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    1. Pinces à seins exquise pression

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      1. Pinces à seins exquise pression

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    1. Description du produit

      Les pinces à pression procurent à vos seins une excitation étourdissante. Vous ou votre partenaire pouvez presser sur les pinces pour les ouvrir et les laisser se refermer pour une sensation de pincement surprenante.

      Chaque pince est aussi dotée d'une cordelette qui vous permet d'y ajouter des poids pour un plaisir accru.

      Elles possèdent également des embouts en caoutchouc.

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      1. Pinces à seins exquise pression
      2. Pinces à seins exquise pression

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    1. Just what the doctor didn't order

      Avis : 28 juillet 2016 par Still at it at 50 plus, un Straight Married Male

      New to reviews so a little late with my verdict.

      Couldn't believe they arrived next day, top marks Lovehoney. These were bought for me, not the wife, she's not into bondage. Got myself in the mood with some great foreplay, then it's my turn.

      I've had clamps before but these are menacing. The string came in very handy as the wife had an idea to extend them so they hung over our four-poster and tied one of her large dildos to each, the sensation was out of this world. God bless the OH for her ingenuity.

      We've had them six months and they have seen some mileage but are still in great working order, build quality excellent.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Ease of operation.
      Rubber ends could have been spikier, my personal preference.
      En bref
      If you like a bit of pain in your sex life, these are great.
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    1. Very good if you want some extra bite

      Avis : 20 décembre 2015 par arunnas

      I had been looking at these clamps for a while before I bought them as I had read the reviews and I wasn't sure if they would be too harsh for me. I hadn't really experimented too much with clamps or nipple toys before, but I knew I liked my nipple play quite extreme.

      I bought them eventually as I couldn't stop thinking about them and I got them in one of the Lovehoney offers so I didn't think I had too much to use if I didn't get on with them.

      When you first take them out of the packaging (Lovehoney's discreet packaging, amazing as usual, item packaging tacky and not great) and open them up for the first time, it makes you do a double take as they do look quite vicious.

      I got myself in the mood by playing a little first and, very slowly, I put them on one at a time. Initially they were a complete painful shock and not in a good way but with some soothing breathing and a bit of focus, the horrible pain turned into the delightful pleasure pain that I love.

      The clamps themselves are made of stainless steel I believe and the actual clamp bits that attach to your nipple have soft bobbled rubber inserts to stop the metal cutting into your sensitive nipple skin.

      Although you cannot adjust these at all, if you want even more pinch through these clamps, they come with little strings attached which means that either yourself or your OH can gently pull them and play.

      During our playtime, he likes me to put the strings in my mouth and hold them there.

      Overall, these have become a staple in our play box and are use very often. I have bought other clams and nipple toys since, but these are definitely still my favourites.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      The harshness and feel of them.
      En bref
      The best nipple clamps or toys I have ever purchased.
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    1. Not for the faint-hearted

      Avis : 30 novembre 2015 par oncemore, un Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I bought these nipple clamps a year or two ago now, but they still get plenty of use. They were the first nipple clamps I had ever bought, this may have been a mistake as I would definitely say that these are not for beginners. They feel amazing, but make sure you don't keep them on for too long, as they really do cut off the blood supply. I have done it in the past and it's left my nipple sore for days.

      The pads where the clamps connect to your nipple means that the pressure is spread more evenly. They also have tiny rubber spikes along the pads as well, which only adds to the intense sensations they create. Now that I am a bit more used to nipple clamps generally, these come out in my play a lot more, and they look amazing.

      One of the best things I have found out about these is that, because of the strength and design of the pads, they won't fall off at all, which is an issue I've had with other clamps. I would definitely buy them again.

      The only downside at all is that you can not change the amount of pressure, it's either all or nothing with them.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Very strong, looks incredible and don't fall off.
      Not adjustable.
      En bref
      An amazing product, but not for beginners.
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