1. Cage de chasteté pour homme CB-6000

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      Pour votre confort et les personnes souhaitant porter des dispositifs de chasteté sur de longues périodes, la CB-6000 est une cage de chasteté discrète qui assure sécurité maximum pour celui qui a la clé. La solution idéale pour un scénario de chasteté.

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      1. Cage de chasteté pour homme CB-6000

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    1. Description du produit

      Conçu avant tout pour votre confort et idéal pour les personnes souhaitant porter des dispositifs de chasteté pendant de longues périodes, la CB-6000 est une cage de chasteté discrète qui assure une sécurité maximum pour la personne détenant la clé. La solution idéale pour un scénario de chasteté.

      La différence CB6000

      - Trois pièces emboîtées qui fonctionnent ensemble comme un dispositif unique.

      - Deux tiges de guidage assurent la cohérence des pièces du dessus, tandis qu'une goupille de verrouillage relie la cage à l'anneau.

      - Le gond a été retiré pour un confort maximum.

      - Mécanisme de verrouillage amélioré.

      - Une cage entièrement redessinée pour un port confortable et longue durée

      - Des fentes et des ouvertures dans le bas permettent d'uriner en la portant.

      Dimensions : Les anneaux sont disponibles en 5 tailles : Diamètres de 3,8, 4,3, 4,5, 4,8 et 5 cm. La longueur de la cage est de 9,5 cm avec un diamètre intérieur de 3,5 cm.

      L'ensemble comprend :

      1 Cage

      5 anneaux de différentes tailles

      4 goupilles de verrouillage

      4 écarteurs

      1 cadenas en cuivre avec deux clés

      5 cadenas en plastique numérotés individuellement

      1 élégant boîtier de rangement (à fermeture éclair).

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    1. Infos essentielles

      • Fermeture: Serrure avec clé
      • Allergènes: Sans latex
    2. Dimensions

      • Longueur: 3.5 pouces
    3. Sensation

      • Matière: Plastique ABS

    Vidéos produits

    1. CB-6000 Male Chastity Cage Kit

      Designed with comfort in mind and ideal for those wanting to wear their chastity devices for long periods of time, the CB-6000 is a discreet chastity cage that assures maximum security for key-holders. The best solution for chastity play.

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      1. Cage de chasteté pour homme CB-6000
      2. Cage de chasteté pour homme CB-6000

        124,95 €
        Notre prix
        87,47 €
        Vous économisez :
        37,48 € (30%)

    1. Great Chastity Cage

      Avis : 4 septembre 2020 par SubFL Husband, un Bisexual Married Male

      This was a total surprise gift for me, from my wife. Chastity devices were not anything we had ever discussed or talked about adding to our sex life.

      My wife gave me a package on a Thursday afternoon as we prepared to head out for a long weekend on our boat. I have to admit that when I opened the package and saw what was inside I was unsure how to respond. I thought it might be a gag gift.

      We watched a few videos and made a few trials attempts to get it on and fitted. It actually was easier than I imagined. With a little lube and some practice, I was snuggly caged and locked.

      Driving and loading the car and boat were comfortable while wearing the device. My biggest challenge was stopping at a Loves Truck Stop off the Interstate to use the restroom. I was very self-conscious and waited for a stall to open instead of using the urinal. Urination was a very different experience with the cage in place. I was impressed with the design for this purpose though. It is something I did finally adjust to and get used to.

      I woke up a few times that night, it was not uncomfortable, but it was different to feel it on when I rolled over. Again, this is something I adjusted to.

      On Friday my wife's boyfriend arrived to the boat. The cage was not noticeable under my clothing, and if my wife had not told him about it he would not have known I had it on.

      Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I was in torment as my wife and the boyfriend would get amorous and play around together. This cage did exactly what it is supposed to. I could not attain an erection with it on. My tool strained against the confines, but I never could even touch myself with this cage on.

      I like how it is vented, it helps with keeping cool and clean. Showering and personal hygiene are easy tasks with the cage in place.

      My wife enjoyed the look of me wearing it. Her boyfriend also seemed to enjoy it immensely also.

      On that first time, I was locked for nine full days. I wore it to work, bed, and to the gym each morning. I normally strip at my locker and then walk to the sink to brush my teeth and then get into the shower. But, while wearing this I removed my shorts in the shower and then kept the towel around me until I had my underwear on. I don't think anyone ever noticed it.

