1. Lubrifiant intime hybride Silk 125 ml, Sliquid

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      1. Lubrifiant intime hybride Silk 125 ml, Sliquid

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    1. Description du produit

      Silk est un lubrifiant intime à base d'eau, mais sa formule est hybride pour en faire un produit particulièrement complet. Sur une base d'eau super soyeuse, mélangée à 12 % de silicone, Silk de Sliquid représente tous les avantages d'un lubrifiant intime à base d'eau, avec en plus la longévité du silicone.

      Comme toujours Silk de Sliquid est sans glycérine ni parabène. Il est parfait pour les couples comme pour une utilisation en solo. Silk se nettoie facilement et possède une belle texture crémeuse.

      Parfait à utiliser avec des sex toys et tous types de préservatifs, il convient aussi aux massages.

      Tous les produits Sliquid sont formulés par des femmes sensibles pour des femmes sensibles et ne causeront jamais ni mycose, ni infection urinaire.

      Silk de Sliquid est 100 % végétal, à base d'eau et soluble dans l'eau, sans glycérine ni parabène, hypoallergénique et non toxique, compatible avec le latex comme avec le caoutchouc !

      Une formule unique qui imite votre lubrification naturelle.

      Ingrédients : eau purifiée, cellulose végétale (du coton), palmitate d'isopropyle, polysorbate 20, diméthicone, éther émollient, sorbate de potassium

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      Lubrifiant intime hybride Silk 125 ml, Sliquid 5 2,5 sur 5 2,5 à court de 5

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      1. Lubrifiant intime hybride Silk 125 ml, Sliquid
      2. Lubrifiant intime hybride Silk 125 ml, Sliquid

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    1. A comfortable go-to

      Avis : 19 janvier 2013 par JessicaSound

      Sliquid Silk lubricant is a very non-offensive product. It has no odour to it at all. And to me it feels slightly warmer on first contact with my skin than other lubes. There's something good to be said about forgoing that first shock of cold when the first drop touches your skin.

      The feel of it is a little gooey which is nice when applying because it's not sliding out of my hand and dripping all over the place. Be warned though, use a little at a time. Adding too much right away makes things very very lubricated and that does take away from my ability to feel any good friction. Also, I've never had experience with it drying out on me.

      I use it mostly with a partner as opposed to with toys because of this fear that the silicone in the lube would react with the plastic of my toys and deteriorate the material as I've been warned. Although, the description on this page says that it is safe to use with rubber and is water based. When using it with a partner I find that I just need a small amount at the very beginning of intercourse.

      I really appreciate the way Sliquid designs it's products to be at a constant balanced PH level. I do have to be careful about yeast infections and this product never leaves me concerned.

      I wouldn't recommend it's taste for anything orally involved. It takes like... I want to say rubber. Just not good. I wish it could have been as flavourless and it is odourless.

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 sur 10
      Feels smooth to the touch.
      Entrée de gamme
      A nice addition to time with a partner.
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    1. Glycerin Free Lube

      Avis : 9 mai 2012 par JEB23

      This was bought to heighten the pleasure and I have to say that both my lady and myself were very impressed with the initial feel of the lube.

      It was smooth and silky to the touch, without being at all sticky.

      But unfortunately that feeling was short lived. We had to reapply several times and in the end gave up as it was killing the passion. Shame!

    2. Overall Rating:
      5 sur 10
      It has a smooth lush feel when first applied.
      It wears off so quickly, you have to re-apply.
      Entrée de gamme
      Re-applying so often is a turn off.
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    1. Sliquid Glycerin Free not half bad

      Avis : 27 décembre 2010 par chels18, un Gay Going Steady Female

      So after reading the other reviews, I thought this product would be appalling but I was pleasantly surprised!

      Although the bottle is hard to squeeze (so I ended up unscrewing the lid to get the damn stuff out...), after the lube is on you, it seems to give you a silky, non-sticky texture which although isn't as "lubey" as other lubes still does the trick to a certain degree. However, on saying this, we did have to reapply more often than we have with other lubes which kinda ruins the mood when you have to unscrew the lid again (having screwed it up so it doesn't leak over the bed sheets).

    2. Overall Rating:
      5 sur 10
      Had to reapply more often than I would have liked.
      Entrée de gamme
      "Okay" - nothing to write home about!
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