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    1. String en latex

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      1. String en latex

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    1. Description du produit

      Culotte super sexy échancrée 100 % latex. Monte haut sur les cuisses, très étroite sur le pubis. Taille unique.

      Utilisez un super lustrant pour latex pour obtenir une finition luisante. Vendu séparément.

    Guides et conseils

    Offrez-vous ou offrez-lui une tenue fétichiste sexy. Nos guides d'achat vous aident à créer votre look fétichiste.

    Guides lingerie et vêtements > Guides des tenues fétichistes > Et si ce n'est pas la bonne taille ?

    Guides lingerie et vêtements > Guides des tenues fétichistes > Comment enfiler vos tenues en latex

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      1. String en latex
      2. String en latex

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    1. Toe Tastic

      Avis : 6 juillet 2010 par Kinkyfish, un Straight Married Male

      First of all, latex is sexy. It looks sexy, it feels sexy.

      My wife has had a pair of these for a while now and they get used quite a lot. I just love the 'toe' it gives her. And she has worn them out and about under a skirt, which was super-sexy for both of us. Again, as with all latex skin-tight, it was not too bad for her to put on.

      I agree with the others that the back could be sexier but the view from the front makes up for that. I could spend all day staring and my wife’s arse anyway.

      They look even sexier if there is no bush.

    2. Note globale :
      10 sur 10
      Very sexy contour of a wonderful pussy; very teasing.
      Back could be a bit better.
      En bref
      Very sexy great for the toe lover (every man, I think).
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    1. Loving latex

      Avis : 30 juillet 2012 par Stuburns, un Straight Married Male

      Well I am in latex heaven. I have bought my wife the latex dress with suspenders, the latex stockings and this thong and wow.

      My wife has given me the greatest treat. I have had a latex fetish for a while now and hadn't succeeded in getting the wife interested up until now.

      Dressed up in all these items I could just explode looking at her. The thong is a nice cut and it clings as latex should. It really outlines her best bits, if you know what I mean.

      Being new to latex clothing I found the price to be reasonable as I know how expensive latex can be. Shined up and they become a very shiny black.

      All I can say now is I have the best ever image of my wife in all her latex clothing and I'm hooked. Not only do I have that image in my head I can also have it in the flesh too.

      If you want to venture into latex then DO IT.

    2. Note globale :
      9 sur 10
      Small, tight, sexy.
      Not a dickie bird.
      En bref
      Great piece of latex for a good price.
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    1. Latex Thong

      Avis : 6 mai 2009 par fingers123

      I purchased these for the wife. She sent me some pictures on my phone of her in them.

      Looked great but looked even better when you come home from work to see her in these with the latex stockings. Must use the polish though to get them to look their best.

    2. Note globale :
      9 sur 10
      Looked stunning
      The cut could be a bit more flattering at the back but looks horny
      En bref
      Great visual treat!
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