1. Lubrifiant intime bio à base d'huile 40 ml, YES

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      Le lubrifiant à base d'huile de YES contient produits bio et huiles émollientes fines. Vous apprécierez ses propriétés nourrissantes et hydratantes. Vous adorerez prolonger vos rapports et le plaisir des relations parfaitement lubrifiées.

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      1. Lubrifiant intime bio à base d'huile 40 ml, YES

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    1. Description du produit

      Le lubrifiant à base d'huile de YES contient produits bio (beurres bio, cire blanche d'abeilles), et des huiles émollientes fines. Vous apprécierez ses propriétés nourrissantes et hydratantes. En outre, vous adorerez prolonger vos rapports et retrouverez le plaisir grâce à des relations parfaitement lubrifiées.

      Contrairement aux autres lubrifiants, les produits YES, inodores, incolores et sans saveur, ne gâcheront en rien votre plaisir.

      YES croit que les lubrifiants doivent faciliter les sensations sans camoufler votre peau ni vos sens. L'excitation est intimement liée aux phéromones naturelles et avec le lubrifiant YES, vos propres signaux de désir ne sont ni masqués, ni simulés : ils sont optimisés.

      Les lubrifiants YES sont approuvés par la société des végétariens et répondent aux normes bio de la Soil Association du Royaume-Uni.

      Ingrédients : beurre de karité bio, huile d'amandes douces bio, huile de tournesol bio, beurre de cacao bio, cire d'abeilles bio, vitamine E.

      À utiliser dans les 12 mois suivant l'ouverture.

      40 ml

    1. Infos essentielles

      • Type de bouteille: Pressable
      • Type de lubrifiant: À base d'huile
      • Contenance: 40 ml
      • Caractéristiques [des lubrifiants]: Convient aux végétariens
      • Caractéristiques [des lubrifiants]: Naturel

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      1. Lubrifiant intime bio à base d'huile 40 ml, YES
      2. Lubrifiant intime bio à base d'huile 40 ml, YES

        Notre prix
        8,95 €

    1. Long-lasting favourite

      Avis : 18 octobre 2019 par Joe..., un Straight Going Steady Male

      I was interested in a lube that doesn’t dry out and go tacky like water-based but wasn’t silicone. This is the perfect balance for me.

      The sensation of water-based lube drying out makes my girlfriend feel uncomfortable and bordering on a burning feeling. Plus it always disrupts things by having to reapply.

      The idea of silicone-based lube leaves me feeling uneasy. It just doesn’t sit right with me that a non-biological/biodegradable substance should be inside people, and then in watercourses.

      Yes Oil-based is the perfect answer. A little goes a long way and it last for ages. Plus it can be used as a massage oil and is safe for use on silicone toys.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Greatly increases all sensations for both partners. Doesn’t dry out. Made in the UK!
      A ‘pump action’ bottle would be cool but might not be possible due to consistency.
      En bref
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    1. Another amazing product by YES

      Avis : 30 août 2019 par Kynareth, un Straight Married Female

      I've been using the YES water-based lube for a while and wanted to try the oil-based one, and it's become one of my favourites.

      The packaging is really elegant, and immediately looks like a good quality product. When the lube is first squeezed out of the tube, it has the consistency of a thick cream, which then melts to a smooth oil. Unlike other oil-based lubricants, YES OB uses only natural, plant-based oils that moisturise and nourish the skin, and it can also be safely used with silicone toys. I love the fact that it uses ingredients that are safe for the delicate skin, and doesn't contain anything that is an irritant, unlike a lot of high-street brands. It's very easy to apply and a little goes a long way.

      My favourite way to use it has been in combination with the YES water-based lube (YES WB). First YES OB is applied to my partner, and the water-based one goes on top, which makes lubricant last for a lot longer. This is known as the 'Double Glide' technique, first coined by a UK psychosexual therapist for women with vaginismus. I have vulvodynia, which is a chronic pain condition that causes burning pain during sex, and have found this technique to be a complete game-changer because water-based lube alone would dry out too quickly, making me unsure about whether I'm experiencing discomfort due to the vulvodynia, or simply because I need more lube. Using YES OB with the water-based lube has meant that I didn't need to worry about it drying out, making it much easier for me to have pain-free sex. However, even if you don't have any vulval conditions, this technique is great just to maximise comfort and pleasure and I would recommend it to everyone!

