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    1. Masturbateur vaginette vibrant Vulcan, Fun Zone

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      1. Masturbateur vaginette vibrant Vulcan, Fun Zone

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    1. Description du produit

      Toutes les sensations réalistes et la texture riche d'un masturbateur vibrant dans un étui compact pour le prix d'un sex toy bon marché : le vagin mûr Vulcan présente un rapport qualité-prix excellent et vous offre une stimulation encore meilleure.

      Découvrez un plaisir solo encore plus intense avec ce manchon de masturbation à main. À l'intérieur d'un étui discret en forme de coupe se trouve un manchon en Refined Touch rose, avec un orifice délicatement façonné en forme de vagin qui suce doucement toute la longueur de votre membre, avant de l'accueillir dans son canal rainuré. Un mini vibromasseur externe intensifie les sensations torrides de la pénétration que vous ressentez à chaque mouvement.

      Le mini vibromasseur s'insère dans la base de l'étui et transmet ses vibrations dans le manchon réaliste et tout le long de votre membre. Le mini vibromasseur possède une vitesse continue et cinq motifs de mouvements pour vous permettre de varier véritablement les sensations. Le mini vibromasseur est également étanche et peut être décroché pour l'utiliser séparément.

      Étant entièrement étanche, ce sex toy sensationnel peut être utilisé de très nombreuses manières. Il est également facile à nettoyer. Il vous suffit de le rincer abondamment, d'utiliser un nettoyant pour sex toys, de le sécher et de le saupoudrer de poudre d'entretien pour conserver le matériau propre de toute huile pour lui permettre de durer plus longtemps.

      Conçu pour des utilisations multiples, c'est un sex toy parfait pour les débutants ou pour ceux qui n'ont jamais utilisé de masturbateur pour hommes. Offrant des sensations similaires à celles offertes par des manchons de masturbation haut de gamme, mais coûtant beaucoup moins cher, il vous permet d'en faire l'expérience sans avoir à investir une fortune dans votre vie sexuelle solo avant que vous ne soyez prêt.

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      Masturbateur vaginette vibrant Vulcan, Fun Zone 31 4 sur 5 4 sur 5 étoiles

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      1. Masturbateur vaginette vibrant Vulcan, Fun Zone
      2. Masturbateur vaginette vibrant Vulcan, Fun Zone

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    1. Great first time toy

      Avis : 9 décembre 2016 par maxandmeg

      So after buying my girlfriend several vibrators, she felt guilty and brought me this as a surprise. This was my first ever toy and I was in for a treat.

      As with all Lovehoney toys, it came well packaged and arrived safely and discreetly. There were no nasty rubber smells when opening it and with a good helping of my favourite lube it was ready to try out!

      The vaginal opening is quite small but very stretchy so it felt nice as I slipped it over my helmet, as I pushed it down my shaft I was nicely surprised to find a few very tight ribs in the centre of the toy that felt amazing they brushed up against me. I'm yet to try the bullet as I didn't have any batteries to hand.

      One tiny downside is the noise this makes, there are two airholes at the top which when vigorously going for it can become quite loud, but it's not a big issue to me.

      This toy was a real eye-opener and I lasted only a matter of minutes before I blew my load, this is 100 times better than using your hand.

      The toy is very easy to clean as the rubber sleeve simply pulls out of the plastic shell and washes off easily with soap, I have noticed though that it's best to leave it apart until fully dried.

      Overall, a very nice toy for my first experience and we will be buying more in the future!

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Really nice and tight.
      Slightly noisy.
      En bref
      An excellent introduction to male sex toys, good quality and feels great.
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    1. Great for torturing your other half

      Avis : 3 juillet 2016 par Mischief & Trouble, un Straight Going Steady Female

      Me and my OH had been been looking at Fleshlights for a while, but due to budget constraints we decided to give the Vulcan a try instead, and I'm so glad we did.

      I love teasing him with this and he loves it when I'm not around to pleasure him. The shape of it makes it really easy to use. The silicone is really soft, fantastic texture, stretches nicely and is easy to clean.

      The bullet is really powerful. A little fiddly to insert into the silicone, but well worth it. To be honest I often steal the bullet from it for some clit play. It's vibrating patterns are amazing.

      I'm also pleased to report that after a year of regular use there has been no ripping or tearing. We have been keeping it in good condition with Lovehoney Toy Fresh Cleaner and Fleshlight Powder Renewer, both of which I highly recommend.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Easy to clean and the bullet is really powerful.
      Bullet is a little difficult to insert.
      En bref
      Great budget option!
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    1. Twice as nice

      Avis : 17 février 2016 par Missblueyes

      This product comes as is, no box, just some plastic wrap.

      The tube the toy comes in is really discreet, you can't tell it's a naughty toy. It has a crinkled part in the middle of the tube plastic, which let's you flex and move the toy and tube easily.

      The lid doesn't screw, it clicks down, this can be a pain to get back on when not in use as the flesh can hang over a bit. It's also a bit of a fiddle to get off as it's stuck pretty tight.

      You get a vibrating bullet which fits two ways, either across the back of the tube, which vibrates the entire thing. My partner enjoyed this, saying it was more powerful and noticeable than he expected. The second way is a hole in the bottom where you insert long ways into and it tickles your end and vibrates inside.

      The bullet's sleek and smooth, with a nicely rounded end. It is twist operated, via a nobble at the end. The flesh inside is a very anemic pink and very soft, smooth and squidgy. The hole looks just about right in size and my partner said this was a comfortable snug fit. You can remove the entire flesh from the tube, it's floppy and soft like the rest. The tube added rigidness, which added to the pleasure, OH loved the feel and said it was quite real feeling.

      We had tried another model, 'Monica', and found this to be better. We do believe 'down to the tube adding a bit of friction to the thrusting sensation. My OH is a long boy, so he did find it a snug fit lengthwise, but could easy get on with it without noticing. We found she's very easy to clean and dry and then pop back in the tube and store away. She even has a little toggle in which you can hang her up. We do enjoy this a lot perfect for us and our collection.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Easy clean, discreet, friction from tube. Look.
      Slightly short, caps fiddly.
      En bref
      Perfect, what more can I say? Easy in everything.
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