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    1. Cage de chasteté pour hommes avec finition chromée par CB-6000

      Avis moyen des clients 4,5 sur 57 avis

      L'accessoire de chasteté le plus vendu au monde dans une toute nouvelle version ! Toutes les caractéristiques de la CB-6000 se retrouvent fidèlement sur cette version design, mais elle a en plus un fini chromé brillant et sexy. Ooooh ! Ça brille !

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      1. Cage de chasteté pour hommes avec finition chromée par CB-6000

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    1. Description du produit

      L'accessoire de chasteté le plus vendu au monde dans une toute nouvelle version ! Toutes les excellentes caractéristiques de la CB-6000 ont été copiées fidèlement sur cette version design, mais elle a en plus un fini chromé brillant et sexy. Ooooh ! Ça brille !

      Fabriqué en plastique de polycarbonate lisse dont les coutures sont finies avec soin pour un confort optimal, le CB-6000 chromée présente incroyablement bien, et donne des sensations encore meilleures.

      Regardez les statistiques pour voir exactement quelles sont ses qualités

      La différence CB-6000

      - Trois pièces qui s'imbriquent pour former un instrument complet.

      - Deux tiges de verrouillage font tenir ensemble les pièces avec une goupille de fermeture qui connecte la cage à l'anneau.

      - La charnière a été retirée pour plus de confort, vous ne ressentirez donc plus de pression ou de pincement.

      - Mécanisme de fermeture amélioré.

      - Cage complètement redessinée pour un confort et un ajustement à long terme.

      - Les fentes d'aération et l'ouverture à l'arrière permettent d'uriner (rappelez-vous juste ce que vous portez avant de demander à votre voisin d'urinoir ce qu'il regarde si bizarrement).

      Tailles : les anneaux ont quatre tailles : les diamètres sont de 3,8 cm, 4,1 cm, 4,5 cm, 4,8 cm et 5,1 cm Les cinq anneaux inclus avec l'instrument peuvent être interchangés pour que vous trouviez celui qui vous convient le mieux.

      La longueur de la cage est de 9,5 cm avec un diamètre intérieur de 3,5 cm.

      Contenu :

      - 1 cage

      - 5 anneaux de différentes tailles

      - 4 tiges de verrouillage

      - 4 cales d'espacement

      - 1 cadenas en laiton avec un revêtement noir et une clé

      - 5 verrous en plastique numérotés de manière individuelle

      - 1 boîte de rangement élégante (imprimée et à fermeture Éclair).

    1. Dimensions

      • Longueur: 3.5 pouces
    2. Sensation

      • Contient du latex: No
      • Matière: Plastique
    3. Infos essentielles

      • Fermeture: Serrure avec clé

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    1. Avis des clients

      Cage de chasteté pour hommes avec finition chromée par CB-6000 7 4,5 sur 5 4,5 à court de 5

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      1. Cage de chasteté pour hommes avec finition chromée par CB-6000
      2. Cage de chasteté pour hommes avec finition chromée par CB-6000

        144,95 €

    1. How to fit

      Avis : 4 mai 2018 par Ashl3y

      Everyone using lube stop, just get a condom, unroll it, wipe off as much spermicide as you can then whack it on that flaccid penis. Now get the cage and put it on allowing the bottom of the condom to come through the hole of the cage now get into place and slowly pull the condom out the cage. Job done in 30secs. You can use one condom 3/4 times if you put in the packaging after, after they just break rather than pull through.

      (Side note as mentioned below if you need to use the emergency exit by breaking the pin this is actually not easily done my partner couldn't and I bloody struggled but it is doable.)

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Comfortable, easy to clean, can wear all the time! Best toy ever!
      Parts are expenses to replace ie a broken pin from locking mechanism breaking in padlock!
      Entrée de gamme
      F*****g Awesome.
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    1. So much fun...!

      Avis : 22 septembre 2014 par Sum Sub, un Straight Married Male

      Many people spend £100s on Lovehoney in search of an orgasm, but how about paying £100 to not have an orgasm?

      Chastity is something I had been curious about for some time, and my eyes were always drawn to this particular device, perhaps because of its shinyness, but probably because it looks quite industrial.

      The cage arrives in a box, in sealed plastic bags, and comprises the cage, a set of pins, 5 different sized base-rings, a set of spacer devices, a padlock, some cable tie type locks, a tiny tube of JO lube and a storage pouch.

      To fit it, you choose the base ring that suits you - and I'd recommend starting big and working down in size. The base ring sits behind your balls, you slide this onto the locking pins, which sit over the top of your cock, then you add the spacer, which basically gives more or less room for your ball sack to hang through, again I'd recommend to start with the largest and work down.

      Next is the tricky bit - getting the cock cage on, in theory you lube it up a little, slide your cock in, pop the locking pins through the holes, add a lock and BAM you're locked up!

      However, in reality it's not quite that simple. The first problem is that to successfully fit this you need to be flaccid, and well, I'd been thinking about wearing this for so long that I was a little excited! Anyway, I can happily report that the more often you use it, the less excited you are about putting it on, and so easier it becomes.

      The second problem I had is that my girth is similar to that of the cage, so it really was a case of forced entry! But this is the point of lubing it up - to make it easier to get on.

      Safe to say, neither of these are real problems, they just add a bit of fun to proceedings. Oh, also pulled hairs - there is a distinct possibility you may pull one or two pubes if you're not neatly trimmed!

      So - what's it like to wear?

      It is actually surprisingly bearable! Yes, you cannot escape the feeling that something is tugging at your cock the whole time, and the degree to which that is noticeable ranges from being similar to a minor itch, where you just feel like you need to nudge it to regain comfort, to being like an insect bite where you need to take it off - right now get it away from me! Only you can't - the keyholder is in control at all times!

