1. Duo de cartouches vibrantes par Doc Johnson

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      1. Duo de cartouches vibrantes par Doc Johnson

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    1. Description du produit

      Ces deux mini vibromasseurs argentés vibrent à la même vitesse, exactement en même temps ! Avec la télécommande filaire simple d'utilisation, vous pouvez profiter des puissantes vibrations offertes par les deux vibromasseurs, ou partager le plaisir avec votre partenaire.

      Très stimulants, ces deux œufs vibrants peuvent être utilisés avec brio sur tout le corps.

      Unisexes et hypoallergéniques, ces mini vibromasseurs procurent des sensations fantastiques sur les tétons, le cou, l'intérieur des cuisses, le périnée, le clitoris et même le long du pénis.

      En utilisant la télécommande filaire, tout ce que vous avez à faire pour profiter d'un moment de plaisir vibrant intense est de tourner le cadran.

      Le cadran unique contrôle les deux vibromasseurs, ce qui vous permet de vivre les mêmes sensations, au même moment, grâce à chacun de ces œufs argentés.

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      1. Duo de cartouches vibrantes par Doc Johnson
      2. Duo de cartouches vibrantes par Doc Johnson

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    1. Blew my mind

      Avis : 6 mai 2016 par SB08, un Straight Married Female

      Hubby and I wanted to try something new and introduce a toy into our bedroom activities. Neither of us had used a toy before so it took us a long time to consider which toy to be our first.

      We eventually chose the Doc Johnson Dual Dancing Vibrating Bullets, mostly because of all the five-star reviews, but also because it would be able to be used by both of us.

      As per our other Lovehoney purchases, it arrived in discreet packaging.

      We took it out of the box, put the batteries in and turned it on with the dial on the controller. I must admit I was slightly nervous that it sounded a bit too powerful (bearing in mind we've never used toys before), but you can use the dial to change the levels of intensity, and I found the noise made it sound worse than it was (though it wasn't hugely noisy). The bullets were small enough not to be too intimidating to us first timers. The wires had plenty of length to them.

      Put simply, and as the title says, it blew my mind. We played with it a few different ways - hubby used it on me, then I joined in. Hubby said he loved how it made me make so much noise (though he did have to shush me at one point!), and it brought me to orgasm quickly.

      We got so excited that we didn't get a chance to try it on him, but that will be saved for next time. I did find that when we were only using one of the bullets, having the other bullet vibrating away to itself on the bed next to me could have slightly off-putting at some crucial moments, but it was easy to ignore.

      I had such a good time that the next day while hubby was at work, I had a little 'me' time with the bullets too!

      I can't recommend this product enough!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Easy to use, great orgasms!
      Would be great to have dual control to switch off one bullet.
      Entrée de gamme
      Perfect for our first toy, totally orgasmic.
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    1. Fabulous versatile fun

      Avis : 7 décembre 2015 par Wee bird, un Straight Going Steady Female

      I couldn't wait to try these out! Having placed my first Lovehoney order, I was thrilled when my purchases arrived, discreetly packaged just two days after I had ordered them.

      This product is just great for all round fun and is so versatile in use. Having had them now for a few weeks I think I have tried at least half a dozen permutations in their use.

      As a toy to use for solo play this is great - use one egg inside the vagina and one for clitoral stimulation - I came fast and hard with my first use. Alternatively, both can be used in the vagina, or, if you are titillated by a little anal stimulation, one in each is something I would highly recommend. I have even used this option with a dildo and the experience was mind-blowing!

      For couples play, my partner has used these with me as part of foreplay in various different ways and has penetrated me with one of these inside my vagina and one in my anus. The experience for both of us was shudderingly wonderful! Another use of these little vibrating wonders - one inside him, one inside me. This works well as the cables are long enough to make this practical.

      When it comes to the vibrations, these little eggs can deliver quite a punch. The dial is smooth and easy to use and can deliver anything from a gentle vibration to a full-blown tiny earthquake.

      All in all, for versatility, ease of use and value for money, these are a huge hit!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Versatility, feel, weight, and great vibration.
      Entrée de gamme
      The most bang for your buck.
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    1. Wonderful, affordable set of vibrating eggs that give serious pleasure

      Avis : 5 novembre 2015 par Sex and the Kitty, un Bisexual Going Steady Female

      Wooooowie, folks! These sensual little eggs of wonder will have you wondering where they've been all your life. I never understood the hype behind vibrating eggs/bullets. So until my boyfriend bought me this toy I had missed out on an entirely new world of sensation.

      I'll admit that I was a little weary at first because I own the We-Vibe Tango. That super-powered mini vibe was more than enough and I normally used it with a rotating set of vibrators to get off. Well, one day my Tango was dead because I'd forgotten to charge it... Oh, well! It was a perfect opportunity for me to take these babies out and try them for the first time.

      The results were electrifying! I came very quickly with them. The little dial allows you to find your perfect setting and makes it incredibly easy to slowly edge your way towards orgasmic bliss.

      The only real downside is the wires, which can become tangled and a little inconvenient. It's especially easy to get all mixed up during sex. Because of this, I do generally reach for my trusty Tango instead. Another thing to keep in mind is how loud they can be. I normally just throw a blanket over myself, however, and that basically masks the noise.

      Bravo, Doc Johnson! You've really outdone yourself.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 sur 10
      Great vibrations make for easily attained orgasms, and the small size is highly convenient.
      The wires can get tangled and it's battery-powered rather than rechargeable.
      Entrée de gamme
      A wonderful, affordable set of vibrating eggs that give serious pleasure.
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