before I was struggling.

      I have read people not being happy with the design, but I think it's great. Never lets me down. The bunny ears are perfect for me. The only thing I would say is make the shaft bit a lot thicker. The slimming at the end is probably the only downfall. Other than that, 100% happy and I will be purchasing the hole attachment set.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Should be thicker.
      Entrée de gamme
      Thumbs up.
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    1. Be vewy vewy quiet, I'm hunting wabbits

      Avis : 23 mars 2015 par Beatrix, un Bisexual Going Steady Female

      The box it came in was lovely, as is the colour of the product. I do have to laugh at it, though, it reminds me of Gonzo's nose, and I put it on my Doxy Wand and kept jiggling it up and down. (I am easily amused.)

      I know many people were saying that the position of the rabbit ears weren't quite right on it, but I didn't seem to have a problem with it. It also fitted well onto the Doxy, which I was worried that it wouldn't because it has a rather larger top to it.

      I only ever have my wand at the second level because it is so powerful, and I kept it at that same level when using the attachment because the vibrations travel so well I didn't feel the need to turn it up any more.

      On its own the wand produces a very large overall powerful orgasm, whereas with the attachment it lets you pinpoint where you want the pleasure and lets your intensify it to that one spot, as well as giving your a nice internal hum.

      My only complaint, really, is that the shaft wasn't thick enough, as I do prefer a fuller feeling.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Fits well onto wand and does the trick!
      The shaft could have been thicker!
      Entrée de gamme
      Cheap, cheerful, give it a go!
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    1. Rabbit gone wild

      Avis : 29 mai 2014 par Suzywong, un Bisexual Married Female

      Any magic wand takes some getting use to and my Doxy was no exception. The move from a battery-powered vibrator to a mains wand is just a step up to a new level of orgasmic pleasure and with attachments like this Essentials Rabbit it will blow your mind.

      The attachment came sealed in a bag in a nice little box.

      The material is very soft and flexible rubber and is a very pleasant translucent pink colour.

      Placing the attachment on top of your wand is easy enough, but we found that both the inside of the attachment and the wand head need to be perfectly dry and lube free. The reason for this is that when you are playing with it and trying to move it into position etc. the attachment tends to slip around the head of the wand. But once we realised that we were sorted.

      The wand in itself is very powerful but with this rabbit on top it's out of this world! The long bit that's supposed to be inserted vibrates madly, and even used on the slow speed transfers incredible vibrations when gently teasing your clit before inserting, and feeling the vibrations transfer right to your G-spot. I came instantly the first time it was inserted before we really started to play.

      I found that by pushing the inserted bit up against my G-spot and letting the rabbit gently tease my clit I could have multiple orgasms.

      The good thing about it is you are not having to stretch down between your legs. The wand lets you move the rabbit to where you really want it the most and you can move it to any angle so you get that spot.

      My husband tied me up after I had played on my own and took me to new heights with this. We love it. It's a favourite toy now. I might invest on an anal one for him next.

      We only used water-based lube with this as any other lube would damage the rubber.

      Cleaning was not a problem. Just pop it off the wand and wash with soap and water and some toy cleaner.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Soft feel and flexibility of it.
      Can move around on the wand head if any lube gets under the cup.
      Entrée de gamme
      Fantastic. Now our favourite toy!
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