      It's fairly discreet, I've worn this for extended periods, and under regular clothing; suit trousers, chinos, jeans, shorts even, it is not noticeable. However, when you are wearing tighter jeans or more fitted trousers, or underwear there is no escaping this massive bulge in the pant department!

      It does get less discreet when it comes to noise though - when running or generally bouncing around, there is an unmistakable clicking sound o the padlock hitting the cage. However, all this does is add to the potential challenge of wearing the device.

      The ring is rigid, and sits behind your balls, and causes very little discomfort, however I would advice carefully choosing which size you wear, since you don't want to restrict your blood flow, but if you choose one that is too loose, then you may end up with a rogue testicle making a break for freedom by escaping the ring (this happened to me and is incredibly uncomfortable).

      The device is completely bearable in all ways - whether walking, sitting, exercising, working, sleeping, it never goes away, but it doesn't cause enough discomfort for you to actually need to take it off.

      It's worth saying that this device doesn't completely prohibit an erection. What it does is it forces the cock to point downwards, so making an erection uncomfortable, it also restricts growth in girth - which will vary from individual to individual, but for me just gave a nice firm squeeze. As your cock becomes erect, the device moves away from the body, which can tug at your balls a little.

      One thing that is certain is that it is incredibly frustrating when you have an erection. When I feel the blood rush to my cock, and it beginning to stand up , I just want it to be squeezed, whether that's by myself or my partner, and this cage just doesn't make that possible, it offers a little squeeze, but you just can't grip your cock.

      Arghhh, it's so frustrating, and even more so when you partner reaches out and holds the device and gives it a real hard squeeze, and you can't feel a thing, or takes it in her mouth and gives it a bit of oral, but you can't feel the sensations, or rubs it enthusiastically with her hand, nothing!

      This is where this device is in it's prime; tease and denial. There really are so many possibilities. The device lets you experience minor sensations, but all that does is serve to tantalise and tease.

      For example, with the addition of some lube the cage can be moved up and down the penis very slightly, enough to just tickle the glans, but never enough to give decent pleasure.

      We also had some fund with the Lovehoney deluxe wand - which when applied to the cage sends vibrations deep deep inside, and was enough to bring about ejaculation, although my OH stopped the vibrations early enough so as to deny me orgasm.

      One of our primary concerns about wearing this long term was hygiene, but actually, there's nothing to worry about at all. There is a sizable hole through which you can pee, and the material is entirely plastic, meaning it is easy to clean, after you have done your wee, with a wipe.

      What I found is that I didn't even need to take it off to clean on a daily basis. I tried two methods of cleaning whilst wearing - one is just in the bath, where, with some careful manipulation, you can ensure that water reaches every part of both yourself and the device. It is even possible to pull the foreskin back for a wash too.

      I also tried cleaning in the shower, by building up a good lather around the device, and using the shower head to direct the water through the various holes. I would advise caution doing this with a power-shower through the pee-hole; it's pretty intense on the head of your penis!

      I have a bit of a thing about personal hygiene - I hate feeling dirty or smelly, and I was quite pleased with the outcome of washing with these two methods.

      For those who are even more hygiene-centric, then you could always take off to clean daily, under the supervision of your key holder of course, but we found that it kept clean using the methods outlined above, with a removal and complete clean every 3rd or 4th day.

      The storage pouch is decent in size, not only does it fit this kit in, but it is big enough to store some spares too, I also have the clear short cage and some spare locking pins, and they fit with ease in the case, and I'm pretty sure I'd be able to get a third device in too.

      So, in short, if you're curious about chastity, you really can't go wrong with a nice shiny CB6000!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      I love the feeling of giving control to my keyholder
      It's perfectly designed - there are no flaws!
      Entrée de gamme
      Never has not orgasming been such fun
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    1. An old familiar toy is back

      Avis : 25 août 2012 par BullsPrincess, un Bisexual Married Female

      Chastity play has been an off and on part of our life for about 12 years, from original CB2000 through to metal devices. So it is with real pleasure that we have received the chrome CB6000.

      Firstly the delivery was extremely efficient. Ordered on Friday and in our hands by 9am Saturday. The usual discreet packaging was a large rectangular box. Perhaps a little big and if I was eco-friendly I might be concerned.

      The actual CB box was elegant, and professional looking with good instructions on the outside. Having had a CB6000 before it was nice to see the storage bag had now dropped the brand name on the outside.

      The chrome cage is fascinating to see, it gives the impression of metal with the expected weight, but is lightweight and a little surprising.

      In fitting the device the only criticism is that the pins and spacers are supposed to be paired together. Past similar devices have had a larger variety of spacers that could be used in 2's and 3's to keep movement to a minimum. Now all the spacers are designed to go between ring and cage,and that still leaves a few mm on the outside where the padlock fits.

      This is a type device that takes a long time to be really comfortable with, to allow time for fitting and comfort to adapt. Cleanliness is important and we find that anti-bac sprays and cotton buds work well.

      The only longer term worry we have is that when the CB6000 first came out we bought one (hence the comparison) but the cage split at the seam very quickly. Then Lovehoney were fantastic and refunded without question. So we hope this will not be a future problem.

      Overall, fits fantastic. Is secure, modest to clean but absolutely keeps my man under complete control. Especially with only 1 key that is securely hidden!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Having tried others, this toy does just what is needed.
      The spacers are not really designed for maximum flexibility.
      Entrée de gamme
      Secure, comfortable, looks good and keeps my man under control.
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