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    1. Harnais en velours avec mini vibromasseur Sedeux par Sportsheets

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      1. Harnais en velours avec mini vibromasseur Sedeux par Sportsheets

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    1. Description du produit

      La mode s'allie au fétichisme avec la ceinture vibrante en velours Sedeux, notre ceinture la plus confortable que vous adorerez porter encore et encore. Réalisée en un tissu velouté super luxueux au contact très agréable sur la peau nue.

      Glissez le mini vibromasseur inclus dans la poche de la ceinture pour ajouter une sensation excitante à vos moments intimes.

      La large ceinture en nylon autour de la taille et les lanières autour des cuisses sont entièrement réglables. La ceinture s'adaptera à tous les tours de taille entre 70 et 170 cm et les lanières des jambes sont réglables entre 35,5 et 86,25 cm.

      La ceinture elle-même est dotée de boutons pressions très résistants qui permettent de glisser très facilement toute sorte de gode ou de vibromasseur possédant une base compatible avec une ceinture.

      L'arrière de la ceinture est entièrement ouvert, à la manière d'un harnais, des lanières passant uniquement autour de vos cuisses et de votre taille. Cela en fait l’accessoire idéal pour utiliser d'autres sex toys sur la personne qui la porte.

      Caractéristiques essentielles :

      - Gode ceinture avec mini vibromasseur

      - Comprend un mini vibromasseur à glisser dans le haut de votre ceinture

      - Fourni avec 3 anneaux : 3,75 ; 4,5 et 5 cm

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      Harnais en velours avec mini vibromasseur Sedeux par Sportsheets 4 5 sur 5 5 sur 5 étoiles

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      1. Harnais en velours avec mini vibromasseur Sedeux par Sportsheets
      2. Harnais en velours avec mini vibromasseur Sedeux par Sportsheets

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    1. Yes yes yes

      Avis : 27 juin 2014 par cholered, un Gay Going Steady Female

      After spending hours upon hours shopping for a harness for me and my GF that wasn't a thong or didn't look like something you would go climbing in and look ridiculous, I thought this one seemed the best option. However I still didn't have extremely high hopes for it.

      Boy was I wrong! As soon as it arrived, I whipped it out the box and tried it on. It is ten times better on than in the photo!

      Both me and my GF had thought that most of the harnesses looked clumpy and unsexy. However, this is the opposite and it gets us both going seeing the other wearing it!

      It's smaller than we first thought so doesn't look clumpy at all. Even a turn-on just wearing it!

      The padding feels lovely against the wearer's skin and doesn't cover up too much, leaving plenty of room to play still!

      The harness is such a good investment for the bedroom and gets used almost every time! If you're on the fence about whether to get one, don't hesitate. It's a fantastic buy and I assure you, you won't be disappointed!

      I was sceptical about whether it would seem cheap but it's good quality and doesn't feel flimsy.

      It's easy to wash and easy to adjust too! Doesn't take two seconds to put it on, which is great for the heat of the moment - there's no awkward fumbling around. It's super easy to use and provides hours of fun!

      The only downside we found was the bullet is a tad temperamental and can turn itself on and off whilst thrusting. But when it does work it is lush and stimulates both the wearer and receiver! It's not a necessity, though. We have had just as much fun using the harness without using the bullet!

      This is one of my favourite buys for the bedroom and provides hours of fun! I recommend every lesbian couple adds one of these to their collection!

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      It didn't feel clumsy at all - it felt super sexy!
      The bullet doesn't always want to work!
      En bref
      A must have for any lesbian couple!
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    1. Great fun for both!

      Avis : 12 juin 2011 par hornyj

      Couldn't wait to try this out with my partner. After some initial fiddling we got the ring over the base of the dildo we used - no fault of the harness but the fact that the dildo was a bit big around the base.

      Fitted snugly with the adjustable straps and the dildo sits in a great position to give good control. Harness is comfortable and the bullet is a great addition.

      Great product overall and gets used a lot.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Quality, look, fit, ease of use.
      Ring locking system not sturdy enough.
      En bref
      Great for reverse roleplay.
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    1. Ideal for both

      Avis : 2 mars 2011 par everready, un Straight Married Male

      Finally found a harness that stimulates the wearer as intensely as it does the receiver. The bullet is easily inserted or removed and according to my other half hits exactly the right spot for her whilst remaining very comfortable. This is a must for any pegging enthusiast as the look on her face is well worth it.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Comfortable, adjustable and very sturdy.
      The bullet could be a little more durable as it's only plastic.
      En bref
      Very good, ideal for pegging it also brought the wife to orgasm whilst wearing.
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