      Once it was removed my release of mind-blowing. It definitely enhanced and made our sex life explosive again.

      I have worn this for 26 days for the longest stretch. I find it comfortable and when I am caged our sex life is all about my wife and her body.

      My wife has now bought another one for her boyfriend. She is waiting to give it to him and wants us to go away again for a full week while we are both caged.

      We would highly recommend this product to everyone looking to add a little spice to their love life. Probably the best sex toy we have ever bought.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      It is comfortable and easy to wear while doing its job.
      En bref
      It can look a little scary, but once you try it you will love it.
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    1. Locked in lust

      Avis : 17 juillet 2020 par Sub-0, un Straight Married Male

      First time trying out chastity and we were very impressed. Took a few goes to get it on properly with a little help from the internet.

      Drove me wild while my wife had all the pleasure she could want. Started slow and built up to wearing for a few days.

      May be difficult to wear for long periods but is otherwise quite comfortable.

      Would recommend to anyone trying out power play dynamics to spice up your relationship.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Comfortable, easy to clean, easy to hide while at work, no escape.
      Hard to wear for long periods, end of the device bit scratchy on your partner.
      En bref
      Great item, very exhilarating, find new ways to pleasure you partner.
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    1. Great product

      Avis : 31 mai 2020 par James236, un Straight Going Steady Male

      Bought this product a while back as a Christmas present for my girlfriend.

      We had talked a little about trying out a few new things. But neither of us had any experience with this kind of toy before.

      The package came securely, discreetly and on time in a brown box as always.

      When my girlfriend opened her present she was a bit shocked to say the least! We were both nervous but excited to try it out on me.

      The product is great and comes with various different rings and spacers. It takes a little time to find the right fit but once found, the device fitted very well.

      Personally I haven't found any pinching or soreness when wearing this device.

      To begin with we tried it out for short periods of time, in and around the house. When wearing normal fitting clothes, the device is hidden well so nobody will be able to tell. Be a bit more careful with tighter fitting clothes!

      My girlfriend now loves this product and we find that this has become a regular part of our relationship. Now we are trying longer lockdown periods which has enhanced our sex life as we spend a lot more time focussing on her pleasure. And what a feeling when she does let me take this off!

      She especially likes me wearing it out now, asking someone to help measure me for a suit or on the beach/swimming pool on holiday.

      Would definitely recommend for anyone.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Comfortable, discreet, power exchange, changed our sex life.
      Can get a bit sweaty. Need to take it off to clean regularly.
      En bref
      Great, 10 out of 10.
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    1. Get one, you'll not regret it

      Avis : 12 novembre 2019 par Happy Ged, un Straight Married Male

      Wow, I'm writing this review in a hotel bath, looking down on my caged cock, my wife is at home knowing that I cannot stray, it does exactly what she wants it to do. I woke up with a very, very restricted hard-on, it was trying to pop out, it can't, what an immense and erotic feeling,, and I can't and couldn't do anything about it, strangely I like it, and it makes my wife, my lady happy to.

      Getting it on, use lube, but it's easy, I had to try a couple of combinations before I get a nice snug fit. Didn't think my best mate would go in, but it does, and after the click of the padlock, and a settling in period, I can wear for extended periods, I mean weeks, if my lady wants.

      If you want to prove your chastity, get one, if you want to be her sex slave get one, if you want her to dominate, get one, if you want your wife to become a Hotwife, get one. Have you realised, I like mine. Oh, and my cock looks good in it.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      The shape, the fit, it's discreet when wearing, except in the tightest of trousers.
      I haven't found anything to dislike.
      En bref
      This is the best sex aid, I have ever bought, it is superb.
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    1. This thing will blow your mind

      Avis : 31 août 2019 par Just1More, un Straight Married Female

      Was nervous raising the idea of a chastity device with my wife. We’d never gone near this territory before. To my delight she gave it the nod and off we went.

      As others have mentioned, this produce is extremely well made, and doesn’t feel cheap at all. It does take a few weeks to a month to get used to it, and work out which rings and spacers fit you best, but once you’ve worked that out there’s no escape without the key.

      Definitely does it’s job! I love the feeling of being locked inside knowing I’ve handed over control to my wife.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Very well made, looks fantastic on, does its job very well.
      Nothing. Absolutely love this thing.
      En bref
      An absolute must if you have a submissive mind and want to hand over control.
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