      Over time, the lube sometimes separates, but if this happens all you need to do is put warm water in a mug, place the lube with the cap-side up, then shake vigorously and put in the fridge, and it'll return back to its original texture.

      I am definitely a fan of this lube and will continue using it.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Really silky texture, long-lasting, moisturising, organic and feels great.
      Nothing, it's a bit harder to clean up but worth it!
      En bref
      Amazing, great quality organic lube that everyone should try!
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    1. Oh Yes

      Avis : 30 septembre 2018 par Seabur, un Bisexual Engaged Male

      Simply put, this is the best lube that I have ever used. In the first place, the packaging was very discreet and luxurious; this doesn’t necessarily reflect how good the contents are, but it certainly gives off a good impression.

      The lube itself it thick and seems to last forever. If enough lube is used at the beginning of a session there is never a need to put use more, meaning that the product itself lasts much longer. Mind, though, that the lube seems to work better after it has been allowed to soak into the skin for a minute or so, I figure that body heat does something to make the lube thinner and therefore slicker.

      I have tried many silicone and water-based lubricants and many other oil-based lubricants but this one seems to have provided the best experience. I have bought several tubes and don’t intend to shift to another product anytime soon.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Discreet, high quality packaging and excellent long-lasting product.
      No complaints.
      En bref
      Amazing! Don’t look elsewhere if you’re after a really good oil-based lubricant.
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    1. Long-lasting

      Avis : 6 août 2018 par OneLovePeople, un Straight Engaged Male

      This is the second order I have made of Yes Oil-Based Organic Lubricant and I still thinks it's the best I've ever bought.

      Messy, yes and not as easy to wash off as water and silicone based lubes, but I don't care and it doesn't dry out. This one for me every time.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Silky and smooth and lasts a long time.
      The clean up, but I don't care.
      En bref
      If you want a product that goes the distance. This is the one.
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    1. Smooooooooth...

      Avis : 9 juin 2018 par Semenologist, un Straight Married Male

      Tired of the sticky mess often left by the old faithful KY we'd used for years we decided to try some alternatives. Organics seemed like a good idea since you don't really want too many synthetic chemicals rubbed in to those sensitive areas every few days! Oil-based lubricants are fine as long as you're not relying on condom-based contraception so we gave YES OB some trial runs.

      We were delighted at the results. Easy to apply - it comes out of the tube about the consistency of thin toothpaste but rapidly loosens up as it gets to skin temp. You don't need a great deal so no need to reapply unless you end up doing a really marathon session.

      It glides onto the skin and is easy to work gently into all those delicious little folds - especially after you've just shaved/waxed it seems to sooth that sensitive skin. While we find KY on completely bare skin gets tacky and dry quite quickly as you massage so that you need to reapply, this stuff just gets worked into the skin with gentle massaging and remains silky smooth. We couldn't discern any particular taste to it - on or off the skin.

      She was concerned initially because she has generally quite sensitive skin and a couple of even quite neutral lubricants we've tried irritated her clitoris and labia with a stinging sensation after a few minutes. No worries here - in fact she said she appreciated how silky smooth they felt after the YES OB was massaged in.

      We really appreciated that once it was absorbed you get good lubrication from such a thin layer without dulling sensitivity through layers of gloop. The thinner layer of lubricant meant the skin to skin contact at penetration and during thrusting definitely felt more intimate. It was a very noticeable difference - while it became a very welcome bonus with experience it caught us out the first time we tried it as the increased sensitivity I wasn't used to quickly brought me to an uncontrolled ejaculation before she was ready to orgasm. Guys you might want to bear that in mind if she massages some YES OB over your glans as part of the foreplay - use tiny amounts and take it real slow! Now, with practice, we've got that sorted out.

      When you're finished there's no sticky mess of drying lubricant to clean up - especially for her - you're just left to enjoy silky smooth skin.

      YES OB is now our lubricant of choice. If you're thinking about an oil-based organic our advice would be go for this one.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Don't need to use much. Silky smooth, not sticky or gloopy. Definitely enhances sensitivity.
      Should've bought a bigger tube!
      En bref
      Great lubricant for vaginal sex without condoms.
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