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    1. Gode silicone premium Acute 15 cm, Tantus

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      1. Gode silicone premium Acute 15 cm, Tantus

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    1. Description du produit

      En silicone de première qualité, ce gode est parfait pour les personnes à peau sensibles ou allergiques au latex, car il est hypoallergénique, hygiénique et totalement non toxique ! Il est également parfaitement formé pour votre plaisir, l'excitation du point G ou de la prostate.

      Réunissant les meilleurs éléments des godes Tantus, ce jouet est fait pour vous plaire.

      La forme réaliste de l'extrémité et la légère courbe pressée contre vos points sensibles feront décoller vos sensations !

      Légèrement texturé, le corps du gode offre un plaisir intense à chaque mouvement.

      Au bas du jouet, vous trouverez une base évasée qui ne demande qu'à être utilisée avec un harnais où une balançoire érotique.

      Caractéristiques principales :

      • Gode en silicone lisse de qualité platinum avec gland réaliste
      • 15 cm de longueur insérable pour cibler les points G et P avec précision
      • Adapté à la pénétration vaginale ou anale
      • Base évasée compatible avec l'utilisation d'un gode ceinture
      • Superbe finition nacrée pour le plaisir des yeux

    Guides et conseils

    Trouvez le gode réaliste de vos rêves et découvrez comment profiter au maximum de votre nouveau dildo en consultant nos guides d’achat.

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      1. Gode silicone premium Acute 15 cm, Tantus
      2. Gode silicone premium Acute 15 cm, Tantus

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    1. 10/10 would recommend

      Avis : 9 mars 2019 par 37sgoodgirl

      I bought this because I’m trying to try new sizes and am still a virgin, not to mention a girl on the smaller side. When I got this it has a pleasant almost floral smell, unlike sex toys I’ve bought in the past that have a more chemically smell and I don’t usually keep those.

      When I first felt this product in my hands I was a little hesitant because, even though it’s 100% silicone, which is what I like and prefer, it’s a "wet" silicone. And by that I mean all my other toys are a "dry" silicone. If you have a "wet" silicone like this toy, it means (at least in my brain) that when you when you drag your thumb down it there’s a resistance that doesn’t happen with a “dry” silicone toy. For instance, the dilator set you can purchase on here, those are “dry” silicone. There’s still a resistance, but it’s hardly there. I guess this has it because it’s waterproof and softer, so you can use it in the shower. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I don’t know for sure though cause I haven’t tried that yet.

      Also sorry for the weird formatting, I’m writing this out on my phone.

      I have discovered with switching between positions that it’s comfortable for me to do doggy style and also riding, which I can’t do with any of my other toys. Probably because this is my first toy on the softer side. I will note that if it’s not stuck to anything, and you’re riding this like on your bed, the toy can shift directions without you noticing. But it’s still pleasurable. This just became my favourite toy which is why I titled this recommendation the way I did. The head and bumps along the shaft are very pleasing and if this is the biggest size you’ve had, it does make you feel some of the fullness I’ve only heard about.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      En bref
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    1. Amazing

      Avis : 25 avril 2014 par delilahxx, un Straight Single Female

      I had been eyeing up Tantus dildos a long time before finally buying this one in the sale. I chose this one as I wanted to try a dildo with a curve in the hope it would reach my G-spot.

      When it arrived I thought it looked lovely. A little small - but as it's made of silicone and has gentle ridges on it, it feels amazing even before it's inserted.

      I couldn't wait to try it out and, using water based-lube, it went in easily and it felt like it reached places never touched before.

      It made me cum very quickly, but unlike any orgasm I've had before. I think it must have found my A-spot, as it definitely wasn't my G-spot. No matter what spot I actually found it just made me want to do it again and again. Every time I use it I have the same reaction. It really is true that size doesn't matter.

      After use it's very easy to clean, due to being so lovely and smooth and made of silicone.

