1. Tenue de secrétaire jupe et haut à nouer, Exposed

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      1. Tenue de secrétaire jupe et haut à nouer, Exposed

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    1. Description du produit

      Cette secrétaire déteste prendre des notes, mais elle adore la dictée, et surtout se faire dicter sa conduite dans cet ensemble follement sexy ! Vous verrez, vous vous prendrez facilement au jeu...

      Cet ensemble de secrétaire privée comprend :

      Une chemise noire très courte nouée sur le devant avec manches froncées. En tissu élastique, elle peut être ajustée au niveau de la poitrine pour vous offrir un confort optimal.

      Une micro jupe grise à rayures. En tissu élastique, elle est fendue sur au niveau des deux jambes.

      Notez que le tissu de la jupe diffère de la photo, et les rayures sont en fait très rapprochées. La photo sera mise à jour très prochainement.

      Les bas et les lunettes ne sont pas compris.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Tenue de secrétaire 2 pièces
      • Haut à nouer pour faire ressortir le décolleté
      • Manches ballon pour vous faire des bras tout minces
      • Mini mini jupe ouvertes sur les cuisses
      • Idéale pour laisser libre cours à vos fantasmes de bureau

    Exposed Guide des tailles

    1. Bust - measure the fullest part of the bust from the armpit. All bra cup sizes are equivalent to a size “B”. They are not full coverage so the amount of cleavage will vary depending on the person’s actual cup size.

      Exposed Lingerie UK Dress size
      Small 6 - 8
      Medium 10 - 12
      Large 14 - 16
      XL 18 - 20
      Small/Medium 6 - 12
      Large/XL 14 - 20
      One Size 6 - 20
      XXL 22 - 24
      XXXL 26 - 28
      One Size Queen 22 - 26


      Exposed Lingerie US Dress size
      Small 4 - 6
      Medium 8 - 10
      Large 12 - 14
      XL 16 - 18
      Small/Medium 4 - 10
      Large/XL 12 - 18
      One Size 4 - 18
      XXL  20 - 22
      XXXL 24 - 26
      One Size Queen 20 - 24


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    Offrez-vous ou offrez-lui de la lingerie sexy ! Nos guides d'achat vous aident à faire un choix éclairé.

    Guides lingerie et vêtements > Comment choisir de la lingerie en fonction de votre silhouette

    Guides lingerie et vêtements > Et si ce n'est pas la bonne taille ?

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      1. Tenue de secrétaire jupe et haut à nouer, Exposed
      2. Tenue de secrétaire jupe et haut à nouer, Exposed

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    1. Hot

      Avis : 31 août 2018 par northeastnymphomaniac, un Straight Engaged Female

      Very pleased with this item. Looks just as pictured. Was a little worried at first about the top as I'm a small-chested girl, but there was no need to worry as it flattered my small frame perfectly.

      Skirt is very short, but surely that the whole point. I coupled this with some black stockings, high heels, black rimmed glasses and red lipstick!

      Fair to say my partner had one hell of a smile on his face when he walked into the bedroom.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Soft and stretchy.
      En bref
      Fantastic and sexy!
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    1. Very tantalising and sexy

      Avis : 8 août 2018 par Fidodido, un Straight Engaged Female

      My partner and I love this little outfit.

      The design leaves nothing to the imagination. add a notepad, slutty makeup and glasses and not only does it make for a good sexy erotic text message to tease him with during the day, it also sends him wild when I'm wearing it In person.

      Quality and value for money.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Lightweight but durable material and very comfortable.
      En bref
      Ideal cost-worthy dressing up.
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    1. I highly recommend this secretarial agency

      Avis : 22 mai 2018 par PCC, un Straight Married Male

      My wife surprised me with this little roleplay extravaganza and I have to admit that the company's exponential growth went off the scale!

      Well constructed, her business assets were tantalisingly concealed behind a see-through top which undoes at the front for easy access, and the tiny skirt barely covers the sales base line with mouth-watering effect.

      Teamed with crotchless panties, stockings and heels this was a fun excursion into the roleplay arena with some fantastic dictation, figure work, point giving and taking.

      I will definitely be giving my secretary another raise shortly.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Fun and sexy.
      Only wish we'd tried this sooner!
      En bref
      Contractually binding with overtime essential.
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    1. Sexy secretary

      Avis : 19 mai 2018 par Bigrob9

      We got this the other day and she didn't tell me it turned up. She got out the shower and slipped this on before coming in the front room and teasing me. We loved every minute.

      Great for couples wanting to dress up and try new things. We are definitely going to order more.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Good material.
      Nothing not to like.
      En bref
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    1. Sexy secretary

      Avis : 10 septembre 2017 par Flaker24, un Straight Married Female

      Bought this to try something a bit different, well worth the purchase, hubby loves it and I feel sexy in it!

      Skirt fits well and hugs your butt to make it look nice and curvy, and the top is very comfortable and made of a nice soft material, very easy to slip into.

      As expected from Lovehoney, it's all decent quality, has been worn a few times now and no signs of wear. All stitching is done well, and I'm sure it will last a long time.

      Bottom line: worth the cash, and a fun sexy way to spice the night up.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Sexy and comfy.
      En bref
      Nice outfit, worth a purchase.
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