1. Bas opaques haut résille dentelle, Music Legs

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      1. Bas opaques haut résille dentelle, Music Legs

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    1. Description du produit

      Ultra sexy ! Bas opaques noir de jais en résille pour la plus grande partie, avec une large bordure en dentelle. Un look incroyable qui superpose les couches, sans même que vous ayez à vous en soucier ! Tissu confortable en mélange d'élasthanne.

      Ces bas doivent être portés avec un porte-jarretelle.

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    1.  Music Legs Lingerie Size   UK Dress size  Bust Waist Hips
      One Size  8 - 14 30" - 38" 24" - 32" 34" - 40"
      Small  8 - 10 30" - 34" 24" - 26" 32" - 34"
      Medium 10 - 12 34" - 36" 26" - 28" 36" - 38"
      Large 12 - 14 36" - 38" 28" - 32" 38" - 40"
      XL 14 - 16 38"- 40" 32" - 34" 40" - 42"
      S/M  8 - 10 32" - 34" 24" - 26" 34" - 36"
      L/XL 12 - 14 36" - 38" 28" - 32" 38" - 40"
      One Size Queen 16 - 22 44" - 52" 38" - 42" 46" - 54"

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      Bas opaques haut résille dentelle, Music Legs 5 3,5 sur 5 3,5 sur 5 étoiles

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      1. Bas opaques haut résille dentelle, Music Legs
      2. Bas opaques haut résille dentelle, Music Legs

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    1. Pure sexy

      Avis : 5 janvier 2014 par T-A3DAISY

      These have all 3 elements needed to make any man 's heart rate pulse faster when you wear these.

      They look like knee high socks/boots. Then you have the kinky large fishnet, then lace top stocking.

      On me they stay up so can be worn as hold ups, or for a more naughty seduction look, wear with a suspender belt.

      WOW these really are sexy, naughty and seductive. I love them.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      The unusual combination of 3 layers.
      Nothing, they are perfect.
      En bref
      Pure sex.
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    1. Sexy stockings no matter when you wear them

      Avis : 24 octobre 2013 par JoFemSub18, un Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I got these with 2 other pairs of stockings for £15 and these are my favourite!

      They are so comfortable to wear and can be worn on their own with heels, with lingerie, with a nice sexy dress or just hidden underneath some work clothes!

      No one knows what you are really wearing unless you want them to, and that could tease lots of over active imaginations!

      No matter when you want to wear this product it will be perfect so I highly recommend it, and it's great value for money even when not on offer! I will be buying these again!

    2. Note globale :
      9 sur 10
      Very sexy but secretive and good value for money! Any occasion stockings!
      Could possibly also be made in a more see-through material to suit others tastes!
      En bref
      Very sexy but secretive. Great value for money. Any occasions stockings. Will be purchasing again!
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    1. Sexy as hell

      Avis : 23 juillet 2015 par Ab2236

      I really love this product. It looks fantastic and really well made.

      However, it does not fit my GF very well. She's 5 foot and it comes up to just below her bum. It fits me well, but it slides down my thighs as they're too big for them to stay up.

      They would benefit from a strand of, I can't remember what it's called, but it's like a sticky rubber to hold them in place.

    2. Note globale :
      8 sur 10
      Look and quality.
      En bref
      Incredibly sexy for the average sized woman.
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    1. My thigh fat poked through

      Avis : 1 avril 2016 par Gem276, un Straight Going Steady Female

      I bought these stockings as part of the 3 for £20 range, I wanted to buy some stockings that I could wear underneath a dress without it being obvious that I was wearing them for when my fella and I went out on double dates!

      Despite the fact that he found them very sexy I didn't think that they were flattering at all! Even though I am quite tiny in terms of my frame, and I go running, so my legs aren't all that wobbly, I hated the fact that my thigh fat poked through the holes!

      These were returned and swapped for another pair!

    2. Note globale :
      5 sur 10
      They were a nice shade!
      They made my legs look fat.
      En bref
      Perfect for ladies with really skinny legs.
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    1. Disappointed

      Avis : 11 décembre 2018 par tarotgirl

      I thought these would make a sexy addition to the bedroom.

      I was hopeful trying them on as they seemed to be a good length, the opaque part was stretchy, not too thick and soft, then I got to the fishnet and lace. The lace part fitted the tops of my legs nicely but the fishnet was just not big or stretchy enough. My legs become quilted with bulgy diamonds, very unflattering and not at all sexy. I'm a size 10 and wouldn't say that my thighs are particularly large.

    2. Note globale :
      4 sur 10
      Length, contrasting materials.
      The fishnet made my legs look quilted.
      En bref
      Good idea in principle.
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