      Wow, wow, wow! I think this is a must have dildo.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Love it!
      En bref
      Amazing, perfect dildo.
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    1. A (very) cute little dildo

      Avis : 29 mars 2012 par acoupleofwankers

      She Says:

      Tantus Acute really is a (very) cute little dildo (I'm so sorry, I'm sure that joke has been made a million times over, but I couldn't resist). I wonder if the name was chosen because of this, or maybe because of the acute angle it forms when standing (going back to GCSE maths here)? Anyway, whatever the reason I think it's a good name that is well suited. There were two things that attracted us to this little beauty - firstly, it's vibrant colour and secondly it's small size.

      If you've read some of our previous posts you may be shocked to hear that it's small size was something that appealed to us. Well, Alex may be a size queen, but most of the time I'm really not. We don't own many small dildos, the only other silicone toy we have of a comparable size is the Tantus Silk Medium, which I find great for anal play, but a bit boring for vaginal play. I was hoping for better things from this one, and I have to say, it has delivered. It is small enough to use in my vagina or up my ass without any prior warm up. I find it's shape comfortable for both uses, but particularly pleasurable for vaginal use. I don't have a very sensitive g-spot at all, I can't come (or haven't yet) from stimulation of this area alone, most of the time it doesn't even feel particularly different from anywhere else on my vaginal wall. However, acute does reach that area very well, to the point where I can actually feel the difference it is having on me whilst masturbating - you might not think this to be much of an achievement, but believe me, for me it is. I'm sure that if you're a person who enjoys g-spot stimulation this would be a great choice for you. I very much enjoy thrusting it into me, it's not really one just to leave sitting inside you as it's too small to get enough stimulation. The only negative thing I have to say about it is that sometimes it spins round inside of you so it is facing the wrong way (towards the back of your vagina), it feels fine this way, but not quite as good, which is just a bit annoying.

      Like all Tantus toys, the Acute is made from a premium grade silicone, which in this case is of a medium firmness. It's completely body safe, free from nasty chemicals and very easy to clean (spray with sex toy cleaner and rinse under warm water) or sterilse (boil for 3-5 minutes). We would of course advocate sterilising any toy if you're going to share it, or use it for both anal and vaginal play.

      In conclusion, Acute is a brilliant little dildo, perfectly proportioned, made out of a top quality material and in a beautiful vibrant colour. Although I've only had it for a couple of weeks it has had a LOT of use already, and I can easily see it being my new go-to-first dildo for masturbation.

      He Says:

      I am disgruntled. Lucy has stolen all the good jokes. Therefore my half of this post is going to be very staid.

      An enjoyment of larger toys does not automatically mean that a well designed smaller toy has to be unsatisfying. This toy is highly angled, and when inserted fully presses nicely against my prostate. One of my favourite uses of this dildo is to sit on a chair with it all the way in, and work it around slightly (reaching down with one hand, or just shifting about). But my normal interests anally involve my sphincter rather than my prostate. The Acute doesn't do a lot of stretching for me, but there are a couple of benefits to a toy this size even for experienced anal players.

      Firstly, it is a slightly sad fact of life that you can't ram a pound or so of silicone up your ass every day. Obviously one solution to this problem is to take a day off, but a much more fun solution is to take things a bit easy. The Acute is not uncomfortable even when I am feeling slightly tender down there. But the texture and shape to still provide enough stimulation to keep you interested.

      Another advantage is that you can really thrust this toy with some force. With a small toy of a constant diameter this would not provide much stimulation. However, the Acute gets significantly narrower towards the base, which you might think would provide even less stimulation, but the size difference actually means that as you thrust you are working your ass from the inside, a sensation that I particularly enjoy.

      Overall, I am surprised how fond I am of the Acute. Many people like to use a small dildo to warm themselves up for larger toys, myself included. I would not recommend the Acute for this if you are interested in toys over about 2 inches, as it will not provide sufficient girth to make any difference. In fact, I could personally fairly happily do without this toy. But it provides an enjoyable change of pace, as well as being an excellent beginners' toy in its own right.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Great angle for G-spot and P-spot stimulation and very attractive
      Occasionally turns round to face wrong way while thrusting.
      En bref
      Fantastic, versatile little dildo, great for beginners or the more experienced.
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